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Epic and Records
Sony bought CBS Records Group, which consisted of Columbia Records, Epic Records and other CBS labels in 1988 and Columbia Pictures Entertainment ( Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures and others ) in 1989.
The show featured eight a cappella groups from the United States and Puerto Rico vying for the prize of $ 100, 000 and a recording contract with Epic Records / Sony Music.
Discs, Epic, Charisma, CBS, Line Records, United Artists and Riddle Records.
Harvest Records and Epic / Legacy released ELO's back catalogue from 2001 – 07.
They released their self-titled debut album in 1995 on Y Records, followed in 1998 by " Anthem " on Immortal / Epic and later " These Days " on Good-Ink.
He played in a band called Carp, which released one album on Epic Records in 1969.
Category: Epic Records artists
The band signed to Epic Records in 1971.
The band's debut album, REO Speedwagon, was released on Epic Records in 1971.
In 1977, REO convinced Epic Records that their strength was in their live performances.
Category: Epic Records artists
Virgin Records was the most likely choice but Epic Records made a last minute offer and secured the Stranglers ' services.
" Man of the Earth ", which the band had high hopes for, was due to be the third single from the album, however Epic Records decided against it when The Stranglers failed to secure a tour in America.
Category: Epic Records artists
Not long after Amos was ensconced with her new label, she received unsettling news when Polly Anthony resigned as president of Epic Records in 2003.
During her tenure with Epic Records, Amos also released a retrospective collection titled Tales of a Librarian ( 2003 ) through her former label, Atlantic Records ; a two-disc DVD set Fade to Red ( 2006 ) containing most of Amos's solo music videos, released through the Warner Bros. reissue imprint Rhino ; a five disc box set titled A Piano: The Collection ( 2006 ), celebrating Amos's 15 year solo career through remastered album tracks, remixes, alternate mixes, demos, and a string of unreleased songs from album recording sessions, also released through Rhino ; and numerous official bootlegs from two world tours, The Original Bootlegs ( 2005 ) and Legs & Boots ( 2007 ) through Epic Records.

Epic and however
A review article by Andrew R. George says that its builder may have " reigned in the fourteenth, twelfth, eleventh or ninth century " but argues that The reference to a ziqqurrat at Babylon in the Creation Epic ( Enûma Eliš · VI 63: George 1992: 301-2 ) is more solid evidence, however, for a Middle Assyrian piece of this poem survives to prove the long-held theory that it existed already in the second millennium BC.
Some very early Greek sources in the Epic Cycle affirmed that Artemis rescued Iphigenia from the human sacrifice her father was about to perform, for instance in the lost epic Cypria, which survives in a summary by Proclus: " Artemis, however, snatched her away and transported her to the Tauroi, making her immortal, and put a stag in place of the girl upon the altar.
" Love in a Vacuum " was re-recorded for the Epic debut album, 1985's Voices Carry ; however, the breakthrough song turned out to be the title track.
The game engine for Doom 3, id Tech 4, has been licensed out for the use of other developers, such as in Human Head Studios ' Prey, Raven Software's Quake 4, Splash Damage's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Raven Software's Wolfenstein and Splash Damage's Brink ; however id Tech 4 has not been widely licensed compared to Epic Games ' Unreal Engine.
Upon initial release the album failed to chart, however when re-released in 2000 by Epic / Immortal records it managed to peak at number 116 on the Billboard 200.
Epic however rejected the completed album, and California moved to Molokai, Hawaii.
A longer Epic Cycle, as described by the 9th-century CE scholar and clergyman Photius in his Bibliotheca, also included the Titanomachy and the Theban Cycle, which in turn comprised the Oedipodea, the Thebaid, the Epigoni and the Alcmeonis ; however, it is certain that none of the cyclic epics ( other than Homer ) survived to Photius ' day, and it is likely that Proclus and Photius were not referring to a canonical collection.
For the latest installment, however, Epic completed all design work in-house.
Despite the band's rising popularity, however, Revis would be dropped from Epic Records and forced to acquire new management after their first album.
His third album for Epic, " A Mi Shabba ", was released in 1995, however it fared less well.
Two albums and several singles were not successful however, and with Epic ready to pull the plug, Vinton found his first hit single literally sitting in a reject pile.
Datacube TRANSMISSION SOURCE: Epic Megagames game and was renamed to TRANSMISSION SOURCE: XSIV Games with Pretzel Pete game ad ( however, other references to Epic Megagames titles remain ).
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Chaldean myth, the character Utnapishtim releases a dove and a raven to find land, however, the dove merely circles and returns.
By 1979, however, Epic was looking to consolidate some of its low-end producing labels and, for a short time, Portrait and Epic had both names on the same label.
The final UK number one carrying the old four digit code was the appropriately titled ' The Final Countdown ' by Europe in December, 1986 ( Epic EPC A 7127 ), however the number one which preceded it, ' Take my breath away ' by Berlin, had a higher code: CBS A 7320.
Several more popular titles published by Safari continued to be sold via the rebranded Safari Software on the Epic Games website, however in 2001, due to limited demand, Epic stopped selling them directly.
The 9th-century AD scholar and clergyman Photius, in his Bibliotheca, considered the Theban Cycle part of the Epic Cycle ; however, modern scholars normally do not.

Epic and refused
Epic Records refused to release the album in the US and Pye Records only put the album out on its subsidiary label Dawn Records in the UK.

Epic and issue
In 1991, Epic Comics published a four-issue comic book adaptation of seven of the stories: " Ill Met in Lankhmar " ( issue 1 ), " The Circle Curse " and " The Howling Tower " ( issue 2 ), " The Price of Pain Ease " and " Bazaar of the Bizarre " ( issue 3 ), and " Lean Times in Lankhmar " and " When the Sea King's Away " ( issue 4 ).
Over the years it has been published by Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics ( one special issue ), Marvel Comics ( under its Epic imprint ), Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics.
The Marvel / Epic Comics editions had a long-running gag in the letter column, in which fans would ask Mark Evanier to define " mulch " and he would oblige with the same dictionary definition in every issue.
It was next spoken in issue # 23 Marvel / Epic by Drumm.
His official credit, during the Marvel / Epic run, was usually a ludicrously polysyllabic title that changed every issue.
In the August, 2010 issue of GQ Magazine, under the heading " Epic Tales of Embarrassment ", comedian / writer / producer Mel Brooks related the following story to writer Steve Heisler:
The final issue of Marville, issue # 7, did not actually contain a story ; instead, it contained the submissions guidelines to Marvel's new Epic Comics imprint.
In the November 1996 issue ( p. 55 ), it states " Due to the chronic lack of new epic games in North America, and a relatively robust line up of action and sports games that need to be covered, Epic Center will not be in the December issue of Nintendo Power.
That year also saw the character return to Epic Comics for a two issue series pitting the Marshal against Clive Barker's Pinhead character.
Cover of issue 4 of the original Epic Comic series.
Two issue series, Epic Comics 1993.
Much like other podcasts on the 1UP network, the program could include discussion of various message board topics, an analysis of new games being reviewed, a mailbag section, a deeper look into the most recent issue of the magazine, or interviews with special guests such as Marcus Henderson and Ted Lange from Harmonix and Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games.
* Interface # 1 -# 6 ( with James D. Hudnall, Epic, December 1989-October 1990, tpb collects the 6 issue mini-series as Espers / Interface, Image Comics, 1998 ISBN 1-58240-050-4 )
* Jihad # 1 -# 2 ( with D. G. Chichester, 48 pages per issue, Epic, December 1991 )
* " Engine Epic Part 8-Mitsubishi Engines ", Michael Knowling, Autospeed, issue 48, 21 September 1999
Epic Illustrated also included an occasional Marvel Comics protagonist, such as the first issue's Silver Surfer story by Stan Lee and John Buscema, and Vanth Dreadstar, who first appears in issue # 3. Each issue usually featured a main story, a number of regular serials, and anthological shorts.
* " Engine Epic Part 8-Mitsubishi Engines ", Michael Knowling, Autospeed, issue 48, 21 September 1999
* " Engine Epic Part 8-Mitsubishi Engines ", Michael Knowling, Autospeed, issue 48, 21 September 1999

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