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Educational and services
· Educational services, and health care and social assistance ( 20. 2 percent )
Accommodation and food services ( 21 %), Health care ( 15 %), Educational services ( 14 %), Gasoline stations ( 6 %)
# Educational services: 6 ( Per 100, 000 population: 41, State average-4 )
Educational services ( 5 %)
Educational services ( 17 %)
Industries providing employment: Manufacturing ( 28. 0 %), Educational, health and social services ( 19. 3 %), Retail trade ( 10. 2 %), Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services ( 10. 0 %).
NHK operates two terrestrial television services ( NHK General TV and NHK Educational TV ), two satellite television services ( NHK BS-1 and NHK BS Premium, both now high-definition television services ), and three radio networks ( NHK Radio 1, NHK Radio 2, and NHK FM ).
NHK runs two national terrestrial TV stations ( NHK General and NHK Educational ) and two satellite only services ( NHK BS1 and NHK BS Premium services ).
* Educational and Training Services Branch, provides teaching services for the British Army
He waged a ten-year campaign for the consolidation of testing services, which resulted in the creation of the Educational Testing Service in 1946, with Chauncey as its director.
* Sanoma Learning & Literature: Educational publishing, publishing, and business information and services
* Several NGOs also provide services including Ingwavuma Women's Centre and Embathisa, both providing income generation activities for local women, Ingwavuma Orphan Care providing community hospice care and orphan care in the community and Zisize, Ingwavuma Educational Trust.
In 1948, the New York State Legislature created the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services ( BOCES ) to provide school districts with a program of shared educational services.
* 22. 2 %: Educational, health, and social services
Educational services in Doncaster East include:
The centres and ancillary services include the Centre for Languages and Translation, the National Poison Centre, the Doping Control Centre, the Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia, the Centre for Educational Technology and Multimedia, the Computer Centre, the Centre for Knowledge, Communication and Technology and the Islamic Centre.
Student Involvement accomplishes its mission through various programs and services including Greek Life, Intramural Programs, Leadership Programs, Student Organizations, and the various Social and Educational programs sponsored or supported by the office.
Educational and recreational services are offered through the following programs:

Educational and well
) and professional certification in Literacy Education ( B-6 and 5-12 ), Library Media ( Teacher Librarian ), Special Education, Educational Leadership, and Mathematics / Science / Technology Education as well as an accelerated Doctorate in Executive Leadership ( Ed. D.
Television stations broadcasting out of State College include WPSU ( PBS ) and WHVL ( MyNetworkTV ) as well as C-NET, Centre County's Government and Education Access Television Network, which broadcasts on two channels: CGTV ( Government Access TV ) and CETV ( Educational Access TV ).
Television stations broadcasting out of State College include WPSU ( PBS ) and WHVL ( MyNetworkTV ) as well as C-NET, Centre County's Government and Education Access Television Network, which broadcasts on two channels: CGTV ( Government Access TV ) and CETV ( Educational Access TV ).
MPC runs the BigHornMountainExpress. com as a rural Community News Site, as well as an Educational Website ( teaching seniors, students and anybody else how to write about the arts, their community and small business advice ).
Elsewhere in the city are the departments of Anthropology, Mathematics and Educational Sciences as well as the Medical Faculty with its associated hospitals.
Educational entertainment is any entertainment content that is designed to educate as well as to amuse.
The university offers several Masters degrees in Education ( MAEd ), Psychology ( MAPC ), Business Administration ( MBA ), Physician Assistant Studies ( MSPA ), and Christian Studies ( MACS ), as well as an Educational Specialist program and a Doctoral program in Education ( Ed. D.
Class in the U. S., featuring occupational descriptions by Thompson & Hickey as well as U. S. Census Bureau data pertaining to Personal income in the United States | personal income and Educational attainment in the United States | educational attainment for those age 25 or older.
* Educational and colorful introduction to the three domains of the Tree of Life -- as well as to the topic of " Understanding Evolution " -- sponsored by the U. C.
", a ten-part series of documentaries which dealt with the connection between blues music and Black Americans ' African heritage, as well as what Angelou called the " Africanisms still current in the U. S ." for National Educational Television, the precursor of PBS.
In 1941 he founded the Letchworth Choral and Orchestral Society, which he led until 1955 ; at the same time he gave lectures for the Workers ' Educational Association from 1941 to 1943 as well as for the Extra Mural Departments of the Universities of Cambridge and Birmingham from 1942 to 1955.
One of the most well known programmes is Educational Television ( ETV ) which began in 1971.
It also initiated a Canadian component of the Trade Union Educational League ( TUEL ) which quickly became an organic part of the labour movement with active groups in 16 of 60 labout councils as well as mining and logging camps.
The social recognition of his work was manifested with the prizes Mention of Honnor, Prix Europe de peinture, Oostende ( 1962 ) and Frisiana Award, Leeuwarden ( 1963 ), as well as with the job appointments at the Municipal Museum The Hague as member of educational staff ( 1966 ) and at the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven in charge of the Educational and Public Relations Department ( 1966 – 1967 ).
Educational and cultural activities were organized and demonstrations were held on the themes of Soviet Jewry and Jews in Arab lands as well as on local British issues.
They performed at the James Randi Educational Foundation meeting in Las Vegas on January 19, 2007, as well as at regular showings for the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles.
All India Muhammadan Educational Conference at Dhaka, which laid the foundation of Muslim League in 1906 under Nawab Wiqar-ul-Mulk while the convention was organized by Nawab Muhsan-ul-Mulk, the then Organizer as well as the Secretary of the Muhammadan Educational Conference at Ali garh.
Cherne also served many Presidents, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George H. W. Bush, in a variety of capacities, including memberships on the U. S. Select Committee for Western Hemisphere Immigration and the U. S. Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs, as well as his activities on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board ( PFIAB ) and the Intelligence Oversight Board ( IOB ).
Released from prison at last, Browder lost no time in joining the United Communist Party ( UCP ), as well as the fledgling Trade Union Educational League ( TUEL ) being launched by his old associate William Z.
Educational programs include the Saginaw Chippewa Academy ( an elementary school ), as well as a presence in the local public schools through Native American advocates and tutors.
Taking office in 1945, Caldwell's term is noted for his segregationist beliefs, as well as his support for road construction projects and the establishment of the Educational Minimum Foundation Program, which gave education funds to rural counties.
* Barron's Educational Series, a publisher of books, as well as college entrance exam preparation classes and materials, based in the United States
She then began work for Educational Pictures and eventually, in 1926 Hal Roach, where she appeared in many silent films with Charley Chase, James Finlayson, and Max Davidson as well as playing occasional supporting roles in feature films.

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