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Each and part
Each hour consists of headlines on each quarter hour, extended at the top of the hour to form the main part of the daily schedule though these are interspaced with other programmes, generally at weekends.
Each Easter season, the university and the Museum & Gallery present the Living Gallery, a series of tableaux vivants recreating noted works of religious art using live models disguised as part of two-dimensional paintings.
Each part of the heart is susceptible to failure or dysfunction and the heart could be divided into the mechanical and the electrical.
Each type of protein is usually sent to a particular part of the cell.
Each task force represented an important part of early CUIC work.
Each computer may know only one part of the input.
Each root word has an inherent part of speech: nominal, adjectival, verbal, or adverbial.
Each line on the court is part of the area it encompasses.
Each part represents a group of 8 bits ( octet ) of the address.
Each IPv6 address has a scope, which specifies in which part of the network it is valid and unique.
Each sub-genre or era of jazz has different ornaments that are part of the style of that sub-genre or era.
Each of these offers a way to see some part of the world.
Each part consists of its own content header ( zero or more Content-header fields ) and a body.
Each part covers a certain aspect of the whole specification.
Each part covers a certain aspect of the whole specification.
Each time a part is used in a netlist, this is called an " instance.
Each cup is connected to a different part of the seder: the first cup is for Kiddush, the second cup is connected with the recounting of the Exodus, the drinking of the third cup concludes Birkat Hamazon and the fourth cup is associated with Hallel.
Each ziggurat was part of a temple complex which included other buildings.
Each part ( A and B ) typically has eight bars, which in turn are divisible into four-bar and two-bar phrases.
Each may be played separately, or as part of a campaign.
Each state, regardless of size, is entitled to two senators as part of the Connecticut Compromise between the small and large states.
Each artist chose the Guthrie songs that he or she would perform as part of the tribute.
Each group of wires is wound in a helix so that when the wire is flexed, the part of a bundle that is stretched moves around the helix to a part that is compressed to allow the wire to have less stress.

Each and basic
Each of these volumes is divided into sections that begin with a text in boldface that summarizes a basic rule on an aspect of the law of contracts, agency etc.
Each of these basic operations is represented by a particular sequence of bits ; this sequence is called the opcode for that particular operation.
Each cart could have a simple hand or a small bull-dozer shovel, forming a basic robot.
Each of the basic forces of nature is associated with a different type of potential energy, and all types of potential energy ( like all other types of energy ) appears as system mass, whenever present.
* Each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive total system of equal basic liberties compatible with a similar system of liberty for all.
Each of the latter traditions, however, developed practices in basic contradiction to such belief.
Each territory has its Basic Law, and in both basic laws there is an article stating that the territory is a " local administrative region of the People's Republic of China, which shall enjoy a high degree of autonomy and come directly under the Central People's Government.
Each group is then subdivided according to the actual hand shape, and then subdivided again according to the plane the hand is in ( vertical, then horizontal ), then again according to the basic orientation of the hand ( palm, side, back ).
Each frame has a unit block of sound, which are broken into basic sound waves and represented by numbers after Fourier Transform, can be statistically evaluated to set to which class of sounds it belongs to.
Each cart could have a simple hand or a small bull-dozer shovel, forming a basic robot.
Each of the six geographical regions differs from the others in population, basic resources, natural features, and level of social and economic development.
Each entry in this sequence needs to be an application of a basic function or follow from the entries above by using composition, primitive recursion or mu recursion.
Each individual was free to define the content of his or her character-but his or her basic identity as a member of the human species cannot be so altered.
Each series is headed by the basic signs composed of a vertical stem descending below the line, and a single bow.
Each person's self-defined sexual orientation and gender identity is integral to their personality and is one of the most basic aspects of self-determination, dignity and freedom " and the Principle 18 of this states that " Notwithstanding any classifications to the contrary, a person's sexual orientation and gender identity are not, in and of themselves, medical condition and are not to be treated, cured or suppressed.
Each aspect ratio yields a different way of looking at the world and is basic to the expressive meaning of the film.
Each Gazetteer treats one nation or empire, and has three basic elements: cultural and geographic background, features, and adventures.
Each projection preserves or compromises or approximates basic metric properties in different ways.
Each begins with a level involving simple mechanics to introduce the player to the race and the basic elements of their hero and units.
Each sail needs only two or three ropes for its basic control.
" Each student receives at least 150 hours of training for basic certification as emergency medical technicians ; by their senior year, some even qualify to drive the ambulance.
# Each citizen is guaranteed a fully adequate scheme of basic liberties, which is compatible with the same scheme of liberties for all others ;
Each basic emotion is associated with a distinctive facial expression.
Each country has their own regional variations on the basic Power Metal style, and several of these scenes have become significant:

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