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Eleven and days
Eleven days after Anne Boleyn's death, Henry married Jane Seymour, but she died shortly after the birth of their son, Prince Edward, in 1537.
" Eleven days and a half gone and I have crossed three thousand miles of the perilous deep.
Eleven days later, the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was modified, allotting Germany a larger part of Poland, while ceding most of Lithuania to the Soviet Union.
Eleven days after the Soviet invasion of the polish Kresy, the secret protocol of the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact was modified by the German – Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Demarcation ,) allotting Germany a larger part of Poland and transferring Lithuania's territory ( with the exception of left bank of river Scheschupe, the " Lithuanian Strip ") from the envisioned German sphere to the Soviets.
Eleven days later, the Duke of Norfolk noted that the committee had not agreed on anything and proposed that the Lords examine six doctrinal questions which eventually became the basis of the Six Articles.
Eleven days later, the inventor made another flight of ten seconds.
Eleven days later, on 1 March Napoleon escaped from Elba, starting the war in Europe again, and forcing the British to concentrate on the threat he posed.
Eleven internal drainage board ( IDB ) groups maintain 286 pumping stations and of watercourses, with the combined capacity to pump 16, 500 Olympic-size swimming pools in a 24-hour period or to empty Rutland Water in 3 days.
Eleven days later, on December 22, 2004, the Puerto Rican boxing commission named Cotto as Puerto Rico's fighter of the year for 2004.
The Texas Eleven stayed in New Mexico for 46 days before John Whitmire returned to Texas, creating a quorum.
Eleven days later, Pioda was elected as his successor.
Eleven days later, Albert Einstein was born, who would go on to develop the geometric theory of gravity that Clifford had suggested nine years earlier.
Eleven days later a group of Titokowaru's followers, by now starving and subsisting on foraged food including fungus and grubs, surrendered in a swamp hideout at Ngaere, near modern-day Eltham, while their chief evaded soldiers and settled at Kawau Pa in the Upper Waitara Valley.
William Hogarth ’ s Humours of an Election | An Election Entertainment includes a banner with the protest slogan against the Gregorian calendar: " Give us our Eleven days " ( on floor at lower right )
Radford commanded Carrier Division Eleven around Tarawa for several more days, returning to Pearl Harbor on 4 December.
In other words, they have the option to select 11 ( Eleven ) holidays of their own only after including in the list, three National Holidays and Milad-Un-Nabi or Id-E-Milad, Mahavir Jayanti, Idu ' l Fitr, Dussehra ( Vijaya Dashami ), Guru Nanak's Birthday, Christmas Day included in the list of compulsory holidays and falling on days of weekly off.
Eleven days before the eruption, a boat full of tourists returning from the Terraces saw what appeared to be a war canoe approach their boat, only to disappear in the mist half a mile from them.
Eleven days later he was kidnapped and killed by Fascists.
Eleven days later on 22 March, Atlantis was rolled out to launch pad 39B.
Eleven days after the British commenced their invasion of Zululand in South Africa, a Zulu force of some 20, 000 warriors attacked a portion of the British main column consisting of about 1, 800 British, colonial and native troops and perhaps 400 civilians.
Eleven days later on 10 October that year it was redesignated the 70th Infantry Division, and Major-General Ronald Scobie assumed command.
Eleven days later, insurgents diverted Iraqi police to a false emergency on the outskirts of the city, before simultaneously attacking three police stations, the mayor's office and a civil defence base.
) Eleven days later, on 24 August, he improved the world record to 1: 41. 11 at the Grand Prix meet in Cologne, Germany.
Eleven days after the second fire, demolition began, and the site was cleared for use by the University of Pittsburgh.

Eleven and before
** Eleven fans are killed during a crowd crush for unreserved seats before The Who concert at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Eleven years later the two nations signed a peace treaty on 30 October 1980 to put the border dispute over the Gulf of Fonseca and five sections of land boundary before the International Court of Justice.
Eleven miles east of that, the third remount station was located at Sportsman Hall at Mormon Island, before they went over the mountains headed for St. Joseph, Missouri.
Eleven years before Germany's first attempt at democracy really took its last breath, when the Nazis came to power in 1933, in this poem Tucholsky already pointed a finger at those responsible – the poem describes the " mob " living off the republic, sabotaging it and scrawling swastikas on its doors.
Eleven players have won the Hart in the same season in which they led the league in goals before the Richard Trophy was first awarded.
Eleven companies built 451 miles of track before 1860.
Eleven issues were published before cancellation by the publisher.
Eleven of them were located in the first above the Trent, after which there was a level pound of around before a flight of seven locks at Woolsthorpe, and a much shorter upper pound to Grantham.
For 10 years before and 15 years after the Second World War, the first-class county second elevens frequently won the Minor Counties title, but after 1959, when the counties set up their own Second Eleven competition, fewer contested the Minor Counties games.
He only appeared in three films after this, including The Spanish Gardener ( 1956 ), before his acting career ended when his mother insisted on his passing the Eleven Plus exams.
Eleven years before Clyde Tombaugh, Humason took a set of four photographs in which the image of Pluto appeared.
Eleven years before he died, Kerr wrote that 13, 000 copies had been sold.
Eleven days before, on July 19, World War I began.
Though I was always much given to athletic exercises, even before I went to Harrow ( where I was one of the Eleven in the first Matches against Eton, for four years, 1822 — 1825 ), my constitution was in some respects rather a delicate one.
Eleven days before his death, he made his final appearance, at the end of Billy Wilder's remake of The Front Page ( 1974 ).
During the first few years of its CBS affiliation, KTVT used the " 11 on Eleven " title for its 10 p. m. newscast, used to emphasize that the day's top headlines and the first weather forecast would be aired in the first 11 minutes of the newscast, before the first commercial break.
Eleven patients were found to have abnormal articulation before surgery and nine of these patients were found to have improved articulation after surgery.
It was designated Tropical Depression Eleven, which lasted for one day before dissipating.

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