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Eastern and European
* In the year 1000, the Icelander Leif Ericson was the first European to set foot on North American soil, corresponding to today's Eastern coast of Canada, i. e. the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, including the area of land named " Vinland " by Ericson.
Azerbaijan also maintains good relations with the European Union, in the framework of its Eastern European Neighbourhood Policy ( See Azerbaijan and the European Union ).
Modern-day Arab telephone keypad with two forms of Arabic numerals: Western Arabic / European numerals on the left and Eastern Arabic numerals on the right
Both countries are full members of the Southeast European Cooperation Process, of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative, of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and of the Council of Europe.
The U. S. Agency for International Development ( USAID ) and Support for Eastern European Democracies ( SEED ) has played a large role in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, including programs in economic development and reform, democratic reform ( media, elections ), infrastructure development, and training programs for Bosnian professionals, among others.
However, Bulgaria ranks 51st in the Ease of Doing Business rank list, higher than most other Eastern European states, and 28th in the Economic Freedom of the World index, outperforming the Netherlands and South Korea.
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Hungarian composer, pianist, and collector of Eastern European and Middle Eastern folk music
Central Europe, sometimes referred to as Middle Europe, is a region of the European continent lying between the variously defined areas of Eastern and Western Europe.
In a June 5, 1947 speech, comporting with the Truman Doctrine, Marshall announced a comprehensive program of American assistance to all European countries wanting to participate, including the Soviet Union and those of Eastern Europe, called the Marshall Plan.
This also brought a large wave of immigrants from European and Middle Eastern countries.
Its combination of modern innovation ( such as mixed gender seating ) and traditional practice particularly appealed to first and second-generation Eastern European Jewish immigrants, who found Orthodoxy too restrictive, but Reform Judaism foreign.
Klaus von Beyme, who developed the method of party categorization, found that no modern Eastern European parties could be considered conservative, although the communist and communist-successor parties had strong similarities.
Eastern European wolves tend to be shorter and more heavily built than Northern Russian ones.
The literature of European archaeology, in general, avoids the use of ' chalcolithic ' ( the term ' Copper Age ' is preferred ), whereas Middle Eastern archaeologists regularly use it.
Fraying amongst the members of the Warsaw Pact nations and instability of its western allies, first indicated by Lech Wałęsa's 1980 rise to leadership of the trade union Solidarity, accelerated, leaving the Soviet Union unable to depend upon its Eastern European satellite states for protection as a buffer zone.
Before Delaware was settled by European colonists, the area was home to the Eastern Algonquian tribes known as the Unami Lenape or Delaware throughout the Delaware valley, and the Nanticoke along the rivers leading into the Chesapeake Bay.
For example, dentists graduated from Israeli dental schools may recommend more often for the removal of asymptomatic impacted third molar ( wisdom teeth ) than dentists graduated from Latin American or Eastern European dental schools.
Dairy products are commonly found in European, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, whereas they are unknown in traditional East Asian cuisine.
*** Smetana, Central and Eastern European variety of sour cream
In the years prior to World War I similar art had already risen in Bucharest and other Eastern European cities ; it is likely that DADA's catalyst was the arrival in Zurich of artists like Tzara and Janco.

Eastern and theorists
Situationist theorists advocated methods of operation that included democratic workers ' councils and workers ' self-management, interested in empowering the individual, in contrast to the perceived corrupt bureaucratic states of the Eastern bloc.
Yet while he was oriented towards the West and the new allies of West Germany and paid little attention to comparatists in Eastern Europe, his conception of a transnational ( and transatlantic ) comparative literature was very much influenced by East European literary theorists of the Russian and Prague schools of structuralism, from whose works René Wellek, too, derived many of his concepts, concepts that continue to have profound implications for comparative literary theory today " ... A manual published by the University of Munich lists 31 departments which offer a diploma in comparative literature in Germany, albeit some only as a ' minor '.
The concept of deformed workers ' states was developed by the theorists of the Fourth International after World War II, when the Soviet Union had militarily defeated Nazi Germany and created satellite states in Eastern Europe.

Eastern and include
During this period the region along with most of Eastern Australia was part of the ocean floor ; formations from this period include the Black Mountain Sandstone formation and the Pittman Formation consisting largely of quartz-rich sandstone, siltstone and shale.
Churches that claim some form of episcopal apostolic succession, dating back to the apostles or to leaders from the apostolic era, include the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Church of the East, the Anglican Communion, and some Lutheran Churches ( see below ).
Present-day Christian religious bodies known for conducting their worship services without musical accompaniment include some Presbyterian churches devoted to the regulative principle of worship, Old Regular Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Plymouth Brethren, Churches of Christ, the Old German Baptist Brethren, the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and the Amish, Old Order Mennonites and Conservative Mennonites.
His other important works include his Letters to Serapion, which dealt with the divinity of the Holy Spirit, and his classic Life of St Anthony, which was translated into several languages and played an important role in the spreading of the ascetic ideal in Eastern and Western Christianity.
Places significantly impacted by acid rain around the globe include most of Eastern Europe from Poland northward into Scandinavia, the eastern third of the United States, and south eastern Canada.
These later annexed territories include Eastern Poland ( incorporated into two different SSRs ), Latvia ( became Latvia SSR ), Estonia ( became Estonian SSR ), Lithuania ( became Lithuania SSR ), part of eastern Finland ( became part of the Karelo-Finnish SSR ) and northern Romania ( became the Moldavian SSR ).
Supporters of this position also include high church Anglo-Catholic, Catholic-leaning Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox churches, and traditional Roman Catholic groups.
Currently, the Convention's priority activities include review and possible revision of its most recent protocols, implementation of the Convention and its protocols across the entire UNECE region ( with special focus on Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and South-East Europe ) and sharing its knowledge and information with other regions of the world.
Some major companies include: Universal Spirit, AmeriCheer, Cheersport, Planet Spirit, Eastern Cheer and Dance Association, and the JAM Brands.
Denominations that oppose homosexuality include the Roman Catholic Church the Eastern Orthodox churches and some mainline Protestant denominations, such as the Methodist churches, Reformed Church in America the American Baptist Church, as well as Conservative Evangelical organizations and churches, such as the Evangelical Alliance, the Presbyterian Church in America and the Southern Baptist Convention.
Many Near Eastern religions include a story about a battle between a divine being and a dragon or other monster representing chaos — a theme found, for example, in the Enuma Elish.
Some Christian denominations ( such as Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox ), include a number of books that are not in the Hebrew Bible ( the biblical apocrypha or deuterocanonical books or Anagignoskomena, see Development of the Old Testament canon ) in their biblical canon that are not in today's Jewish canon, although they were included in the Septuagint.
Other Christian churches also laying claim to the description " Catholic " include the Eastern Orthodox Church and those churches possessing the historic episcopate ( bishops ), such as those of the Anglican Communion.
Recent examples of nations which have undergone democratic reforms but have not adopted the FPTP system include South Africa, almost all of the former Eastern bloc nations, Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Prominent issues in Hellenic foreign policy include the claims in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean by Turkey, the Turkish occupation of Cyprus, the dispute over the name of the Republic of Macedonia ( recognized under the provisional denomination of " former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia "), and relations with the United States and Russia.
Other racial groups include small numbers of Afro-Guatemalans and Garifuna of mixed African and indigenous Caribbean origins who live in the country's Eastern end.
Tomb inscriptions from the Eastern Roman Empire include these brief examples:
Eastern Hausa dialects include Kananci which is spoken in Kano, Bausanchi in Bauchi, Dauranchi in Daura, Gudduranci in Katagum Misau and part of Borno and Hadejanci in Hadejiya.
Some prominent bands include Indian Ocean, Kryptos, Pentagram, Thermal and a Quarter, Abandoned Agony, No Idea, Zero, Half Step Down, Scribe, Eastern Fare, Indus Creed, Demonic Resurrection, Zygnema Of Unity, Motherjane, Soulmate and Avial.
* The Eastern Cushites include the Oromo and the Somali.
Several researchers include the island of Cyprus in Levantine studies, including the Council for British Research in the Levant, the UCLA Near Eastern Languages and Cultures department, and the UCL Institute of Archaeology, the last of which has dated the connection between Cyprus and mainland Levant to the early Iron Age.
Other contributions include his early work on the economic history of Roman agrarian society ( 1891 ) and on the labour relations in Eastern Germany ( 1892 ), his analysis of the history of commercial partnerships in the Middle Ages ( 1889 ), his critique of Marxism, the discussion of the roles of idealism and materialism in the history of capitalism in his Economy and Society ( 1922 ) and his General Economic History ( 1923 ), a notable example of the kind of empirical work associated with the German Historical School.
Very soon after the incident, SubLogic, the original publishers of the Flight Simulator franchise, issued a scenery disk that expanded the original program's coverage area to include Eastern Europe.
Denominations that practise infant baptism include the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodoxy, Armenian Apostolic Church, Assyrian Church of the East, the Anglican churches, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, some Church of the Nazarene, the Reformed Church in America, the United Church of Canada, the United Church of Christ ( UCC ), and the Continental Reformed.

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