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from Brown Corpus
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Each and tape
Each tape contained approximately eight episodes, each selected from the first four seasons.
Each character in a message was electrically combined with a character on a paper tape key.
Each user had sole use of the machine for a scheduled period of time and would arrive at the computer with program and data, often on punched paper cards and magnetic or paper tape.
Each of the tape strips has a playing time of approximately eight seconds, after which the tape comes to a dead stop and rewinds to the start position.
Each byte of memory is stored as two sequential ASCII characters on tape, for example, hexadecimal B5 in memory ( 181 decimal ) would be stored as two sequential ASCII characters " B " and " 5 " ( 42 and 35 hexadecimal ).
Each tape would typically handle one application.
Each segment of the signal is recorded as a diagonal stripe across the tape.
Each tape consisted of two stories each, except for the first release, " Welcome to Maple Town ".
Each of these bins are marked with a retroreflective tape that is highly visible to the infrared sensors included in the kit of parts.
Each receiver ’ s response to a single shot is known as a “ trace ” and is recorded onto a magnetic tape, then the shot location is moved along and the process is repeated.
Each vehicle would appear or disappear as a sequence of wireframes drawn by Cursor, and were black with strips of reflective tape stuck on them.
Each bay was capable of holding up to four hot-swappable disk modules or tape drives, two hot-swappable power supplies, and two hot-swappable fan modules.
Each tape stored 184K 12-bit PDP-8 words or 144K 18-bit words.
Each bit was written twice across the width of the tape, using Manchester encoding ( PE ).
Each figure has a special audio cassette tape.
Each tape is pre-recorded with various musical instruments or special effects.
Each tape is only a few seconds long ( 8 seconds on many units ).
Each step often included a new set of punched cards or tape.
Each scene recorded on tape had to be searched out on the master recording, which meant that news stories were often slapped together with whatever could be managed by air time.
Each tape could store 202 cylinder images of 19 tracks each, half of the 404 cylinders in a 3330 disk pack.
Each episode would always begin with Spencer and Tracy stopping at a convenience store to pick up the tape recording ( recorded by co-executive producer Lou Scheimer ) that explained their mission for the episode, in a parody of Mission: Impossible.
Each expansion comes with a new tape and new time and fate cards, with a different character hosting each new tape.

Each and file
Each teacher has in his classroom a metal file, equipped with a lock, which is used to store cumulative record folders.
Each side of 170 kBs was split into 683 sectors on 35 tracks, each of the sectors holding 256 bytes ; the file system made each sector individually rewritable.
Each file was specialized to be used with a specific application.
Each ELF file is made up of one ELF header, followed by file data.
Each block is handled independently, meaning that a single file may have parts stored on many different nodes.
Each game file included a sophisticated parser which allowed the user to type complex instructions to the game.
Each page begins with the characters, OggS, to identify the file as Ogg format.
Each subsequent line of text in the file would be dedicated to a particular client, with name and address details separated on the line dedicated to a client by commas, read left to right.
Each file transferred via TFTP constitutes an independent exchange.
Each file consists of a File Thread Record and a File Record while each directory consists of a Directory Thread Record and a Directory Record.
Each file or directory stored within it is represented by a 32-byte entry in the table.
Each entry records the name, extension, attributes ( archive, directory, hidden, read-only, system and volume ), the date and time of creation, the address of the first cluster of the file / directory's data and finally the size of the file / directory.
Each file is given a name corresponding with the piece that occupies the first rank at the start of the game.
Each file starts with a two-byte magic number ( in ASCII ) that explains the type of file it is ( PBM, PGM, and PPM ) and its encoding ( ASCII or binary ).
Each time a file that starts with < tt >. LOG </ tt > is opened, the program inserts a text timestamp on the last line of the file.
Each file object includes any file data, and is preceded by a 512-byte header record.
Each page of the wiki is stored in its own file on the web server.
Each FITS file consists of one or more headers containing ASCII card images ( 80 character fixed-length strings ) that carry keyword / value pairs, interleaved between data blocks.
Each of the rank-and-file caravan men, known as the camel-pullers (, la luotuo-de ), was in charge of one such file.

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