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Education and training
-- The Illinois Commission for Handicapped Children wishes to commend the recent announcement by the Catholic charities of the archdiocese of Chicago and DePaul University of the establishment of the Institute for Special Education at the university for the training of teachers for physically handicapped and mentally retarded children.
* Education and training
Using a small Department of Defense International Military Education and Training ( IMET ) budget, the U. S. Embassy has established English-language courses at an LAT military base, and has brought LAT officers to attended officer basic training courses in the U. S. The government of Burkina Faso has also accepted additional U. S. training assistance in counter-terrorism tactics and humanitarian assistance.
In 2003, the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education ( NCSSE ) was formed to offer safety training for youth, school, all star and college coaches.
came to represent aspects of the multiple political and cultural engagements of Guattari: the Group for Young Hispanics, the Franco-Chinese Friendships ( in the times of the popular communes ), the opposition activities with the wars in Algeria and Vietnam, the participation in the M. N. E. F., with the U. N. E. F., the policy of the offices of psychological academic aid ( B. A. P. U. ), the organisation of the University Working Groups ( G. T. U. ), but also the reorganizations of the training courses with the Centers of Training to the Methods of Education Activities ( C. E. M. E. A.
Through a modest International Military Education and Training program, the United States provides military training to members of the Gabonese armed forces each year.
Its eight faculties offer training in the Creative Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Education, Information Technology, Business, Economics and Law, and Health Sciences.
The United States Olympic Education Center on the campus of Northern Michigan University is one of four Olympic training centers in the country and the only one located on a college campus.
The culmination of his life's work was the Institutio oratoria ( Institutes of Oratory, or alternatively, The Orator's Education ), a lengthy treatise on the training of the orator in which he discusses the training of the " perfect " orator from birth to old age and, in the process, reviews the doctrines and opinions of many influential rhetoricians who preceded him.
São Toméan military officers have been receiving training in the US under the International Military Education and Training ( IMET ) programme.
* DECA ( Driver Education Centre of Australia ) is also classed as a TAFE Institute and specialises in vehicle training.
The UPEACE Centre for Executive Education delivers dynamic training courses to leaders from around the world.
However, before 1977 Hereford was home to Hereford College of Education, a higher education institution which offered teacher training qualifications.
In many European countries, training in forestry is made in accordance with requirements of the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area.
The National Centre for Vocational Education Research or NCVER is a not-for-profit company owned by the federal, state and territory ministers responsible for training.
The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education ( IVE ) provides training in nine different vocational fields, namely: Applied Science ; Business Administration ; Child Education and Community Services ; Construction ; Design ; Printing, Textiles and Clothing ; Hotel, Service and Tourism Studies ; Information Technology ; Electrical and Electronic Engineering ; and Mechanical, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering.
The large number of school types and corresponding administrative units within the Ministry of Public Education makes the institutional landscape of vocational education and training complex by international standards.
Vocational education and training provided under the Upper Secondary Education Under secretariat includes three main types of programme:
The National Council for Vocational Education and Training advises the Minister on the development of the national vocational education and training system.
PASSIA ’ s educational and training seminars are divided into two categories: In ­ ternational Affairs – including seminars on Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, Strategic Studies and Security, the EU, Education on Democ ­ racy, The Foreign Policies of Arab States, Japan and the Middle East, and The United States and Canada: Political Systems, Policy-Making and the Middle East – and Civil Society Empowerment, with seminars held to date including those on Policy-Making, Strategic Planning & Media & Com ­ munication Skills.
As Deputy Commander of the Naval Education and Training Command, his duties included commanding the US Navy's extensive education and training programs, for which he initiated a project to develop a distributed data management system for more efficient management of training pipelines.

Education and courses
During World War 2, about 7.5 million persons were enrolled in courses organized under two special programs administered by state and local school authorities: ( 1 ) Vocational Education for National Defense, and ( 2 ) War Production Training.
`` A person with a master's degree in physics, chemistry, math or English, yet who has not taken Education courses, is not permitted to teach in the public schools '', said Grover.
College teachers in Texas are not required to have the Education courses.
Education is available at the prison ( full and part-time ), and ranges from basic educational skills to Open University courses.
Fuerteventura also has a centre linked with the National University of Distance Education, offering courses in many subjects including economics, business studies, law, history and tourism.
While Universities have the ability and power to design and offer their own degree courses, each TAFE degree course must be assessed and approved by the Higher Education Accreditation Committee ( HEAC ).
Victoria University ( VU ) is a multi-sector tertiary institution ( higher education and TAFE ) based in Melbourne, Australia. Operating out of 11 campuses in Melbourne ’ s CBD and western regions, VU offers qualifications in higher education through its Faculties of: Arts, Education and Human Development ; Business and Law ; and Health Engineering and Science ; as well as vocational education ( TAFE ), and short courses though its Faculties of: Technical and Trades Innovation, and Workforce Development.
The Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
In upper secondary school students take about 30 courses per year on a variety of different subjects ( Maths, Biology, Chemistry, different languages, Psychology, Health Education etc .).
The Cyert Center for Early Education is a child care center for Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff, as well as an observational setting for students in child development courses.
In Munich, Hitler took part in " national thinking " courses organized by the Education and Propaganda Department of the Bavarian Reichswehr under Captain Karl Mayr.
A tertiary institution and further education college, most of the courses it offers are A-levels or Business and Technology Education Councils ( BTECs ).
It eventually grew into a college and offered courses in Liberal Arts, Education and Commerce.
The Faculty of Education and Humanities runs Master of Psychology programmes specializing in Social Psychology, Theoretical and Clinical Psychoanalysis, Clinical Psychology specializing in Family and Couples Therapy, and Cognitive Development specializing in Dynamic Learning Propensity Assessment Device ; Postgraduate courses in Clinical Psychoanalysis specializing in Adults, Clinical Psychology: Specialist in Transpersonal Humanist Psychotherapy, Psychomotricity, Specialist in Juvenile-Infant Clinical Psychology ; Specialist Programmes in Education ( Language and Communication, English as a Foreign Language, Artistic Education, Mathematical Education, Nature Study, Social Studies and Physical Education ); and Diplomas in Juridical and Forensic Psychology and an International Diploma in Sports Psychology.
The Education group publishes educational books and courses for primary, secondary and international schools.
UNCG requires all students, no matter what their major, to complete a General Education Curriculum ( GEC ) that includes courses in the traditional liberal arts, as well as courses that introduce them to new perspectives that have become increasingly important today.

Education and workshops
Personnel assigned through the shooting development program have proudly participated in over 53 state and regional workshops, at which hundreds of school administrators, teachers, professors, and recreational leaders have been introduced to Outdoor Education.
The World Poetry Bout Association sponsored the earliest slam poetry workshops for teenagers, through its " Poetry Education Project " in Taos, New Mexico, in the early 1990s.
Therefore, the ministry sponsored cultural workshops throughout the country until October 1988 when the Ministry of Culture was integrated into the Ministry of Education because of financial troubles.
The Peggy and David Rockefeller Building on the western portion of the site houses the main exhibition galleries, and The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building on the eastern portion provides over five times more space for classrooms, auditoriums, teacher training workshops, and the museum's expanded Library and Archives.
The society is the principal Higher Education Partner with Liverpool Hope University, supplying members of the orchestra to teach in their music department, and arranging workshops and masterclasses.
He was active in establishing library institutes, one-day regional workshops, through Ontario departments of Education, the first of which was held in Brantford, Ontario in 1907.
Government sector employers with large local workforces include Country Energy with their District Field Office and Corporate Office, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst Regional Council, the Land and Property Management Authority that provide mapping and survey data across NSW, the Greater Western Area Health Service – Regional Office, Bathurst Correctional Centre, Department of Education and Training – Regional Office, Police Service – Chifley Local Area Command, and NSW State Forests – Regional Office, and RailCorp's rail manufacturing workshops.
The Conservation Education Department runs Activity Weeks during the school holidays, which consist of special conservation themed workshops where Dodo Club members can learn about conservation in a fun-filled environment.
MSRI also hosts research workshops that are unconnected to the main programs, such as its annual workshop on K-12 mathematics education, Critical Issues in Mathematics Education.
As of 2012, The Center for Indian Education at Arizona State University " has facilitated workshops for both learners and speakers at the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation in northwest Arizona, California and Nevada.
In 2000 and 2001 there were several multi-day workshops sponsored by the German Ministry of Science and Education that preceded the conference.
The Education Division offers workshops around the United States for teachers to learn about the Holocaust, to participate in the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program ( MTFP ), and to join a national corps of educators who serve as leaders in Holocaust education in their schools, communities, and professional organizations.
* English Workshops for Young Executives ( Ascend Education Centre ): Ascend Education Centre conducted a series of 8 workshops targeting young working executives.
The Adult Advice and Education team coordinates projects that support adults experiencing social or financial exclusion through free and independent advice sessions and workshops, referrals and partnership working.
ASCE offers Continuing Education Units ( CEUs ) and Professional Development Hours ( PDHs ) for conferences, seminars and workshops, and most distance learning programs to help professional engineers meet mandatory continuing professional competency requirements in their states.
In addition, the SCEC Communication, Education, and Outreach Program offers student research experiences, web-based education tools, classroom curricula, museum displays, public information brochures, online newsletters, and technical workshops and publications.
Through a variety of talks, tours, workshops and seminars, the Education & Interpretation programme recognises that artistic expression can empower people, heightening individual and community experience.
The Education Program offers educational opportunities for students and professional development seminars and workshops for educators from the U. S. and the region.
Below the concourse level is the Music Education Centre, where workshops, community music courses and day-to-day instrumental teaching takes place in over 20 individual, largely sound-proofed rooms, one of which is also a recording studio.
It is also the home of the Outdoor Education Program, which hosts team-building exercises for local businesses and holds summer workshops for troubled teens.
Local initiatives include: motivational speaking tours and workshops on topics such as volunteerism, active lifestyles and healthy eating and bullying ; summer leadership camps ; the GO Local program, which works with underserved middle and high schools to engage students in local issues ; the Local Spotlight on Aboriginal education in partnership with the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative ; and the We Schools in Action program, launched annually by We Day.
After gaining experience and national exposure at festivals and workshops around the country, the theater launched a Training and Education Program of its own.
The $ 6. 2 renovation project also saw the museum replaced by a Museum and Education Center of 14, 000 square feet that features 3, 000 square feet of exhibits on Ohio's role in the War of 1812, classrooms for student and adult workshops, and office and maintenance areas.

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