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England and retained
This allowed England to take an unbeatable 2 – 1 lead in the series and so they retained The Ashes.
' There was a knight of Saint Omer's, retained in wages with the king of England, called sir Denis Morbeke, who had served the Englishmen five year before, because in his youth he had forfeited the realm of France for a murder that he did at Saint-Omer's.
One branch of the ritualistic movement argued that both ' Romanisers ' ( by imitating the Church of Rome ) and their Evangelical opponents ( by imitating Reformed churches ) transgressed the Ornaments Rubric of 1559, ' that such Ornaments of the Church, and of the Ministers thereof, at all Times of their Ministration, shall be retained, and be in use, as were in this Church of England, by the Authority of Parliament, in the Second Year of the Reign of King Edward the Sixth '.
As in England, while many prayers were retained the structure of the Communion service was altered: a Prayer of Oblation was added to the Eucharistic prayer after the ' words of institution ', thus reflecting the rejection of Cranmer's theology in liturgical developments across the Anglican Communion.
Essentially, every country that was colonised at some time by England, Great Britain, or the United Kingdom uses common law except those that were formerly colonised by other nations, such as Quebec ( which follows the law of France in part ), South Africa and Sri Lanka ( which follow Roman Dutch law ), where the prior civil law system was retained to respect the civil rights of the local colonists.
A remnant of these earlier cardinals is retained by the Church of England, where the title of " cardinal " is still held by the two senior members of the College of Minor Canons of St Paul's Cathedral.
Though the Church of England was retained, episcopacy was suppressed and the Act of Uniformity was repealed in 1650.
For the World Cup in 1986 England had a third kit of pale blue, imitating that worn in Mexico sixteen years before and England retained pale blue third kits until 1992, but they were rarely used.
England retained much of the old Catholic practice, including a formal liturgy and order of service, whereas the Scots embraced more of a free-form Calvinism.
It reorganized the English court system to establish the High Court and the Court of Appeal and also originally provided for the abolition of the judicial functions of the House of Lords with respect to England but, under the act, it would have retained those functions in relation to Scotland and Ireland for the time being.
* Old Sarum, England – population moved to nearby Salisbury although the owners of the archaeological site retained the right to elect a Member of Parliament to represent Old Sarum until the nineteenth century ( see William Pitt ).
While Mary's grandparents, Ferdinand and Isabella, had retained sovereignty of their own realms during their marriage, there was no precedent to follow in England.
After the English Restoration of 1660 and the 1662 Uniformity Act, almost all Puritan clergy left the Church of England, some becoming nonconformist ministers, and the nature of the movement in England changed radically, though it retained its character for much longer in New England.
Grammar schools have been retained in some counties in England.
The ministers retained their membership in the Church of England.
He also retained control of much of the lands of Harold and his family, which made the king the largest secular landowner in England by a big margin.
The northern part ( ex-Bernicia ) at first retained its status as a kingdom but when it become subordinate to the Danish kingdom it had its powers curtailed to that of an earldom, and retained that status when England was reunited by the Wessex-led reconquest of the Danelaw.
The grant he received in 1254 included most of Ireland, and much land in Wales and England, including the earldom of Chester, but the king retained much control over the land in question, particularly in Ireland, so Edward's power was limited there as well, and the king derived most of the income from those lands.
This was controversial, as the Church of England still retained much of the Puritan ethic in its services.
After the Reformation, the Church of England retained the existing diocesan structure which remains throughout the Anglican Communion.

England and Ashes
The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia since 1882.
England is the current holder after winning the Ashes in 2009 and again in the 2010 / 11 series in Australia.
The first Test match between England and Australia was played in 1877, though the Ashes legend started later, after the ninth Test, played in 1882.
As it took many years for the name " The Ashes " to be given to the ongoing series between England and Australia, there was no concept of there being a representation of the ashes being presented to the winners.
At the end of the Third Test, England were generally considered to have " won back the Ashes " 2 – 1.
England lost only four Ashes Tests in the 1880s out of 23 played, and they won all the seven series contested.
In 1896 England under the captaincy of W G Grace won the series 2 – 1, and this marked the end of England's longest period of Ashes dominance.
England won it against the odds, and Plum Warner, the England captain, wrote up his version of the tour in his book How We Recovered The Ashes.
The title of this book revived the Ashes legend and it was after this that England v Australia series were customarily referred to as " The Ashes ".
Although England decisively won the Ashes 4 – 1, Bodyline caused such a furore in Australia that diplomats had to intervene to prevent serious harm to Anglo-Australian relations, and the MCC eventually changed the Laws of cricket to curtail the number of leg side fielders.
The Ashes resumed after the war when England toured in 1946 – 47, and as in 1920 – 21, found that Australia had made the best post-war recovery.
The 1972 series finished 2 – 2, with England under Illingworth retaining the Ashes.
Despite suffering heavy defeats against the West Indies during the 1980s, England continued to do well in the Ashes.
Only a single England victory had come in a match in which the Ashes were still at stake, namely the First Test of the 1997 series.
The First Test at Lord's was convincingly won by Australia, but in the remaining four matches the teams were evenly matched and England fought back to win the Second Test by 2 runs, the smallest victory by a runs margin in Ashes history, and the second-closest such victory in all Tests.
A draw in the final Test gave England victory in an Ashes series for the first time in 18 years and their first Ashes victory at home since 1985.
With several England players having retired or been injured after the 2005 series, Australia regained The Ashes in the 2006 – 07 series with a convincing 5 – 0 victory, the second time an Ashes series has been won by that margin.
England then achieved their first Ashes win at Lord's since 1934 to go 1 – 0 up.
Finally, England won the Fifth Test at The Oval by a margin of 197 runs to regain the Ashes.

England and when
The Jews had been banished from England in 1290 and were not permitted to return before 1655, when Shakespeare had been dead for thirty-nine years.
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Chaplin, 71, who met K. when the Soviet boss visited England in 1956, confided that he hopes to visit Russia some time this summer because `` I have marveled at your grandiose experiment and I believe in your future ''.
In this connection, it has been observed that the increasing number of Irish Catholics, priests and laity, in England, while certainly seen as good for Catholicism, is nevertheless a source of embarrassment for some of the more nationalistic English Catholics, especially when these Irishmen offer to remind their Christian brethren of this good.
This reviewer read the book when it was first brought out in England with a sense of discovery and excitement.
It remained part of the Church of England until 1978 when the Anglican Church of Bermuda separated.
The time when cases had drawn him from one end of England to the other was past.
" Poirot and Hastings are reunited in Curtain: Poirot's Last Case, having been earlier reunited in The ABC Murders and Dumb Witness when Hastings arrives in England for business.
The 1894 – 95 series began in sensational fashion when England won the First Test at Sydney by just 10 runs having followed on.
In the First Test ( the first played at Edgbaston ), after scoring 376 England bowled out Australia for 36 ( Wilfred Rhodes 7 / 17 ) and reduced them to 46 – 2 when they followed on.
He batted unconvincingly and reached 28 when he hit a ball to Jack Ikin ; England believed it was a catch, but Bradman stood his ground, believing it to be a bump ball.
The tide finally turned in 1953 when England won the final Test at The Oval to take the series 1 – 0, having narrowly evaded defeat in the preceding Test at Headingley.
Later in 1051, when he was sent to intercept Harold Godwinson and his brothers as they fled England after their father's outlawing, Ealdred " could not, or would not " capture the brothers.
It is not known exactly when Edward the Exile's family returned to England, whether they returned with Edward in 1057, or sometime later, so it is only a possibility that they returned with Ealdred in 1058.
For whatever reason, Ealdred gave up the see of Worcester in 1062, when papal legates arrived in England to hold a council and make sure that Ealdred relinquished Worcester.
Manuscript production in England dropped off precipitously around the 860s when the Viking invasions began in earnest, not to be revived until the end of the century.
Some distinctive accents can be found on the East Coast ( for example, in eastern New England and New York City ) partly because these areas were in close contact with England and imitated prestigious varieties of British English at a time when these were undergoing changes.
As many of the New Englanders were originally from England game hunting was often a pastime from back home that paid off when they immigrated to the New World.
AZ were undefeated in all 32 of their home matches in European competitions, a sequence which ran from 1977 until 20 December 2007, when they finally lost to Everton of England by a score of 3 – 2.
The four dioceses of Wales were formerly also under the Province of Canterbury until 1920 when they were transferred from the established Church of England to the disestablished Church in Wales.
Its institutions included a post-graduate theological college ( opened in connection with the Church of England in 1892, until 1907, when it was removed to Llandaff ).
According to this view, the poem says that there may, or may not, have been a divine visit, when there was briefly heaven in England.

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