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Electronic and Arts
in 1983, and again in 1985, after completing The Seven Cities of Gold at Electronic Arts.
* Electronic Arts, Inc.
The deal would eventually affect publishing deals Id Software had before the acquisition, namely Rage, which was being published through Electronic Arts.
On July 14, 2008, Id Software announced at the 2008 E3 event that they would be publishing Rage through Electronic Arts, and not Id's longtime publisher Activision.
He was asked to resign after the release of Quake II, then moved to Electronic Arts where he gained industry notoriety with the development of his own game American McGee's Alice.
After leaving Electronic Arts, he became an independent entrepreneur and game developer.
* Wolfenstein RPG — Electronic Arts ( 2008 )
Numerous game developers were recruited to produce games for the system, including Jeff Minter's Llamasoft, Electronic Arts, Psygnosis, Ocean, Palace and U. S. Gold, with Konix promising 40 games to be available by Christmas.
Rooster Teeth sells DVDs of their Red vs. Blue series and, under sponsorship from Electronic Arts, helped to promote The Sims 2 by using the game to make a machinima series, The Strangerhood.
Later, Electronic Arts commissioned Rooster Teeth to promote their Madden NFL 07 video game.
The low cost caused a product manager for Electronic Arts to compare machinima to the low-budget independent film The Blair Witch Project, without the need for cameras and actors.
Even though other companies, such as Electronic Arts, have encouraged machinima, they have avoided licensing it.
It is currently a subsidiary of Electronic Arts ( EA ), and serves as one of the four major labels of the company.
Electronic Arts ( EA ) completed its acquisition of Maxis on July 28, 1997.
Electronic Arts ' logo, in contrast, was much smaller relatively, and was only visible on the back of the box.
After the series proved to be a surprise success, Electronic Arts slowly replaced Maxis ' logos with its own logo.
This was first seen with The Sims: Livin ' Large, where Maxis ' logo was resized with a much more prominent Electronic Arts logo placed at the bottom center of the box cover.
All releases from 2001 to 2003 bore the logos of both Electronic Arts and Maxis on the front and back of box covers.
Its development was protracted enough to merit vaporware status, and upon its 2008 release, found itself subject to harsh criticism and the target of a consumer protest against Electronic Arts.
* Electronic Arts
Category: Electronic Arts
* Origin ( content delivery ), an online service from Electronic Arts that provides computer game downloads
* Pinball Construction Set, a computer game by Bill Budge published by Electronic Arts
Quake III Revolution was released for the PlayStation 2 ( ported by Bullfrog Productions and released by Electronic Arts ) in 2001, featuring several elements adopted from Team Arena, along with a more mission-based single-player mode.
In 2010, DotEmu developed an iOS port of R-Type, published by Electronic Arts, released also for Android in September 2011.

Electronic and purchased
* 1998: Electronic postal stamps can be purchased and downloaded for printing from the Web.
Following the announcement of the merger between Square and former competitor Enix in 2003, Square purchased back Electronic Arts ' stake in Square EA, and folded it back into Square Soft, Inc., its North American subsidiary, which was subsequently renamed Square Enix U. S. A., Inc. ( now Square Enix, Inc .) and continues to publish Square Enix's titles in North America.
The Electronic Systems Division was purchased by GEC-Marconi in 1990, renamed GEC-Marconi Electronic Systems ( and later incorporated into BAE Systems ) while the Sewing Machine Division was sold in 1989 to Semi-Tech Microelectronics, a publicly traded Toronto-based company.
In 1999 it purchased Marconi Electronic Systems, the defence electronics and naval shipbuilding subsidiary of the General Electric Company plc, to form BAE Systems.
Also in 1997, Raytheon acquired the aerospace and defense business of Hughes Aircraft Company from Hughes Electronics Corporation — a subsidiary of General Motors, which included a number of product lines previously purchased by Hughes Electronics including the former General Dynamics missile business, the defense portion of Delco Electronics ( Delco Systems Operations ), and Magnavox Electronic Systems.
It grew out of The Millicent Protocol for Inexpensive Electronic Commerce, which was presented at the 1995 World Wide Web Conference in Boston, but became associated with Compaq after that company purchased Digital Equipment Corporation.
Molyneux had become an Electronic Arts vice-president and consultant in 1994, after EA purchased a significant share of Bullfrog.
In December 2004, rival gaming corporation Electronic Arts purchased a 19. 9 % stake in the firm, an action Ubisoft referred to as " hostile " on EA's part.
In 1997, Electronic Arts purchased the license from FIFA to publish official FIFA World Cup video games prior to each tournament and is still the current holder.
When Electronic Arts purchased both the AOL Games Channel and Gamestorm, the game was shut down almost immediately in 2000.
In 1999, Electronic Arts purchased Air Warrior, and became provider of the latest version of the game, only to discontinue it in 2001.
In 1999 it purchased Marconi Electronic Systems, the defence electronics and naval shipbuilding subsidiary of the General Electric Company plc, to form BAE Systems
It is a privately held company, and while it reportedly struggled for a time ( as did most Internet companies in 2000 ), it ultimately launched several successful companies, including LowerMyBills. com, which was purchased by Experian in 2005 for $ 380M, JAMDAT Mobile, which went public and was then purchased by Electronic Arts in 2005 for $ 680 million, and Business. com ( the domain for which Dayton and Winebaum bought for $ 7. 5M during the height of the dot com bubble ), which was purchased by RH Donnelly in 2007 for $ 345 million.
The Atari ST version was developed by Richard J. Plom for Intersect Software Corporation under the name " The Orchestrator ", it was purchased from Intersect Software by Electronic Arts and renamed " Music Construction Set " in 1987.
On December 9, 2005, it was announced that JAMDAT was going to be purchased by Electronic Arts for US $ 680 million.
After Electronic Arts purchased the license, it was expected the game would be as good as World Cup 98, a major hit two years before.
Pandemic Studios and its sister company, Bioware was purchased by Electronic Arts in 2008 for $ 620 Million.
When Electronic Arts purchased DreamWorks Interactive, he moved to their Vancouver office to set up their next-generation games research group.

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