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Elberta and students
It drew students from Payson, Santaquin, Goshen, Genola, and the rural communities of Elberta and Mosida.

Elberta and Foley
Point Clear, Robertsdale, Silverhill, Summerdale, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Bay Minette, Foley, Magnolia Springs, Elberta, Belforest, and Malbis.

Elberta and School
Elberta has two schools, which are Elberta Elementary School ( K-3 ) and Elberta Middle School ( 4-8 ).
* St. Benedict Catholic School ( Elberta )

Elberta and with
* was one of the shortest state highways in Michigan, extending from a junction with M-22 in downtown Elberta northwest to the former Ann Arbor Railroad ferry docks.
It all concludes with the crowning of Queen Elberta, Miss Arkansas Valley and Miss Teen Arkansas Valley pageants.
M-168, previously one of the shortest state highways in Michigan, extended from a junction with M-22 in downtown Elberta to the former Ann Arbor Railroad ferry docks in Elberta.
M-168 was one of the shortest state trunkline highways in the US state of Michigan, extending from a junction with M-22 in downtown Elberta to the former Ann Arbor Railroad ferry docks.
The Ann Arbor Railroad was an American railroad that operated between Toledo, Ohio and Elberta and Frankfort, Michigan ( about 294 route miles ) with train ferry operations across Lake Michigan.

Elberta and on
The city is on M-22 just north of Elberta.
It was purchased by Mr. Matthew B. Whitney, a native of New York, on November 7, 1907, and Mr. Whitney renamed it " Elberta " after the peach.
Dawn Elberta Wells ( born October 18, 1938 ) is an American actress known for playing Mary Ann Summers on the TV sitcom Gilligan's Island during its run from 1964 until 1967.

Elberta and Alabama
Elberta is a town in Baldwin County, Alabama, United States.
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* Elberta, Alabama, USA, a town
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Elberta and .
The Betsie River rises in neighboring Grand Traverse County, flowing southwest across the southeast corner of the county into Manistee County, where it bends northwest until just south of Benzonia where it receives the outflow of Crystal Lake and then flows mostly west through Elberta and Frankfort and into Lake Michigan.
The Betsie River State Game Area is located just east of Elberta.
of the Betsie River is a state-designated Natural River from Grass Lake, just west of the Grand Traverse County line, to its inlet into Lake Betsie just east of Elberta.
Elberta is located at 30 ° 24 ' 49. 104 " North, 87 ° 35 ' 57. 667 " West ( 30. 413640 ,-87. 599352 ).
Elberta is a part of the Baldwin County Public Schools system.
Elberta was founded in the early 20th century by a Chicago based land company.
The State Bank of Elberta was incorporated in 1922.
To support the town's volunteer fire department, " The Elberta German Sausage Festival " was started in the mid-1970s.
This event is held the last weekend of March and the last weekend of October and features polka music, Elberta German Sausage, and 250 arts and crafts vendors.
There are no significant population centers in the township ; the nearest towns are Arcadia to the south, Benzonia to the northeast, and Elberta to the northwest.
The township has an irregular shape running along Lake Michigan north of city of Frankfort to Crystal Lake, running southeast through the lake to Benzonia Township, then south to Gilmore Township and west to the edge of the village of Elberta.
Elberta is a village in Benzie County in the U. S. state of Michigan.
Elberta was first settled in 1855 and incorporated as South Frankfort in 1894.

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