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Elaine and Harris
Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson in New York City and raised in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, the daughter of Emma ( née Harris ), a nurse and teacher, and Robert James Johnson, Jr., a clergyman.
He was a " devotee " of the works of many performers, including Alan Arkin and Barbara Harris and directors Mike Nichols and Elaine May.
It was directed by Gerald Gutierrez and starred Rosemary Harris as Agnes, George Grizzard as Tobias, John Carter as Harry, Elizabeth Wilson as Edna, Elaine Stritch as Claire, and Mary Beth Hurt as Julia.
* Elaine Harris
Charlie, a widowed cab driver whose wife Viv Slater ( April Martin ) died in 1999, arrives in Walford with his mother-in-law Mo Harris ( Laila Morse ), daughters Lynne ( Elaine Lordan ), Kat ( Jessie Wallace ), Little Mo ( Kacey Ainsworth ), and Zoe ( Michelle Ryan ), plus Lynne's boyfriend, Garry Hobbs ( Ricky Groves ).
Rachael Elaine Harris ( born January 12, 1968 ) is an American actress and comedian.
Kat arrives in Walford on 18 September 2000, along with her family: father Charlie ( Derek Martin ), sisters Lynne ( Elaine Lordan ), Little Mo ( Kacey Ainsworth ) and Zoe ( Michelle Ryan ), and grandmother Mo Harris ( Laila Morse ).
The family consisted of, grandmother Mo Harris ( Laila Morse ), father Charlie ( Derek Martin ), his four children, Lynne ( Elaine Lordan ), Kat ( Wallace ), Little Mo ( Kacey Ainsworth ), Zoe ( Michelle Ryan ), as well as Lynne's boyfriend Garry Hobbs ( Ricky Groves ).
The band originated when Harvard University English student Matt Wilson ( guitar / vocals ) teamed up with Elaine Harris ( drums ), a Harvard grad student in biological anthropology, in the early 1980s.
The family consisted of, grandmother Mo Harris ( Laila Morse ), father Charlie ( Derek Martin ), his five children, Lynne ( Elaine Lordan ), Kat ( Jessie Wallace ), Little Mo ( Kacey Ainsworth ), Zoe ( Ryan ), Belinda ( Leanne Lakey ), who was to be introduced to EastEnders at a later date, as well as Lynne's boyfriend Garry Hobbs ( Ricky Groves ).

Elaine and has
Ophelia has also been defended by feminist critics, most notably Elaine Showalter.
He had a child from his first marriage, Elaine, from whom he has a granddaughter, Marie Laurence, and three great-grandsons, William, Arthur and Nicholas.
The hotel has been a home to actors and film directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Jonas Mekas ( was long-time resident from 1967 to 1974 ), Shirley Clarke, Mitch Hedberg, Dave Hill, Miloš Forman, Lillie Langtry, Ethan Hawke, Dennis Hopper, Vincent Gallo, Patricia Chica, Eddie Izzard, Uma Thurman, Elliott Gould, Elaine Stritch, Michael Imperioli, Jane Fonda, Gaby Hoffmann and her mother, the Warhol film star Viva, and Edie Sedgwick.
Panavision has a rarely-seen model known as the " Elaine ," which appears to be making a comeback.
After Hardy, the most prominent proponent has been Welsh screenwriter Elaine Morgan, who has written several books on the topic.
Elaine Belloc, Yahweh's granddaughter has now taken over Yahweh's position, whether or not she will renew the original Script or not it's yet to be revealed.
When Guybrush returns to LeChuck's ship with the elixir, he learns that LeChuck has returned to Mêlée Island to marry Elaine at the church.
In the Seinfeld episode 172, The Burning, when Elaine Benes has found out that her on-and-off boyfriend David Puddy's car radio's memory is filled with Christian rock stations, George Costanza comments " I like Christian rock.
A sung version with lyrics by Tim Rice has been recorded by Elaine Paige.
This seeming dialectic has been pointed out by several New Testament scholars, notably Gregory J. Riley, April DeConick, and Elaine Pagels.
He borrows armor, arms and colors from a remote noble, the Lord of Astolat, and as a finishing touch, agrees to wear his daughter Elaine ’ s token favor, which he has never done " for any woman ".
Elaine has thus fallen in love with Lancelot.
The knight muses that Elaine loved him more than the Queen, wonders if all the Queen ’ s love has rotted to jealousy, and wishes he was never born.
Elaine Walker of the Miami Herald stated that the headquarters has a " Burger King " sign that drivers on Florida State Road 836 " can't miss.
Ma Hon Keung ( Jackie Chan ), a Hong Kong cop comes to New York to attend the wedding of his Uncle Bill ( Bill Tung ) who introduces his new wife to him down at his supermarket, which he owns and has sold to Elaine ( Anita Mui ).
" Just as Christie attempts to make fun of their clothes ( which Romy and Michele designed and sewed ), classmate Lisa Luder ( Elaine Hendrix ), a former member of the A-Group who has since changed her ways and became an associate fashion editor for Vogue, announces her professional opinion that the outfits are actually very well-done.
" Research by Elaine Breslaw has suggested that she may well have been captured in what is now Venezuela and brought to Barbados, and so may have been an Arawak Indian.
She has often been identified as a feminist, with several of her works addressing the role and image of woman in society, especially in her postgraduate days and alongside her colleague and friend Elaine Shemilt.
Elaine also has a very refined taste in film, citing many movies, plays, and characters throughout the series.
She has a particular affection for the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire, revealed first in " The Fusilli Jerry " the episode where Elaine first begins to see David Puddy and an utter dislike for The English Patient.
Elaine has a sister, Gail, and a nephew who are first mentioned in " The Pick ".
Elaine has a cousin, Holly, who appears in " The Wink ".
In the first season episode " The Stock Tip ", Elaine mentions she has an Uncle Pete.
In the 2009 Curb Your Enthusiasm Seinfeld reunion show, which takes place eleven years after Seinfelds finale, it is revealed that Elaine has a daughter, Isabelle, through a sperm donation from Jerry.

Elaine and been
" The signature campaign had been organized by Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness, a longtime supporter of a traditional all-male and all-heterosexual military.
They began dating in 1986 ( as revealed in " The Truth "; per " The Betrayal ", this would have been shortly after Jerry moved into his apartment and shortly after Elaine herself first moved to New York, suggesting Jerry was her first New York boyfriend ), then dated for three years up until 1990, indicating they began dating in mid-1986 and broke up in mid-1990 ( however this theory on their period of time together before the show started is made a little strange when in the episode " The Deal " Elaine states the two only had sex 37 times together, and in the same episode Jerry states he thought it was 25 times.
Elaine later explained in court that she had been confessing that " I've always loved United Airlines.
" ( In the Special Edition 2011 release, this has been changed to show Elaine saying " What's keeping Guybrush?
In literature, one of its earliest uses to refer to Arthur is in Alfred Tennyson's poem Lancelot and Elaine, where, however, it appears as a title of Arthur rather than as a surname, following contemporary speculation that " pendragon " had been a term for an ancient British war-chief.
He has variously been described as a " short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man " ( by Elaine Benes and Costanza himself ), " Lord of the Idiots " ( by Costanza himself ), and as " the greatest sitcom character of all time ".
Guybrush is not the only one interested in Governor Marley, however: the ghost pirate LeChuck has long been smitten with her ; Elaine, however, does not return his affection.
Years later, White said people in Elaine told him that up to 200 blacks had been killed.
He successfully saw the Elaine 12 case to the Supreme Court of the United States and is credited with having been the author of the brief used before the Court.
In an article about the artist, published in 1950, Elaine de Kooning concluded that however impersonal his paintings might at first appear, not one of them “ could have been painted by any one but Josef Albers himself .” Although their relationship was often tense, and sometimes even combative, Robert Rauschenberg later identified Albers as his most important teacher.
He and his third wife, British dancer and actress Elaine Regina Taylor, have been married since 1968 and live in a 100-year-old converted farm house in Connecticut.
She was also in the Seinfeld episode " The Blood ", in which she played Elaine Benes ' friend Vivian, a woman with health problems who wants Elaine to look after her son if she dies, a case of art imitating life, as her real-life heart condition had already been diagnosed.
In Trust the Man, featuring Julianne Moore, David Duchovny, and Billy Crudup, she played Elaine, who has been dating Tobey, Crudup's character, for seven years and has begun to feel that it is time for her to settle down and start a family.
Elaine Marshall is only the third elected Secretary of State of North Carolina since 1936, as office-holders have commonly been re-elected many times.
A derogatory designation for Kramer has been " hipster doofus ", a moniker assigned to him by a woman in a wheelchair he once dated in the episode " The Handicap Spot ", and occasionally directed at him by Elaine, as in " The Glasses ".

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