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Edison and could
and former Edison employee ) realized that the Edison effect could be used as a precision radio detector.
Several inventors devised machines to record sound prior to Thomas Edison's phonograph, Edison being the first to produce a device that could both record and reproduce sound.
Edison's early patents show that he also considered the idea that sound could be recorded as a spiral onto a disc, but Edison concentrated his efforts on cylinders, since the groove on the outside of a rotating cylinder provides a constant velocity to the stylus in the groove, which Edison considered more " scientifically correct ".
Rather, the advantages of the format are seen in the manufacturing process: discs can be stamped ; cylinders could not be until 1901-1902 when the gold moulding process was introduced by Edison.
Although the patent described several ways of creating the carbon filament including " cotton and linen thread, wood splints, papers coiled in various ways ", it was not until several months after the patent was granted that Edison and his team discovered a carbonized bamboo filament that could last over 1, 200 hours.
When George Westinghouse suggested using high-voltage AC instead, as it could carry electricity hundreds of miles with marginal loss of power, Edison waged a " War of Currents " to prevent AC from being adopted.
Utilities such as Commonwealth Edison in Chicago had rotary converters or motor-generator sets, which could change DC to AC and AC to various frequencies in the early to mid-20th century.
Electrification enabled modern mass production, as with Thomas Edison ’ s iron ore processing plant ( about 1893 ) that could process 20, 000 tons of ore per day with two shifts of five men each.
In Edison the sizable Asian / Chinese population had pushed for years to establish a Chinese School where students could learn the Chinese language.
On January 19, 1883, the world's first electric lighting system employing overhead wires began service in Roselle, and was built by Thomas Edison to demonstrate that an entire community could be lit by electricity.
Swan, who was less interested in making money from the invention, agreed that Edison could sell the lights in America while he retained the rights in Britain.
With Edison ’ s megaphone, a low whisper could be heard a thousand feet away, while a normal tone of voice could be heard roughly two miles away.
Edison built several experiment bulbs, some with an extra wire, a metal plate, or foil inside the bulb which was electrically separate from the filament, and thus could serve as an electrode.
" The British physicist John Ambrose Fleming, working for the British " Wireless Telegraphy " Company, discovered that the Edison Effect could be used to detect radio waves.
However, the Edison company sold kits with gears and reproducers which could be attached to older varieties of cylinder phonographs by those who wished to be able to play the new Blue Amberol records.
Victor's system could not play Edison Discs as the needles used would cut through the recorded sound, and the Edison system could not play Victor or other lateral discs unless one used special equipment, like the Kent adapter.
The Brunswick Ultona and the Sonora Phonograph were the only machines besides the Diamond Disc player that could play Diamond Discs, but Edison made an attempt at curbing this ( a phonograph / gramophone that could play Edison, Victor / lateral 78s, and Pathé discs ) by stating " This Re-Creation should not be played on any instrument except the Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph and with the Edison Diamond Disc Reproducer, and we decline responsibility for any damage that may occur to it if this warning is ignored.

Edison and hardly
Edison would take full credit for the invention, but the historiographical consensus is that the title of creator can hardly go to one man:

Edison and have
Edison Carter ( Matt Frewer ) was a hard-hitting reporter for Network 23, who sometimes uncovered things that his superiors in the network would have preferred to keep private.
* In " Security Systems ", he is reluctantly forced into a temporary exile with the fugitive Edison Carter when his off-hand comment that " SS even does security for Network 23 " makes them realize, too late, the mistake they have made in trying to hack A7 from Bryce's lab.
Edison said he wanted the lab to have " a stock of almost every conceivable material ".
Edison was said to have been influenced by a popular fad diet in his last few years ; " the only liquid he consumed was a pint of milk every three hours ".
" She also said that during one of his periodic " great scientific adventures ", Edison would be up at 7: 00, have breakfast at 8: 00, and be rarely home for lunch or dinner, implying that he continued to have all three.
Edison was called an atheist for those remarks, and although he did not allow himself to be drawn into the controversy publicly, he clarified himself in a private letter: " You have misunderstood the whole article, because you jumped to the conclusion that it denies the existence of God.
Several places have been named after Edison, most notably the town of Edison, New Jersey.
Three bridges around the United States have been named in his honor ( see Edison Bridge ).
Some sources have claimed that despite their scientific contributions, neither was given the award because of their animosity toward each other ; that each sought to minimize the other's achievements and right to win the award ; that both refused ever to accept the award if the other received it first ; and that both rejected any possibility of sharing it ( although Edison did receive one of 38 possible bids in 1915, and Tesla did receive one bid out of 38 in 1937 ).
Innocenzo Manzetti, Antonio Meucci, Johann Philipp Reis, Elisha Gray, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison, among others, have all been credited with pioneering work on the telephone.
Edison patented what he found, but he did not understand the underlying physics, nor did he have an inkling of the potential value of the discovery.
Some companies such as Consolidated Edison and American Superconductor have already begun commercial production of such systems.
Thomas Edison is claimed to have attended.
In the earlier series, he is said to have had little formal education, the character originally modeled after such figures as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss.
The two men had patented it but did not have enough money to develop their invention, so they sold their US patent 181, 613 to Thomas Edison for US $ 5, 000 ($ US 100, 000 in 2006 dollars ).
Extreme temperatures in Edison have ranged from, recorded in February 1934, to, recorded in July 1936 and August 1949.
Edison was selected as one of the first communities by the New Jersey Department of Transportation to have a red light camera enforcement system operated by RedFlex Traffic Systems, Inc.
Other companies have warehouse operations within Edison.
Recent politics in Edison have concerned plans for zoning the township to facilitate the creation of " walkable " communities that will attract businesses, while still maintaining open spaces and parks and easy access to commuter transit.
Politics in Edison since the 2005 mayoral election have been polarized by an attempt by retail giant Walmart to open a store in central Edison near the junction of Interstate 287 and New Jersey Route 27.
Township officials have negotiated no housing on the site, to be called " Edison Towne Square.

Edison and however
Edison, however, never attempted to patent these instruments on the other side of the Atlantic, since they relied so greatly on previous experiments and innovations from Britain and Europe.
Edison sued to gain control of the patent ; however, after a federal court upheld the validity of the patent in 1907, Edison began negotiation with Biograph in May 1908 to reorganize the Edison licensing system.
The Bell and Edison patents, however, were forensically victorious and commercially decisive.
Most, however, used the Edison / Berliner carbon transmitter, which was much louder than the other kinds, even though it required an induction coil which was an impedance matching transformer to make it compatible with the impedance of the line.
It was Edison's format, however, that became first the dominant standard and then the " official " standard of the newly formed Motion Picture Patents Company, a trust established by Edison, which agreed in 1909 to what would become the standard: 35 mm gauge, with Edison perforations and a 1. 3 aspect ratio.
More disturbing, however, was the fact that the initial causal sequence of events at TMI had been duplicated 18 months earlier at another Babcock and Wilcox reactor, the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station owned at that time by Toledo Edison.
An alternative view, however, used to be popular: The 1971 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, for instance, claims that Edison " apparently thought so little of his invention that he failed to pay the $ 150 that would have granted him an international copyright.
Sales continued to drop, however, and although Edison Discs were available from dealers until the company left the record business in late October 1929, the last vertically-cut direct masters were recorded in the early summer of that year.
After a few experimental run-throughs, record producer Fred Gaisberg signed Dawson to an exclusive contract to cut discs for the Gramophone Company ( the predecessor of HMV / EMI ) in 1906 ; he continued, however, to record on cylinders for Edison until that company closed its London studios not long before World War I erupted.
Per procedure, Con Edison, the power provider for New York City and some of Westchester County, tried to start fast-start generation at 8: 45 p. m. EDT ; however, no one was manning the station, and the remote start failed.
Their business, however, proved lucrative until the advent of Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Patents Company ( also known as the Edison Trust ), which charged distributors exorbitant fees.
Her Edison recordings, however, represent not only some of the best operatic recordings released by that company, but also Muzio's power and ability to project her personal intensity through the difficult acoustic recording process.
Many of the early Edison moving images released after 1895, however, were non-fictional " actualities " filmed on location: views of ordinary slices of life — street scenes, the activities of police or firemen, or shots of a passing train.
Edison, however, called it " The Doghouse.
This business model, however, came to a halt in 1908 when the Motion Picture Patents Company ( MPPC ; commonly known as the Edison Trust ) launched a wave of lawsuits against independent film studios on patent infringement grounds.
Eventually, Gillian, Cecilia, and Edison had returned to the entertainment industry, however, Bobo never returned.

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