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Each and node
Each node dynamically chose its own node number, according to a protocol ( originally the LocalTalk Link Access Protocol LLAP and later the AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol, AARP ) which handled contention between different nodes accidentally choosing the same number.
Each receiving node checks the destination address of each frame, and simply ignores any frame not addressed to its own MAC.
Each node or leaf in the tree has zero or more resource records, which hold information associated with the domain name.
Each node knows only about some number of other nodes that it can reach directly ( its conceptual " neighbors "), but any node can be a neighbor to any other ; no hierarchy or other structure is intended.
Each node is a regular computer user ; as such, they are constantly connecting and disconnecting, so the network is never completely stable.
Each node represents a concept and arcs are used to define relations between the concepts.
Each node board contained 256 kB of I-cache and D-cache, essentially primary cache.
Each computer in the network is referred to as a node.
) Each node, on a regular basis, sends to each neighbour its own current idea of the total cost to get to all the destinations it knows of.
Each node forwards messages on behalf of the other nodes.
Each end-user gets a private line ( or leased line ) to a Frame Relay node.
Each node in the tree holds information associated with the domain name.
Each node in the structure knows of its own children and its parent.
Each node in a DQDB network maintains a pair of state variables which represent its position in the distributed queue and the size of the queue.
) Each node in the network having a specific fixed number, of nodes connected to it at the next lower level in the hierarchy, the number, being referred to as the ' branching factor ' of the hierarchical tree. This tree has individual peripheral nodes.
Each node has a set of attributes encoded with it.
Each saros series starts with a partial eclipse ( Sun first enters the end of the node ), and each successive saros the path of the Moon is shifted either northward ( when near the descending node ) or southward ( when near the ascending node ).
Each node of the tree denotes a construct occurring in the source code.
Each user of I2P runs an I2P router on their computer ( node ).
Each node only transmits loudly enough for the message to hop to the nearest node in that direction, reducing near-far problem and reducing interference to others.

Each and maintains
Each SBA regional office also maintains a `` want '' list of surplus property, principally machinery and equipment, desired by small business concerns in its area.
Each country maintains a High Commission in the other's capitals, and the United Kingdom has an Honorary Consulate in Mombasa.
Each campus maintains its own library catalog and also participates in the systemwide union catalog, MELVYL.
Each state has its own Department of Transportation, which builds and maintains state highways, and depending upon the state, may either directly operate or supervise other modes of transportation.
Each area maintains a separate link state database whose information may be summarized towards the rest of the network by the connecting router.
) Each graduate school maintains a student council, such as the Student Bar Association at Cardozo, which, in turn, supports the many clubs and publications in each school.
Each heap maintains the heap property that a root node is always at least as large as the root nodes of its child heaps ( and therefore at least as large as all nodes in its child heaps ), and the string of heaps as a whole maintains the string property that the root node of each heap is at least as large as the root node of the heap to the left.
Each excitable patch of membrane has two important levels of membrane potential: the resting potential, which is the value the membrane potential maintains as long as nothing perturbs the cell, and a higher value called the threshold potential.
Each node maintains a set of links to other nodes ( its neighbors or routing table ).
Each state maintains its own state court system.
Each state maintains its own information.
Each variant maintains the BBC One logo with the addition of the country name beneath it.
Each Rendezvous peer maintains a Rendezvous Peer View ( RPV ), a list of known rendezvous peers ordered by the Peer ID.
Each denomination maintains to differing degrees some form of organizational and visible unity with its member churches, albeit radically decentralized compared with the Catholic Church.
Each pixel is attached to a switch-device, which actively maintains the pixel state while other pixels are being addressed, which also prevents crosstalk from inadvertently changing the state of an unaddressed pixel.
Each editor maintains total control of their section, while broader decisions are made democratically, by the editorial board as a whole.
) Each state maintains all of its roads and tries to integrate them into a system appropriate for that state.
: Each agency that maintains a system of records shall —
Each County or Unitary Authority in the United Kingdom maintains a ' Sites and Monuments Record ' or SMR, consisting of a list of known archaeological sites.
Each SE Alaska community maintains trail systems leading to alpine ridges and seashore beaches.
Each of the five military services maintains a separate series of badges that may be awarded to service members.
Each agent maintains a hypothesis which is iteratively tested by evaluating a randomly selected partial objective function parameterised by the agent's current hypothesis.

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