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Error and terms
; Lack-of-fit error: Error that occurs when the analysis omits one or more important terms or factors from the process model.
Error terms are not correlated.

Error and are
* Motion Blur, Key Frames and the Fencepost Error Frames are not points in time.
** Error theory, another form of moral anti-realism, holds that although ethical claims do express propositions, all such propositions are false.
Error rates are usually very low — 1 error in every 10 – 100 million bases — due to the " proofreading " ability of DNA polymerases.
Error rates are usually very low — 1 error in every 10 million – 100 million bases — due to the " proofreading " ability of DNA polymerases.
Error rates are typically proportional to the ratio of operating time to decoherence time, hence any operation must be completed much more quickly than the decoherence time.
: All provider created errors are passed to a collection of Error objects, while the Errors collection itself is contained in a Connection object.
When an ADO operation creates an error, the collection is cleared and a new group of Error objects are created in the collection.
Error detection and correction techniques are used to check the frame for corruption after its delivery and, if necessary, the frame will be resent.
There are numerous ECC schemes, but perhaps the most common is Single Error Correct, Double Error Detect ( SECDED ) which uses an extra byte per 64-bit word.
This confusion is unfortunately propagated by many statistics textbooks .< ref > Raymond Hubbard, M. J. Bayarri, P Values are not Error Probabilities.
Error correction techniques are essential for satellite communications, because, due to satellite's limited power a signal to noise ratio at the receiver is usually rather poor.
So unlike the previous case of x and 2x we don't get a proof of Legendre's conjecture even for all large n. Error estimates on the PNT are not ( indeed, cannot be ) sufficient to prove the existence of even one prime in this interval.
Error estimates for non-linear functions are biased on account of using a truncated series expansion.
They are later seen in episode " Human Error, Part 2 ", with a young Daniel next to Spike and Carly holding their second child, stood outside as the soundwave toys take over the city.
When " Deep Analysis " and " Adaptive Error Compensation " options are selected, the quality of the resulting DVD is improved.
The website is currently accessible, but the discussion forums, donation solicitation page, and " HQ " sections are either non-functional or have been entirely removed ( HTTP Error 404 ).
There are clear references to Scritti Politti's " sugar coated pop " sound on Max Tundra's " Parallax Error Beheads You ".
There are two important forms of moral nihilism: Error theory and Expressivism p. 292.
Error theorists combine the cognitivist thesis that moral language consists of truth-apt statements with the nihilist thesis that there are no moral facts.
In a 2012 book, A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald, filmmaker and writer Errol Morris argued that many of McGinniss's claims about MacDonald are untrue and irresponsible.
Severity values are divided between success ( Success, Informational ) and failure ( Warning, Error, Fatal ).
The version of the Hades missile designed to hit solid underground targets also had a final guidance system which used a GPS-based digital system, resulting in a Circular Error Probable of only 5 m. " Regular " versions are likely to have had a CEP of less than 100 metres.
Error correction codes are often used to increase reliability: even if one or more cells is damaged so it is unreadable, the message can still be read.

Error and assumed
Error is assumed to be normally distributed in most models.

Error and be
Error detecting codes can be optimised to detect burst errors, or random errors.
Error correction is vital for practical quantum computing, and for some time this was thought to be a fatal limitation.
" Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands outs clear from Error ".
: When an OLE DB provider error occurs during the use of ADO, an Error object will be created in the Errors collection.
The T1 Extended Superframe ( ESF ) Format ( a 24 bit code composed of 6 framing bits, 6 CRC Error Checking Bits and 12 Signaling Bits ) was introduced with the D5 Channel Bank, a true 24-channel channel bank chassis, which could also be software optioned to use the Superframe framing format.
If the CPU does not service the UART quickly enough and the buffer becomes full, an Overrun Error will occur, and incoming characters will be lost.
* Uncorrectable Block Count, number of blocks that can't be corrected with an Error Correction algorithm
Following the release of the EP, Error was reported to be looking for a full time vocalist for touring and a full-length debut ; however, the future of the project has been a topic for discussion on many internet message boards.
* Error hiding: Catching an error message before it can be shown to the user and either showing nothing or showing a meaningless message
Error and atheism will be overcome with her assistance and divine grace.
Error correction is done using Reed-Solomon encoding and further protection can be used if Trellis encoding is used at both ends.
MsgBox " This macro must be run from a text document ", 64, " Error "
Error correction to address this drift can be provided via ground link telemetry, GPS, radar, optical celestial navigation and other navigation aids.
Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors: Error messages should be expressed in plain language ( no codes ), precisely indicate the problem, and constructively suggest a solution.
Damasio developed the concept in his ( 1999 ) book, The Feeling of What Happens, out of his earlier formulation in Descartes ' Error ( 1994 ) of the importance of what he called ' background feeling ... the feeling of life itself, the sense of being ' - something without which, he considered, ' the very core of your representation of self would be broken '.
Since the output data from one service may be fed into another, a failure in one service may propagate into another service as a fault so a chain can be formed of the form: Fault leading to Error leading to Failure leading to Error, etc.
Using these classes, the Minimum String Distance Error Rate and the Key Strokes per Character statistics can both be calculated.

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