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Eadwig and died
His elder brothers were Æthelstan and Egbert ( died c. 1005 ), and younger ones, Eadred, Eadwig and Edgar.
He died a bachelor, and was succeeded by Edmund's son Eadwig.
No less important than the circumstances of her married life is the way Ælfgifu may have pushed on since the break-up of her marriage and more especially since the autumn of 959, when Eadwig died ( 1 October 959 ) and was succeeded by his brother Edgar as king of all England.
Adopting B's depiction of Edgar's Mercian reign as the outcome of a very coup against Eadwig, he amplifies the story by suggesting that Eadwig's mistress ( adultera ) was hamstrung in an ambush by Mercian resurgents and died not long thereafter.
When Eadred died, he was succeeded by his nephew, Eadwig, who drove Eadred's chief advisor, Dunstan, into exile.

Eadwig and at
This had not previously been an insurmountable obstacle: the earlier kings of England Eadwig, Edgar the Peaceful and Edward the Martyr had all come to the throne at a similar age, while Æthelred the Unready had been significantly younger at his accession.
The first recorded reference to Chesham is under the Old English name Cæstæleshamm meaning " the river-meadow at the pile of stones around 970 in the will of Lady Ælfgifu, who has been identified with the former wife of King Eadwig.
Dunstan's Life alleges that on the banquet following the solemnity of his coronation at Kingston ( Surrey ), Eadwig left the table and retreated to his chamber to debauch himself with two women, an indecent noblewoman ( quaedam, licet natione præcelsa, inepta tamen mulier ), later identified as Æthelgifu, and her daughter of ripe age ( adulta filia ).

Eadwig and young
Thus this report of a feud between Eadwig and Dunstan could either have been based on a true incident of a political quarrel for power between a young king and powerful church officials who wished to control the king and who later spread this legend to blacken his reputation, or it could be an urban legend ; the Chronicle also tells of Odo putting aside the King's marriage on the grounds Eadwig and his wife were " too related ".
At an unknown date around the time of his accession, the young King Eadwig married Ælfgifu.

Eadwig and 959
* Eadwig of England, King from 955 until 957, king of only Wessex and Kingdom of Kent from 957 until his death on 1 October 959.
Michael Evans points out that Harold was only one of several kings of pre-Conquest England to die following short reigns, and lives, including Edmund I ( reigned 939 – 946 ), Eadred ( reigned 946 – 955 ), Eadwig ( reigned 955 – 959 ), Edmund Ironside ( reigned 1016 ), and Harthacnut ( reigned 1040 – 1042 ).
from: 955 till: 959 color: w text :" Eadwig "
Between 899 and 925 an estate in Yeovilton was granted by King Edward and between 955 and 959 King Eadwig gave a further holding of five hides to Brihtric.

Eadwig and which
In 957 rather than see the country descend into civil war, an agreement was reached among the nobles by which the kingdom would be divided along the Thames, with Eadwig keeping Wessex and Kent in the south and Edgar ruling in the north.
In 955 King Eadwig granted the nuns of Wilton Abbey an estate called Chelke ( Chalke, Saxon aet Ceolcum ) which included land in Broad Chalke and Bowerchalke.
That the memory of Eadwig ’ s sexual affairs had become tainted and confused around the turn of the century is suggested by Byrhferth ’ s Life of St. Oswald, which has a more fantastic tale to tell about Eadwig ’ s two women.
These stories, written down some 40-odd years later, seem to be rooted in later smear campaigns which were meant to bring disrepute on Eadwig and his marital relations.
In 956 King Eadwig gave a gift of land in Southwell to Oskytel, Archbishop of York, on which a Minster church was established.

Eadwig and .
* Eadwig becomes King of England.
* October 1 – King Eadwig of England dies, and is succeeded by his brother Edgar, who effectively completes the unification of England when Northumbria finally submits to his rule.
In the same year Cnut had Edward's last surviving elder half-brother, Eadwig, executed, leaving Edward as the leading Anglo-Saxon claimant to the throne.
The eldest son of King Edmund and Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury, Eadwig was chosen by the nobility to succeed his uncle Eadred as King.
Later realizing that he had provoked the king, Dunstan fled to the apparent sanctuary of his cloister, but Eadwig, incited by Æthelgifu, followed him and plundered the monastery.
The " cavorting " in question consisted of Eadwig ( then only 16 ) being away from the feast with Ælfgifu and her mother Æthelgifu.
Æthelweard describes himself as the " grandson's grandson " of King Æthelred I. Eadwig was the son of King Edmund the Magnificent, grandson of King Edward the Elder, great-grandson of King Alfred the Great, and therefore great-great-nephew of King Æthelred I. Eadwig and Ælfgifu were therefore third cousins once removed.
The annulment of the marriage of Eadwig and Ælfgifu is unusual in that it took place against their will, clearly politically motivated by the supporters of Dunstan.
Eadwig is known for his remarkable generosity in giving away land.
The choice between the sons of Edward the Elder had divided his kingdom, and Edgar's elder brother Eadwig had been forced to give over a large part of the kingdom to Edgar.
His cognomen, " The Peaceable ", was not necessarily a comment on the deeds of his life, for he was a strong leader, shown by his seizure of the Northumbrian and Mercian kingdoms from his older brother, Eadwig, in 958.
Sharpham Park was granted by King Eadwig to the then abbot Æthelwold in 957.
Æthelweard first witnesses charters as a minister after the accession of Eadwig in 955, and this is likely to be connected with the king's marriage to Ælfgifu.

died and at
Suddenly there was a commotion upstairs, a despairing boyish shriek, and the strains of the waltz faltered and died as the musicians and guests gaped at an apparition descending the marble staircase.
This showed that common sense had not died out at the county and village level -- though why the unhappy and obviously unbalanced woman was not restrained remains a puzzle.
`` W. O. Wolfe, prominent business man and pioneer resident of this section, died shortly after midnight Tuesday at his home 48 Spruce Street '', the Asheville Times of Wednesday, June 21, announced.
For ten years a small group of European and U.S. critics has been calling attention to the half-forgotten Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele, who died 42 years ago at the age of 28.
Back in Bavaria he had seen that gesture, and at that sight his heart had always died within him.
People died, she would have said, in hospitals, or in cars on the highway at night.
He did this by the charming practice of buying up used electric blankets for $5 to $10 from survivors of patients who had died, reconditioning them, and selling them at $185 each.
With four younger children at home, Lucy stepped into her mother's role, and even after the brothers and sisters were grown, she was her father's comfort and stay until he died in 1879.
One young man, exhilarated to the point of insanity by liquor and the excitement of the moment, performed a perfect swan dive out of the stands at the Yale Bowl during the Yale-Army football game, landed squarely on his head on the concrete ramp below, and died at once.
Mrs. Eleanor Kowalski, 42, died yesterday afternoon in Holy Cross Hospital of burns suffered in a fire that followed a bottled gas explosion Saturday night at the flat of her widowed mother, Mrs. Mary Pankowski, in the adjoining suburb of Warren.
Funeral services for Mrs. Kowalski and her daughter, Christine, 11, who died of burns at the same hospital Monday, have been scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow in St. Anne's Catholic Church, 31978 Mound, in Warren.
Raymond E. Killingsworth, 72, died Sunday at his home at 357 Venable St., Aj.
John William Ball, 68, of 133 Marietta St. NW, Apartment 101b, died Sunday at his home.
Mrs. Lola M. Harris, a native of Atlanta, died Sunday at her home in Garland, Tex..
Funeral for William Joseph Brett, 1926 NE 50th Ave., who died Thursday in Portland, will be Monday 1 p.m. at the Riverview Abbey.
The Lincolns ' fourth son, Thomas " Tad " Lincoln, was born on April 4, 1853, and died of heart failure at the age of 18 on July 16, 1871.
He died in Los Angeles at the age of ninety-six, and is interred in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, California.
Suffering from angina, Nobel died at home, of a cerebral haemorrhage in 1896.
" Only four months later, Kurosawa's eldest brother also died, leaving Akira, at age 23, the only one of the Kurosawa brothers still living, together with his three surviving sisters.
McCluskey died at the age of 75, not as a result of exposure, but of a heart disease which he had before the accident.
Poirot's first appearance was in The Mysterious Affair at Styles ( published 1920 ) and his last in Curtain ( published 1975, the year before Christie died ).
The other account is found in Deuteronomy 10: 6, where Moses is reported as saying that Aaron died at Moserah and was buried there.
: which died at the Oval

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