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Elsewhere and 1988
Elsewhere which ran from 1982 to 1988 on NBC.
Elsewhere ( Dr. Seth Griffin, 1986 – 1988 ), Knots Landing ( Pierce Lawton, 1991 – 1992 ) and a starring role in the UPN series Nowhere Man ( Thomas Veil, 1995 – 1996 ).
Elsewhere ( 19831988 ), and as Vir Cotto in the science fiction television series Babylon 5 ( 1994 – 1998 ).
Elsewhere is an American medical drama television series that originally ran on NBC from October 26, 1982 to May 25, 1988.
Elsewhere from 1982 to 1988, for which he won two Emmy awards.
Elsewhere ( 1988 ), Season 6 episode " Fairytale Theater ", as " The Giant "
* On the publication of his book, “ The World Elsewhere ”, in 1988, by the Readers International in London, BBC Channel Four telecasted a film on his life and works.
Elsewhere ( 1982 – 1988 ) ( executive in charge of production )
Elsewhere from 1982 to 1988.
Elsewhere " in 1988.
Elsewhere ( 1982 – 1988 ) with which she is most identified.
Elsewhere, which ran on NBC from October 26, 1982, to May 25, 1988.

Elsewhere and focused
Elsewhere, plots focused on soul transference or reincarnation, with the episodes " Shadows ", " Born Again " and " Lazarus " sharing similar storylines.
The video featured experimental dance styles focused primarily on four dancers, Midus, Kujo, Rawbzilla, and Elsewhere.

Elsewhere and on
Elsewhere he says that Saguntum is " on the seaward foot of the range of hills connecting Iberia and Celtiberia.
Elsewhere in the village, athletes carried on as normal, seemingly oblivious of the events unfolding nearby.
Elsewhere, the album has made numerous Top 50 debuts, including # 24 on the Australian ARIA Chart and # 22 in Canada.
Elsewhere around us, brothers and neighbors are engaged in homicide with means made available to them by those who lead humanity on our joint road into the third millennium.
( Elsewhere, English speech timing is based predominantly on stress );
Elsewhere, agritourism includes a wide variety of activities, including buying produce direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, picking fruit, feeding animals, or staying at a B & B on a farm.
Elsewhere, retail outlets and subscribers receive their copies on Friday or Saturday, depending on their location.
Elsewhere, scattered commuter houses appeared, generally on fairly large parcels.
Elsewhere they assumed that he could rest only upon a plough or that he had to be on the go all year and was allowed a respite only on Christmas.
Elsewhere however it is suggested that such views are partly based on a misreading of the films, especially his earlier ones, which has impeded an appreciation of the exhilarating humour and irony which pervade his work ; and other viewers have been able to make the connection between the film's form and its human dimension.
Elsewhere in the borough there are stations at Euxton on the Wigan-Preston line, at Adlington and Buckshaw Village on the Manchester-Preston line, and at Croston on the Ormskirk Branch Line.
Elsewhere white, yellow and green discs are used bearing the acorn sign used on such long distance routes.
Elsewhere, in an article entitled " Inverted Totalitarianism " Wolin cites phenomena such as the lack of involvement of citizens in a narrow political framework ( due to the influence of money ), the privatization of social security, and massive increases in military spending and spending on surveillance as examples of the push away from public and towards private-controlled government.
Elsewhere it occurs on warm, moist soils.
Elsewhere in London, a Brixton public house on the corner of Effra Road and Brixton Water Lane was called the George Canning ( it was renamed the Hobgoblin in the late 1990s and the Hootenanny in 2008 ).
Elsewhere they got 2, 210 or 11. 8 % in Clwyd South and 11, 008 or 6. 3 % on the North Wales list.
Faust broke up in 1975 after Virgin had rejected their fifth album ( some of the recordings later appeared on the " Munich and Elsewhere " album ), but reissues of their recordings and various additional material through Chris Cutler's Recommended Records maintained a level of interest.
Elsewhere, Noailles secured the valuable sea port of Rosas in Catalonia on 9 June before withdrawing into Roussillon.
Elsewhere, de Lorge marched and manoeuvred against Baden on the Rhine with undramatic results before the campaign petered out in October ; while in Italy, the continuing problems with French finance and a complete breakdown in the supply chain prevented Catinat's push into Piedmont.
Elsewhere theme nights became a regular fixture, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays.

Elsewhere and playing
Elsewhere, starting in 1982 and playing the role of Dr. Wayne Fiscus, opposite the late Ed Flanders and Norman Lloyd, with whom he remains good friends as of 2012.
Elsewhere, Coach, Party of Five, The Wayans Bros., Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ( Episode: " Sweet Charity ", playing Zelda's older love interest ), USA High, Hang Time, ER and Maybe It's Me.
Songs mentioned include " I Will Survive " and " Bizarre Love Triangle ", which Paul remembers being played at the elementary school assembly ; " It's Always You " ( the Chet Baker version ) which is playing in Noah's attic during their first date ; " Always " which Paul plays when he " goes Elsewhere "; and " If I Had a Hammer " which Tony sings to defuse a fight at the diner.

Elsewhere and her
" Elsewhere in the garden, Alice meets the Red Queen ( now human-sized ), who impresses Alice with her ability to run at breathtaking speeds — a reference to the chess rule that queens are able to move any number of vacant squares at once, in any direction, making them the most " agile " of the pieces.
Elsewhere he has insisted: With regard to the 1930s, he has written that Gina Herrmann, in her 2010 study of Spanish communists ' memoirs, claimed that " of the many myths that Western Communists lived by, perhaps the most abiding is that of Communist anti-Fascism of the 1930s and 1940s — one that was consolidated in Spain's Civil War of 1936 – 1939.
Elsewhere along the British line, the sloop Chubb was badly damaged and drifted into the American line, where her commander surrendered.
Elsewhere, Anastasia ( Meg Ryan ), now under the name " Anya ", leaves the rural orphanage where she grew up, having lost her memory prior to arriving there.
Elsewhere Mel has visited Tilda and Tabby again and soon finds herself under threat when it emerges they are cannibals and plan to eat her.
Elsewhere, Kitty Pryde arrives at Professor Xavier's to be trained to use her power of phasing, passing through solid matter.
Elsewhere in its first season, called " Dog Day Hospital ", in which she played a housewife who became pregnant for the 9th time even though her husband claimed he had a vasectomy.
Elsewhere, Dru, strong as Buffy dreamed, arranges her own gala event, while Spike, using a wheelchair but quite undead as well, directs his gang to collect scattered pieces of the demon Judge to reassemble for her present.
Elsewhere an older Cathy is making a call to her agent: it seems her career isn't going the way she planned it.
" Elsewhere, the narrator remarks, " Dear Emma does not waste her energies upon novels like other young women.
Elsewhere in Green-Wood Cemetery lies the grave Mabel Smith Douglass, founder and first dean of the New Jersey College for Women ( renamed Douglass College in her honor ), the former women ’ s college associated with Rutgers University.
Elsewhere, Blackarachnia used her knowledge of Tarantulas ' methods to halt the self-destruct countdown.
Elsewhere, a mysterious assailant abducts Carol and forces her to write saying she has left for the ship.
Elsewhere in London, Cruella de Vil has returned, but is under probation and restraining order to avoid imprisonment for her past behavior.
Elsewhere because her boyfriend and future husband John Masius was one of the show's creators and producers.
" Elsewhere, it's been reported that her proposed fourth album, provisionally titled Phoenix has gone into production.
Elsewhere for its entire six-year run, and was nominated for four Emmy awards for her work on the series.
Elsewhere, Monet returns home only to discover Val Cooper with bad news, her father has been taken hostage by terrorists and will only return him in exchange for Monet herself.
Elsewhere a stripper named Cheryl ( Paula Trickey ) is attacked in her apartment by serial killer Steven Turkell ( Leo Rossi ) who has strangled at least six other exotic dancers over the course of several months.
Elsewhere, she rails against the music industry (" Money ") and sings of her new laidback lifestyle away from the glare of the media.
Elsewhere in New York the Magdalena is working ' free lance ', fighting off some guys who want to take the spear from her.
Elsewhere, a recovered Phoebus is confronted by Fleur-de-Lys, who tells him that he will still have her heart and love if he will swear to have Esmeralda executed (" La Monture ").

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