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from Brown Corpus
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Each and mode
Each mode has two possible colour palettes.
Each location is linked to a Lewis and Clark journal entry and can be viewed in terrain mode in order to envision it as Lewis and Clark saw it, or in satellite mode to see how much has changed or not changed.
Each could have separate uniform colors, but in team mode, teams were defined by uniform color.
Each term in the sum corresponds to a mode of vibration of the string.
Each phonon mode can be split into one longitudinal and two transverse polarization branches.
Each mode is a set of CRT timing values that define the duration and frequency of the horizontal / vertical sync, the positioning of the active display area, the horizontal resolution, vertical resolution, and refresh rate.
Each antenna element consists of a crossed dipole that can be polarized for linear, ordinary mode ( O-mode ), or extraordinary mode ( X-mode ) transmission and reception.
Each of the 16 colors can be assigned a unique RGB color code via a palette mechanism in the 640 × 350 high-resolution mode ; the 64 palette colors are a balanced RGB color set comprising all possible combinations of two bits per pixel for red, green and blue.
Each individual longitudinal mode has itself some bandwidth or narrow range of frequencies over which it operates, but typically this bandwidth, determined by the Q factor ( see Inductor ) of the cavity ( see Fabry – Pérot interferometer ), is much smaller than the inter-mode frequency separation.
Each scan line on the screen could independently select either 320-or 640-mode, fill mode ( 320-mode only ), and any of the 16 palettes, allowing graphics modes to be mixed on the screen.
Each propagation mode of the waveguide is known as an eigenfunction solution ( or eigenmode solution ) to Maxwell's equations in the waveguide.
Each mode is entirely independent of all other modes.
Each band represents a specific mode of deposition: river silt, beach sand, coal swamp, sand dune, lava bed, etc.
Each ashtapadi song is set in a special raga ( an Indian musical mode ) and tala.
Each time the game is beaten with one of the default available characters in arcade mode, the associated sub-boss character becomes selectable.
Each player could pursue a quest set up for their character, and join other players to attempt other missions together without needing to exit the game and start a new mode of play.
Each of the four modes maps directly to a DLM lock mode.
* Each channel had a frequency of 111. 87 kHz for single cycle of 32 samples ( while not in D / A mode ) with a bit depth of 5 bits.
Each character also has a secret " rival " whom they can face during the course of the single-player mode after meeting certain requirements, in which then the rival will interrupt one of the player's regularly scheduled matches and exchange dialogue with the player's character.
Each vehicle is able to transform into two separate Micromasters, which connect to each other in vehicle mode.
Each title has its own story mode which closely follows that of the manga, though obviously the storytelling is not of the same quality.
Each mecha has its own story mode, which plays out like an anime series, with each battle broken up by an episode title, eyecatch, and dialog scenes before and after each battle.

Each and is
Each is still glorified as a national hero.
Each man, that is, is both one and many.
Each will decide on his own course somewhere between these two extreme cases according to the sense of responsibility which is determined for him by the particular circumstances of his own life.
Each year another grade is added to the process, until finally all 12 grades are integrated.
Each one of these is, by its nature, a focal point or a point of natural congestion.
Each applicant is required to own or have sufficient interest in the property to be explored.
Each diagram is accompanied by a `` dog chart '', a list of the levers that show which other levers any particular lever will lock if pulled.
Each male willow catkin is composed of a large number of small flowers.
Each Friday one manager is chosen by lot to stay late and load the equipment on a truck.
Each of the N trials is either a success or a failure.
Each generator, **yl, of Af is also exceptional, for each is transformed into the entire congruence of secants of the curve into which that generator is transformed by the point involution on Q.
Each card is expected to show certain information about the individual concerned, including his or her date of birth ( or age at a specified time ), spouses, and children.
Each adult is held personally responsible for assuring his inscription and obtaining an identification card which must be shown on demand.
Each information cell in the chain contains the address of the Y-cell where the form to which it is assigned is stored.
Each cell except the last in the chain also contains the address of the Y-cell that is the next element of the chain ; ;
Each form represented by the dictionary is looked up in the text-form list.
Each time a dictionary form matches a text form, the information cell of the matching text form is saved.
Each dictionary form is looked up in the text-form list by the same method used to look up a new text occurrence in the form list during text reading.
Each entry that is selected for storage is written into the next available cells of the Aj.

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