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England and won
With that act of Parliament the opponents of the stage won the day, and for more than two decades after that England had no legitimate public drama.
One example of this ( from the Queen's Bench in England ) is Doyle v Olby ( Ironmongers ) Ltd 2 QB 158, the claimant appealed ( successfully ) on the basis that, although he won in the court below, the lower court had applied the wrong measure of damages and he had not been fully recompensated.
The three-match series resulted in a two-one win to England, notwithstanding a fourth match, won by the Australians, whose status remains a matter of ardent dispute.
England won two out of the three matches played against Murdoch's Australian Eleven, and after the third match some Melbourne ladies put some ashes into a small urn and gave them to me as captain of the English Eleven .”
Australia won the First Test by nine wickets, but in the next two England were victorious.
At the end of the Third Test, England were generally considered to have " won back the Ashes " 2 – 1.
England lost only four Ashes Tests in the 1880s out of 23 played, and they won all the seven series contested.
The 1894 – 95 series began in sensational fashion when England won the First Test at Sydney by just 10 runs having followed on.
England went on to win the series 3 – 2 after it had been all square before the Final Test, which England won by 6 wickets.
In 1896 England under the captaincy of W G Grace won the series 2 – 1, and this marked the end of England's longest period of Ashes dominance.
England won the last Test at The Oval by one wicket.
Then England won in 1911 – 12 by four matches to one.
England retained the Ashes when they won the 1912 Triangular Tournament, which also featured South Africa.
England won only one Test out of 15 from the end of the war until 1925.
Sutcliffe went on to make 161 and England won the game comfortably.
Although England decisively won the Ashes 4 – 1, Bodyline caused such a furore in Australia that diplomats had to intervene to prevent serious harm to Anglo-Australian relations, and the MCC eventually changed the Laws of cricket to curtail the number of leg side fielders.
The tide finally turned in 1953 when England won the final Test at The Oval to take the series 1 – 0, having narrowly evaded defeat in the preceding Test at Headingley.
Of the 20 Tests played during the four series, Australia won four and England three.
Australia went 2 – 0 up after three Tests, but England won the Fourth Test by 3 runs ( after a 70-run last wicket stand ) to set up the final decider, which was drawn.
England won 3 – 1.
Then Chris Broad scored three hundreds in successive Tests and bowling successes from Graham Dilley and Gladstone Small meant England won the series 2 – 1.
The First Test at Lord's was convincingly won by Australia, but in the remaining four matches the teams were evenly matched and England fought back to win the Second Test by 2 runs, the smallest victory by a runs margin in Ashes history, and the second-closest such victory in all Tests.

England and against
To this end, the first and longest section of the tract cites all the laws enacted since the Revolution to defend England against the `` Arbitrary Power of a Popish Prince ''.
Bad relations between England and Flanders brought hard times to the shepherds scattered over the dales and downs as well as to the crowded Flemish cities, and while the English, so far, had done no more than grumble, Othon had seen what the discontent might lead to, for before he left the Low Countries the citizens of Ghent had risen in protest against the expense of supporting Edward and his troops, and the regular soldiers had found it unexpectedly difficult to put down the nasty little riot that ensued.
The plants along Route 128 are mostly well designed and nicely set against the New England rocks and trees.
When Peate returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his captain for not allowing his partner, Charles Studd ( one of the best batsman in England, having already hit two centuries that season against the colonists ) to get the runs.
With Greig having joined WSC, England appointed Mike Brearley as their captain and he enjoyed great success against Australia.
Despite suffering heavy defeats against the West Indies during the 1980s, England continued to do well in the Ashes.
In the same year Alexander joined the English barons in their struggle against John of England, and led an army into the Kingdom of England in support of their cause.
Alfred successfully defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by his death had become the dominant ruler in England.
John Tyndall first described antagonistic activities by fungi against bacteria in England in 1875.
He won the battle of Taillebourg in the Saintonge War with his brother Louis IX, against a revolt allied with king Henry III of England.
* 1305 – William Wallace, who led the Scottish resistance against England, is captured by the English near Glasgow and transported to London where he is put on trial and executed.
* 1600 – The Gowrie Conspiracy against King James VI of Scotland ( later to become King James I of England ) takes place.
Saxon raids on the southern and eastern shores of England had been sufficiently alarming by the late 3rd century for the Romans to build the Saxon Shore forts, and subsequently to establish the role of the Count of the Saxon Shore to command the defence against these incursions.
He does not, however, exercise any direct authority in the provinces outside England, except in certain minor roles dictated by Canon in those provinces ( for example, he is the judge in the event of an ecclesiastical prosecution against the Archbishop of Wales ).
Although a Conservative, Disraeli was sympathetic to some of the demands of the Chartists and argued for an alliance between the landed aristocracy and the working class against the increasing power of the merchants and new industrialists in the middle class, helping to found the Young England group in 1842 to promote the view that the landed interests should use their power to protect the poor from exploitation by middle-class businessmen.
The one-off test in 1999 between England and Australia that was played to commemorate Australia's first test against Reverend Matthew Mullineux's British side saw England wear an updated version of this jersey.
They played 19 games of Australian rules football, against prominent clubs in Victoria and South Australia, winning six and drawing one of these ( see Australian rules football in England ).
The Lions ' 2005 tour to New Zealand, coached by 2003 England world cup winning coach Clive Woodward, won all seven games against provincial teams however suffered heavy defeats in all three tests and were narrowly defeated by the New Zealand Maori team.
For the Grand Alliance – Austria, England, and the Dutch Republic – the battle had followed an indecisive campaign against the Bourbon armies of King Louis XIV of France in 1705.
It was only with the return of the English team and the subsequent use of Bodyline against English players in England by the touring West Indian cricket team in 1933 that demonstrated to the country the dangers it posed.

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