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English and cultural
Mr. Sansom actually writes his with a nice ear for a gracefully composed sentence, with an intense relish in all the metaphorical resources of English, with a thick shower of sophisticated, cultural references.
A new identity and culture was born that incorporated elements of the various ethnic groups and of European cultural heritage, resulting in fusions such as the Black church and Black English.
There are close cultural ties between modern day Canada and the United States, advanced in large part because both nations predominately speak English.
He also mentions, but only in passing, the use of the English language and consumption of news and popular music and film as cultural dominance that he supports.
The Canadian Great Lakes region has similarities to that of the Upper Midwest & Great Lakes region and / or Yooper dialect ( in particular Michigan which has extensive cultural and economic ties with Ontario ), while the phonological system of western Canadian English is virtually identical to that of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and the phonetics are similar.
* English in the British Isles until its consolidation as a national language in the Renaissance and the rise of Modern English ; subsequently internationally under the various states in or formerly in the British Empire ; globally since the victories of the predominantly English speaking countries ( United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others ) and their allies in the two world wars ending in 1918 ( World War I ) and 1945 ( WW II ) and the subsequent rise of the United States as a superpower and major cultural influence.
Although Scotland increasingly adopted the English language and wider cultural norms, its literature developed a distinct national identity and began to enjoy an international reputation.
International English reaches towards cultural neutrality.
Any regional variety of English has a set of political, social and cultural connotations attached to it, even the so-called ' standard ' forms.
According to this viewpoint, International English is a concept of English that minimises the aspects defined by either the colonial imperialism of Victorian Britain or the so-called " cultural imperialism " of the 20th century United States.
This formal International English allows entry into Western culture as a whole and Western cultural values in general.
The continued growth of the English language itself is seen by many as a kind of cultural imperialism, whether it is English in one form or English in two slightly different forms.
Contrasting with many other cultural practices, for philosophy the distinction is rather questionable, but a similar case is presented by language: when speaking in English about the English language one might assume a split between English-as-object and English-as-metalanguage.
" " he cultural, economic, political and legal supremacy of the husband " was " raditional ... under English law ".
Due to historical and cultural factors, Canadian English and American English retain numerous distinctions from each other, with the differences being most noticeable in the two languages ' written forms.
Although many English speakers from outside North America regard such terms as distinct Americanisms, they are often just as ubiquitous in Canada, mainly due to the effects of heavy cross-border trade and cultural penetration by the American mass media.
On the other hand, use of Newfoundland English is used to establish common political identity with other Newfoundlanders in a fashion unavailable to non-Newfoundlanders who have yet to be accepted into the local cultural community.

English and influence
A major influence on the sound of the British music scene in the 1960s, Korner was instrumental in bringing together various English blues musicians.
Just as important was the influence of the 19th century English designer William Morris, who had argued that art should meet the needs of society and that there should be no distinction between form and function.
This group of languages ( Welsh, Cornish, Cumbric ) cohabited alongside English into the modern period, but due to their remoteness from the Germanic languages, influence on English was notably limited.
However, the degree of influence remains debated, and it has recently been argued that its grammatical influence accounts for the substantial innovations noted between English and the other West Germanic languages.
This Norman influence entered English largely through the courts and government.
He is especially interesting in relation to English Reformation literature for his residence in England, and the probable influence of more than one of his writings upon Milton.
It was this edition which was to be the official Book of Common Prayer, during the growth of the British Empire, and, as a result, has been a great influence on the prayer books of Anglican churches worldwide, liturgies of other denominations in English, and of the English language as a whole.
Indian Law is largely based on English common law because of the long period of British colonial influence during the period of the British Raj.
Nicaragua's legal system also is a mixture of the English Common Law and the Civil Law through the influence of British administration of the Eastern half of the country from the mid-17th century until about 1905, the William Walker period from about 1855 through 1857, USA interventions / occupations during the period from 1909 to 1933, the influence of USA institutions during the Somoza family administrations ( 1933 through 1979 ) and the considerable importation between 1979 and the present of USA culture and institutions.
English influence is particularly pronounced.
Another result of the English influence on Chinese is the appearance in Modern Chinese texts of so-called 字母词 zìmǔcí ( lit.
CAMRA has established influence at national government level, including English Heritage, and has been designated by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry as a " super-complainant " to the Office of Fair Trading.
The languages of Aboriginal peoples in Canada started to influence European languages used in Canada even before widespread settlement took place, and the French of Lower Canada provided vocabulary to the English of Upper Canada.
Second language varieties of English in Africa and Asia have often undergone " indigenisation "; that is, each English-speaking community has developed ( or is in the process of developing ) its own standards of usage, often under the influence of local languages.
Several dialects of West African English exist, with a lot of regional variation and some influence from indigenous language.
Southeast Asian English comprises Singapore English and Malaysian English ; it features some influence from Malay, Chinese languages and dialects, and Indian English.
Although he said English Canada had a negligible conservative influence, subsequent writers claimed that loyalists opposed to the American Revolution brought a Tory ideology into Canada.

English and reinforced
In Ramillies the Allied infantry, now reinforced by the English troops brought down from the north, at last broke through.
Under English law, successive versions of Table A have reinforced the norm that, unless the directors are acting contrary to the law or the provisions of the Articles, the powers of conducting the management and affairs of the company are vested in them.
Such a concept was reinforced in The English Constitution ( 1876 ) by Walter Bagehot, who emphasised the " dignified " and " efficient " aspects of government.
However, he was reinforced by fresh troops crossing the English Channel.
Exercising his first command, Gaunt dared not attack such a superior force and the two armies faced each other across a marsh for several weeks until the English were reinforced by the Earl of Warwick, at which the French withdrew without offering battle.
The brake disc ( or rotor in American English ) is usually made of cast iron, but may in some cases be made of composites such as reinforced carbon – carbon or ceramic matrix composites.
Vere, who had been able to rally some English companies behind a battery, joined the fight, and he was reinforced by the regiments in the third line that had finally arrived.
: Bostock Regiment ( English, raised from the deserting garrison of Deventer and reinforced by English Catholic refugees )
With the aid of the Spanish, Mercœur defeated Henry IV's forces under the Duke of Montpensier, at Craon in 1592, but the royal troops, reinforced by English contingents, soon recovered the advantage.
In June 1371 Robert agreed to a defensive treaty with the French, and although there were no outright hostilities during 1372, the English garrisons were reinforced and placed under an increased state of vigilance.
This informal use was reinforced by the Dutch Tourist Board ( VVV ) who previously referred to the Netherlands as Holland in its English language literature and on their main website, Holland. com ; they have now changed this.
The New York Times editorialized that " Webster's has, it is apparent, surrendered to the permissive school that has been busily extending its beachhead in English instruction in the schools ... reinforced the notion that good English is whatever is popular " and " can only accelerate the deterioration " of the English language.
This fact is reinforced by the example of some cymbals from English independent cymbal maker, Matt Nolan, which are unusual in being truly hand hammered but made from Malleable Bronze.
To encourage the development of the American colonies as raw-material producers and consumers of English manufactured goods, the Cavalier parliament confirmed and reinforced the Navigation Act passed by the prior parliament in 1660, with the new Staple Act in 1663, requiring foreigners trading with the American colonies to transship their goods through English ports.
Young himself reinforced his reputation as a pioneer of romanticism by precept as well as by example ; in 1759, at the age of 76, he published a piece of critical prose under the title of Conjectures on Original Composition which put forward the vital doctrine of the superiority of " genius ," of innate originality being more valuable than classic indoctrination or imitation, and suggested that modern writers might dare to rival or even surpass the " ancients " of Greece and Rome … The Conjectures was a declaration of independence against the tyranny of classicism and was at once acclaimed as such becoming a milestone in the history of English, and European, literary criticism.
In English, the association between the Goldcrest and Eurasian Wren may have been reinforced by the kinglet's old name of " Gold-crested Wren ".
In English, the association between the Firecrest and Eurasian Wren was reinforced by the kinglet's old name of " Fire-crested Wren ".
Upon landing, the force was reinforced by 170 locals and about 100 Americans, including the well-known explorer and journalist Charles Wilkins Webber and the English adventurer Charles Frederick Henningsen, a veteran of the First Carlist War, the Hungarian Revolution, and the war in Circassia.
The O ' Deas were reinforced by the O ' Connors who were followed by the O ' Briens, O ' Hehir and MacNamaras and the English were soon defeated.
Argall arrived back at the Colony in the summer of 1610, when Royal Governor Thomas West reinforced the defences of the English against the sometimes hostile Native Americans in Virginia.

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