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Easybeats and lead
Vanda, who had been guitarist with a The Hague based band The Starfighters, came to fame in 1964-65 as the lead guitarist in Australia's most popular and successful group of the 1960s, The Easybeats.
Episode 1 Aunty Jack ' n ' The Gong in Bloody Concert featured the core characters, augmented by a rock group, with special guest Stevie Wright, former lead singer of The Easybeats, who was then appearing in Jesus Christ Superstar with O ' Donoghue.
Starting his career in Sydney, and attending Sefton High School as his secondary school, George Young first achieved international success in the 1960s as the rhythm guitarist in the band The Easybeats ; Young co-wrote nearly all of their songs, first with singer Stevie Wright, then later with lead guitarist, Harry Vanda.
During 1964 – 1969 he was lead singer for Sydney-based rock and roll band The Easybeats, widely regarded as the greatest Australian pop band of 1960s.

Easybeats and guitarist
In 1966 Harry began a successful and enduring writing partnership with rhythm guitarist Young ; together they penned many of The Easybeats ' 1960s recordings, including their major international hit, " Friday On My Mind ".
David Bentley, Mick Liber, David Montgomery and Tony Cahill ( bass ) ( who had played drums with The Easybeats ) made some recordings in 1972 with English guitarist Gary Boyle.

Easybeats and Harry
In the 1970s, he was jointly credited with former Easybeats members Harry Vanda and George Young as a co-composer of the song " Pasadena ".
Ex-The Easybeats members, Harry Vanda and George Young, who were now record producers and songwriters, asked Models to cut some demos – so they reformed at the end of December.
Malcolm Young plays a Red 1963 Gretsch Double-cutaway Jet Firebird guitar handed down to him by Harry Vanda, along with elder brother George Young, of Easybeats fame.
He then went on to score a major hit with The Easybeats songwriting team, Harry Vanda & George Young song, " Falling In Love Again " in 1971.
* Harry Vanda ( Easybeats )-String Arrangement
* Harry Vanda ( Easybeats )
Sloan, The Everly Brothers, Manfred Mann, Three Dog Night, The Zombies, Gene Clark, Tom Jones, The Grass Roots, Roger McGuinn, The Hollies, Blues Magoos, The Beau Brummels, The Turtles, Tommy James & The Shondells, Harry Nilsson and The Easybeats.
Flash and the Pan was an Australian New Wave musical group ( essentially an ongoing studio project ) initiated during the late 1970s by Harry Vanda and George Young, both former members of The Easybeats.

Easybeats and Vanda
Vanda and Young remained in the UK for three years, working to pay off debts incurred during the Easybeats years ( and recording under various names like Paintbox, Band of Hope, Grapefruit, Haffy's Whisky Sour and Marcus Hook Roll Band ).
" Bad Boy for Love " was produced by Vanda & Young ( ex-The Easybeats, AC / DC's producers ) and peaked at No. 19 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart.
" Bad Boy for Love " was produced by Vanda & Young ( ex-The Easybeats, AC / DC's producers ) and peaked at No. 19 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart.
In " The Easybeats ", Vanda also often played a cherry-red Maton 12-string electric guitar, which he donated to the collection of Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in 1999.

Easybeats and is
One possible homage is heard in a later section of " Lovin ' Machine " by the Easybeats.
The three-part single by The Wrights, i. e. " Evie Pts 1, 2 and 3 " is available on the double-CD album " Easy Fever: A Tribute to the Music of the Easybeats and Stevie Wright ".
George Redburn Young ( born 6 November 1946, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland ) is a Scottish rock musician, songwriter and record producer, best known as a member of Australian 1960s band The Easybeats, the co-writer of the international hits, " Friday on My Mind " and " Love Is in the Air ", and for his production of the hard rock band, AC / DC, which features his younger brothers Malcolm and Angus Young.

Easybeats and best-known
Some of the best-known and most popular acts in this period were Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and Ray Brown & The Whispers, The Easybeats, The Bee Gees, The Masters Apprentices, The Twilights, The Groop, The Groove, The Loved Ones and cult acts like The Throb and solo star Normie Rowe, who quickly became Australia's most popular male pop vocalist.

Easybeats and Maton
Maton earned international renown for their superb acoustic and electric guitars and basses, which have been played by scores of famous performers from The Easybeats to The Wiggles.

Easybeats and famous
Possibly the most famous former residents are Angus Young and brother Malcolm who found stardom after they moved to Australia and formed AC / DC. George Young, the older brother of Angus and Malcolm, first found fame with the 60s group, Easybeats.

Easybeats and which
In March 1989, The Saints had an Australian Top 40 hit with a cover of The Easybeats ' song " The Music Goes Round My Head ", which also featured in the 1988 film Young Einsteins soundtrack.
In 1973 David Bowie covered the song on his Pin Ups album, and in 1977 the punk band London introduced the song to a new generation on a four-track EP for MCA Records ; the London version, produced by Simon Napier-Bell, was actually recorded in the same studio ( IBC Studios in Portland Place ) in which the Easybeats had cut the original.
The only official recordings they made — which provided the songs for the last Easybeats single — was the rocking " St Louis " ( presaging their later work with AC / DC ), and the B-side " Can't Find Love ", recorded in April at Olympic Studios with Ray Singer, a former member of UK band Nirvana, who had made a name for himself as a producer with Peter Sarstedt's " Where Do You Go To ( My Lovely )".
Divinyls also had Australian hits with cover versions of The Easybeats ' " I'll Make You Happy ", and Syndicate of Sound's " Hey Little Boy " (" Hey Little Girl " with the gender switched ) which reached No. 25 in 1988.
In 2007 they resurfaced to bring out their next studio album, So Easy, which contained cover versions of The Easybeats songs.
Whilst perhaps not boasting the significant cultural contributions of neighbouring Burwood ( the suburb in which The Easybeats and AC / DC were formed and cricketing legend Don Bradman was married ), Strathfield has made a contribution to Australia's cultural landscape.
They are named after Australian music legend and former Easybeats frontman Stevie Wright, and original performer of the song-trilogy " Evie " which was the group's feature song.
After The Easybeats disbanded in 1969, Wright fronted numerous groups including Stevie Wright Band and Stevie Wright & the Allstars ; his solo career included the 1974 single, " Evie ( Parts 1, 2 & 3 )", which peaked at # 1 on the Kent Music Report Singles Chart.

Easybeats and Sydney
Among the most successful were The Easybeats, formed in Sydney but who recorded their international hit " Friday on My Mind " ( 1966 ) in London and remained there for their forays into psychedelic-tinged pop until they disbanded in 1970.
Sydney inductees into the ARIA_Hall_of_Fame include Johnny O ' Keefe, Col Joye (& The Joy Boys ), Billy Thorpe ( the original Aztecs formed in Sydney ), The Easybeats, Sherbet, Richard Clapton, John Paul Young, AC / DC, Radio Birdman, Midnight Oil, Rose Tattoo, Mental As Anything, INXS, Icehouse, Divinyls, The Church and Hoodoo Gurus.
In October the band made a valedictory TV appearance in the ATN-7 Easybeats Special, then gave their final Sydney performances at the Trocadero and Caesar's Disco.

Easybeats and was
Their sound was influenced by 1960s garage acts ranging from the Electric Prunes, The Standells, The Chocolate Watch Band to The Easybeats.
After initial lack of interest, on the last scheduled day of his visit Vaughan was able to convince United Artists Records to sign The Easybeats.
Friends was in fact not a real Easybeats album — the only true Easybeats tracks being " St Louis " and " Rock & Roll Boogie ".
Once the tour was over, The Easybeats drifted apart, although there was no official announcement of the split.
Grinspoon recorded The Easybeats ' track " St. Louis " for a tribute album, Easy Fever: A Tribute to The Easybeats and Stevie Wright — released in October 2008 — while Jamieson's duet with The Wrights on " Evie part 3: I'm Losing You " from 2005 was included.
This cover version of a 1960s Australian hit by the Easybeats was originally recorded to promote the Australian Made tour of Australia in early 1987, headlined by INXS and Barnes.
In 1983, after one of their demos was sent to Albert Productions record producer George Young ( ex-The Easybeats, older brother of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC / DC ) they signed to Albert Records.
The A-Side, " Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight " was a cover of an Easybeats tune ; the B-side, " Narrator ," was a Bill Berry composition that R. E. M.
Dick Diamonde ( born Dingeman Ariaan Henry van der Sluijs ( in Australia Van Der Sluys ), on 28 December 1947, in Hilversum, Netherlands )) was the bassist with Australian rock group, The Easybeats.

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