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Encouraged and by
) Encouraged by her giggles he imitated Maggie who was crazy about ham.
Encouraged by this promise ( whatever it was worth ) the States-General agreed to release the Danish contingent of seven battalions and 22 squadrons as a reinforcement.
Encouraged by these early gains Louis XIV urged Marshal Villeroi to go over to the offensive in the Spanish Netherlands and, with victory, gain a ' fair ' peace.
Encouraged by Klein, Hilbert in a second article extended his method, providing estimations on the maximum degree of the minimum set of generators, and he sent it once more to the Annalen.
A contemporary report of this noted defence says, " Encouraged by the Prince of Hesse, the garrison did more than could humanly be expected, and the English Marines gained an immortal glory ".
Encouraged and subsidised by the Board of Trustees so it could compete with German products, merchant entrepreneurs became dominant in all stages of linen manufacturing and built up the market share of Scottish linens, especially in the American colonial market.
Encouraged by fellow Conservative Derek Stone, he started giving speeches on a soap-box in Brixton market.
Encouraged by his wife and Zimmerman, Cagney accepted an offer from Miloš Forman to star in a small but pivotal role in the 1981 film Ragtime.
Encouraged by Tagliabue, Jacksonville interests revisited the issue, and the city agreed to fund $ 121 million in renovations for the Gator Bowl including sky boxes and club seats.
Encouraged by the contacts established with the Dutch and Belgian governments in exile, Luxembourg pursued a policy of presence in international organizations.
Encouraged by the discovery of Lindow Man, a gazetteer was compiled and revealed a far higher number of bog bodies: over 85 in England and Wales and over 36 in Scotland.
Encouraged by Cicero, the Senate denounced Antony and in January 43 they granted Octavian imperium ( commanding power ), which made his command of troops legal and sent him to relieve the siege, along with Aulus Hirtius and Gaius Vibius Pansa Caetronianus, the consuls for 43 BC.
Encouraged by Kim Jong Il's call to strengthen the implementation of the independent accounting system (, tongnip ch ' aesanje ) of enterprises in March 1984, interest in enterprise management and the independent accounting system has increased, as evidenced by increasing coverage of the topic in various North Korean journals.
Encouraged by success, Adam Opel launched a new product in 1886: He began to sell high-wheel bicycles, also known as penny-farthings.
Encouraged by their first experimental engine, which produced 16 W of shaft power from a bore and stroke of, various development models were produced in a program which continued throughout World War II.
Encouraged by Henry the Navigator and always in search of the Passage to India, and not forgetting gold and slaves, Portuguese explorers explored the African coast and ventured still farther south.
Encouraged by the show's host and by an unprimed studio audience, the vast majority followed instructions even as the " victim " screamed.
Encouraged by the exiled Carthaginian general Hannibal, and making an alliance with the disgruntled Aetolian League, Antiochus launched an invasion across the Hellespont.

Encouraged and signed
Encouraged by his aristocratic friend Yuri Nemyrych, Vyhovsky entered negotiations with the Polish government, which resulted in the Treaty of Hadiach, signed on September 16, 1658.
Encouraged by her ex-husband, Wells broke her Motown contract and signed with 20th Century Fox in hopes of higher royalties and possible movie roles.

Encouraged and rabbis
Encouraged by these prominent men, the minister of education, on 13 November 1830, offered a motion to place Judaism upon an equal footing with Catholicism and Protestantism as regards support for the synagogues and for the rabbis from the public treasury.

Encouraged and support
Encouraged by the support of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury and the 1st Earl Cairns, he gave up his early ambition to lead a missionary's life in China, and began what was to prove his life ’ s work.
Encouraged by Egypt's President Gamal Abdul Nasser ( r. 1954 – 71 ), their role was to gain foreign support for the rebellion and to acquire arms, supplies, and funds for the wilaya commanders.
Encouraged by the breakdown of authority in Addis Ababa after the 1974 overthrow of Haile Selassie, Somalia provided equipment, as well as moral and organizational support to insurgent movements in the Ogaden and southern Ethiopia.
Encouraged by her support Bika took advantage of the internal rivalries of the Jat clans to carve out his own territory in the " Jangladesh " region of Rajasthan and by 1485 build a small fort called Rati Ghati at the site of the city which today bears his name.
Encouraged by this evidence of his ability to support himself by his art, Caldecott decided to quit his job and move to London ; this he did in 1872 at the age of 26.
Encouraged by the Christian success, Ivan Shishman immediately invalidated his vassalage to Murad I and refused to send troops in his support in 1388.
Encouraged by the success of this first event, plans began for a bigger fair in 1874, with the society proposing a tax levy to support the event, but voters rejected the idea.

Encouraged and issued
Encouraged by his nephews Pepin II and Charles, King of Provence, Louis invaded in 858 ; Charles the Bald could not even raise an army to resist the invasion and fled to Burgundy ; in that year, Louis issued a charter dated " the first year of the reign in West Francia.

Encouraged and those
Encouraged by such men, by the known dispositions of King Charles VI and of the University of Paris, four members of the Sacred College of Avignon went to Leghorn where they arranged an interview with those of Rome, and where they were soon joined by others.
Encouraged industries generally receive favourable tax treatment whilst those in the Permitted category are treated on a quite neutral basis.

Encouraged and who
* April 24 – Encouraged by Charles d ' Albert, the seventeen-year-old Louis XIII, king of France, forces his mother Marie de Medici, who has held de facto power, into retirement and has her favourite, Concino Concini, assassinated.
Encouraged to study music by his father, he was sponsored as a young composer by Sir Peter Beckford, a wealthy Englishman who took him to England to advance his studies.
Encouraged by the Pan-Africanists, Hutu advocates in the Catholic Church, and by Christian Belgians ( who were increasingly influential in the Congo ), Hutu resentment of the Tutsi increased.
Encouraged by the reaction to the sketch, featuring Beatles ' music pastiches by Neil Innes, the film was written by Idle, who co-directed it with Gary Weis.
Encouraged by the building of Mobile and Biloxi, the first to do so was Pierre Gabriel Marest, a Jesuit priest who in late 1700 established a mission on the west bank of the Mississippi at the mouth of the River Des Peres.
Encouraged by a publisher who was also an artist, Gibson was joined in Life ’ s early days by such well-known illustrators as Palmer Cox ( creator of the Brownie ), A.
Encouraged to try a new, faster route across Utah and Nevada, they opted to take the Hastings Cutoff proposed by Lansford Hastings, who had never taken the journey with wagons.
Encouraged by U Po Kyin, who has an alternate agenda to ruin Flory ’ s reputation within the Club, she approaches Flory in front of the Europeans and creates a dramatic scene so everyone knows of his intimacy with her.
Encouraged by the Empress Eugenie, who saw herself as the champion of the beleaguered Catholic Church in Mexico, Napoleon III took advantage of the situation.
Encouraged by his family, Sid took his act on the road, starring in circuses such as Ringling Brothers at age 15, carnivals and burlesque shows, and he was soon joined by his father, who worked as Sid's apprentice.
Encouraged by her mental recreation of Michael Vaughn, she is able to resist the hypnosis and provide false information to her kidnappers ( who, unbeknownst to Sydney, include Irina ).
Encouraged by Tish ( who had split from Larry earlier in the film ), he asks Maria to " dance with him ", angering Tom but convincing Maria to break free from her unhappy marriage.
Encouraged by his friendship with the choral conductor John Alldis, who was strongly committed to new music, Goehr composed his Two Choruses in 1962, which used for the first time the combination of modality and serialism which was to remain his main technical resource for the next 14 years.
Encouraged by Adalbert of Mainz, who loathed the supporters of the late Emperor Henry V, Lothar besieged Nuremberg in 1127.
Encouraged by Edmund Wilson, who published Jarrell's criticism in The New Republic, Jarrell quickly became a fiercely humorous critic of fellow poets, but in the post-war period, his criticism began to change, showing a more positive emphasis.
Encouraged by the Emperor Henry IV, the followers of the late Antipope Clement III, who had elected Theodoric, gathered in the Basilica of SS.
Encouraged by a nosy store owner and her sons, she goes to the Elizando mansion to talk to Bernando's widow, Gabriela Elizando ( played by veteran actress Kristina Lilley ), who humiliates her by calling her a slut and a gold digger in front of everybody.
Encouraged by his mother, who sells her family heirloom jewels to purchase horses, guns, and mastiff dogs for him, Lestat takes up hunting, and soon becomes the family breadwinner.
Encouraged by his father who had trialled at Preston North End and Dundee United, Johnston took up football at Lake Macquarie and in the Newcastle district in New South Wales.
Encouraged to form a band, they contacted bassist-singer Mark Andes ( a former member of the bands Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, who had temporarily retired to the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado ), and Washington D. C. singer-songwriter-guitarist Larry Burnett and coaxed them into joining their band, which they christened Firefall in 1974.
Encouraged by Lord Plumer, the British High Commissioner, Breasted approached American philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who agreed to donate two million dollars toward the project.
Encouraged by him, she goes to Japan to work at an exclusive club for rich businessmen, who like to meet with young blonde women.
Encouraged by his former headmaster, who had prompted his interest in writing, Fingleton quickly eased into his new career.

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