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Edwin and Grant
Grant won favor with the Radicals after he allowed Edwin M. Stanton, a Radical, to be reinstated as Secretary of War.
In a telegram to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton on May 13, 1864, Grant stated that " Meade has more than met my most sanguine expectations.
All of these choices were rejected by either Grant or the War Department and, over the objection of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, who believed him to be too young for such a high post, Sheridan took command in both roles at Harpers Ferry on August 7, 1864.
Grant wrote to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton after he ordered a 100-gun salute to celebrate Sheridan's victory at Cedar Creek, " Turning what bid fair to be a disaster into glorious victory stamps Sheridan, what I have always thought him, one of the ablest of generals.
Grant also nominated Edwin M. Stanton, former Attorney General and Secretary of War to the court.
They included John A. Logan of Illinois, Edwin Stanton of Ohio, Ben Butler of Massachusetts, Ulysses S. Grant of Illinois, and Vice President Andrew Johnson ( Johnson broke with the Radicals after he became president.
His brusque, outspoken manner and willingness to quarrel openly with superiors caused a professional rivalry with Grant ( as well as with Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton ) that would adversely affect Rosecrans's career.
Brady photographed and made portraits of many senior Union officers in the war, including Ulysses S. Grant, Nathaniel Banks, Don Carlos Buell, Ambrose Burnside, Benjamin Butler, Joshua Chamberlain, George Custer, David Farragut, John Gibbon, Winfield Hancock, Samuel P. Heintzelman, Joseph Hooker, Oliver Howard, David Hunter, John A. Logan, Irvin McDowell, George McClellan, James McPherson, George Meade, Montgomery C. Meigs, David Dixon Porter, William Rosecrans, John Schofield, William Sherman, Daniel Sickles, Henry Warner Slocum, George Stoneman, Edwin V. Sumner, George Thomas, Emory Upton, James Wadsworth, and Lew Wallace.
After the election, however, Grant wrote to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton in early 1865 asking free rein to relieve Butler from military service.
In 1995 the Society for Developmental Biology inaugurated the Edwin Grant Conklin Medal in his honor.
However, President Ulysses S. Grant was heavily lobbied to nominate former Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.
A political cartoon appeared in Harper's Weekly on September 1, 1864 depicting Lincoln on a tightrope, pushing a wheelbarrow and carrying two men on his back-Navy Secretary Gideon Welles and War Secretary Edwin Stanton-while John Bull, Napoleon III, Jefferson Davis, and Generals Grant, Lee and Sherman, among others, looked on.
Edwin M. Stanton, Gideon Welles, Hugh McCulloch, John Palmer Usher, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, and Montgomery C. Meigs left the escort at the depot., and at 8 A. M. the train departed.
In 1866, on the death of Charles Eastlake, Edwin Landseer turned down the seat of Academy President, and Grant was elected instead.
77 ( July December 1924 ) Ernst Barlach, Clive Bell, Marc Chagall, Thomas Craven, Adolphe Dehn, André Derain, Jose Ortega y Gasset, Maxim Gorky, Duncan Grant, Marianne Moore, Edwin Muir, Jules Romains, Bertrand Russell, Carl Sandburg, Herbert J. Seligmann, Georges Seurat, Logan Pearsall Smith, Oswald Spengler, Leo Stein, Wallace Stevens, Scofield Thayer, Edmund Wilson, Virginia Woolf
The first settlers were Nanaimo coal miners and Hudson's Bay Company employees, John and William Biggs, Thomas Dignan, Edwin Gough, Adam Grant Horne, Thomas Jones, Alexander McFarlane, George Mitchell, Thomas Williams and Charles York all of whom had arrived on Vancouver Island before the 1858 gold rush.
Grant, pastor Edwin Barry Young, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Dana reported to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton that he found Grant " modest, honest, and judicial.
* Animators: Edwin Aardal, Gerry Chiniquy, George Goepper, Ken Harris, Jerry Hathcock, Harry Holt, George Kreisl, Don Lusk, Kenneth Muse, Ed Parks, Don Patterson, Ray Patterson, Grant Simmons, Irv Spence, Fred Wolf

Edwin and Conklin
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Edwin and November
Finally, on November 13, 1966, Edwin " Buzz " Aldrin became the first to successfully work in space without tiring, on the Gemini 12 last flight.
Edwin Powell Hubble ( November 20, 1889 September 28, 1953 ) was an American astronomer who played a crucial role in establishing the field of extragalactic astronomy and is generally regarded as one the most important observational cosmologists of the 20th century.
It was in Hanover on November 9, 1938 that the synagogue, designed in 1870 by Edwin Oppler in neo-romantic style, was burnt by the Nazis.
On November 25, 1864, Booth performed for the only time with his two brothers, Edwin and Junius, in a single engagement production of Julius Caesar at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York.
* November 20 Edwin Hubble, American astronomer ( d. 1953 )
* November 25 Iran-Contra Affair: U. S. Attorney General Edwin Meese announces that profits from covert weapons sales to Iran were illegally diverted to the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua.
On November 3, 1911, Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company in Detroit with William C. Durant and investment partners William Little ( maker of the Little automobile ) and Dr. Edwin R. Campbell ( son-in-law of Durant ) and in 1912 R. S. McLaughlin GEO of General Motors in Canada.
* 1864: Junius, Jr., Edwin and John Wilkes Booth ( later the assassin of U. S. president Abraham Lincoln ) made their only appearance onstage together in a benefit performance of Julius Caesar on 25 November 1864, at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City.
On November 21, 1987, Chávez moved up to the lightweight division and faced WBA Lightweight Champion Edwin Rosario.
The bullet-riddled corpses of three teenaged Na Fianna scouts Edwin Hughes ( 17 ), Joseph Rogers ( 16 ) and Brendan Holohan ( 16 ) were found at The Quarries, Naas Road, Clondalkin, on 28 November 1922.
The village of Curtiss was platted November 17, 1882, having been surveyed by Edwin Parks.
She was married on 10 April 1958 to Marie Karl Josef Erdmann Jakob Edwin Lazarus Andreas Alois, Count Henckel of Donnersmarck, who was born on November 7, 1928.
Edwin Laurentine Drake ( March 29, 1819 November 9, 1880 ), also known as Colonel Drake, was an American oil driller, popularly credited with being the first to drill for oil in the United States.
Edwin Harold " Teddy " Flack ( 5 November 1873 10 January 1935 ) was an Australian athlete and tennis player.
Duncan Edwin Sandys, Baron Duncan-Sandys CH PC ( 24 January 1908 26 November 1987 ) was a British politician and minister in successive Conservative governments in the 1950s and 1960s.
* Special guest Edwin Newman ( November 3, 1984 )
The Whalers franchise was born in November 1971 when the World Hockey Association awarded a franchise to New England businessmen Howard Baldwin, John Coburn, W. Godfrey Wood and William Edwin Barnes, to begin play in Boston.
The song was officially adopted as the national anthem of Ceylon on November 22, 1951, by a committee headed by Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne.
George McAfee " Mac " McCune ( June 16, 1908 November 5, 1948 ) was co-developer, with Edwin O. Reischauer, of the McCune-Reischauer romanization of Korean.
Albert Edwin Condon ( November 16, 1905 August 4, 1973 ), better known as Eddie Condon, was a jazz banjoist, guitarist, and bandleader.
On November 3, 1911 Chevrolet cofounded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company with Durant ( by now ousted from General Motors ) and investment partners William Little ( maker of the Little automobile ) and Dr. Edwin R. Campbell ( son-in-law of Durant ).
Edwin Thanhouser ( November 11, 1865 March 21, 1956 ) was an actor, businessman, and film producer, most notable as a founder of the Thanhouser Company, along with his wife Gertrude Thanhouser and brother-in-law Lloyd Lonergan.
* November 3-In a rematch of their 1983 bout, José Luis Ramírez avenges his defeat against Edwin Rosario, knocking him out in four rounds to win the WBC world Lightweight title in San Juan.
Edwin Thomas Booth ( November 13, 1833 June 7, 1893 ) was a famous 19th century American actor who toured throughout America and the major capitals of Europe, performing Shakespearean plays.
Meredith Vieira was born in East Providence, Rhode Island, to Mary Louisa Elsie Rosa Silveira Vieira ( née Costa ) ( October 28, 1904 November 5, 2004 ) and Dr. Edwin Vieira ( May 15, 1904 February 1987 ), both first-generation Portuguese Americans.

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