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Essentially and every
Essentially every major organization on earth uses such databases.
Essentially every rainbow trout's native water is northern California.
Essentially every panel was changed on the facelifted car, with the intent to smooth the styling.
Essentially every character in the game is interactive and will respond differently when Twinsen speaks to them.
Essentially organic architecture is also the literal design of every element of a building: From the windows, to the floors, to the individual chairs intended to fill the space.

Essentially and country
Essentially the only major issue on which he clashed with the Nazis was their demand for Bulgaria ’ s government to deport the country ’ s Jews to extermination camps, which Bozhilov refused to do.

Essentially and was
"( Charlemagne's ) army was enlisted to help the Muslim governors of Barcelona and Zaragoza against the Umayyad ( emir ) in Cordoba ..." Essentially Charlemagne was being hired as a mercenary, even though he likely had other plans of acquiring the area for his own empire.
Essentially the Damascus-headquartered DFLP under Hawatmeh was able to retain its external branches, whereas the majority of the organization within Palestine, mainly on the West Bank, was taken over by FIDA.
Essentially, a 35 ns pixel mode was added plus the ability to run arbitrary horizontal and vertical scan rates.
Essentially, he believed the value of pleasure to be its intensity multiplied by its duration-so it was not just the number of pleasures, but their intensity and how long they lasted that must be taken into account.
Essentially, water supplied by aqueducts was used to prospect for ore veins by stripping away soil to reveal the bedrock.
Essentially the argument was " all religious images not of our faith are idols ; all images of our faith are icons to be venerated.
Essentially, it was an acceptance of the principle of Pakistan-but not in so many words.
Essentially, it was a toy submarine bought from F. W.
Essentially, the process was one where each subsequent card was " bootstrapped " into memory by the previous punched card.
Essentially at the heart of the crisis lay the fact that the Transvaal was a landlocked economic hub that resented its dependence on its neighbours, as well as the costs it was incurring through rail and harbour customs.
Essentially any type of grain can be used to make whiskey, and the practice of aging whiskey ( and even charring the barrels ) for better flavor had also been known in Europe for centuries, so the use of the local American corn for the mash and oak for the barrels was simply a logical combination of the materials at hand for the European settlers in America.
Essentially it was the culmination of a long-running tussle for power between the government and private entrepreneurs, a fight over the future and the nature of the colony.
Essentially, an optical printer is a projector aiming into a camera lens, and it was developed to make copies of films for distribution.
Essentially she writes in French and subsequently self-translates into English but Plainsong ( 1993 ) was written first in English and then self-translated to French as Cantique des plaines ( 1993 )-it was, however, the French version which first found a publisher.
Essentially, the theory posits that pressure is due not to static repulsion between molecules, as was Isaac Newton's conjecture, but due to collisions between molecules moving at different velocities through Brownian motion.
Essentially, the diode tells the computer whether or not the player hit something, and for < var > n </ var > objects, the sequence of the drawing of the targets tell the computer which target the player hit after 1 + ceil ( log < sub > 2 </ sub >(< var > n </ var >)) refreshes ( one refresh to determine if any target at all was hit and ceil ( log < sub > 2 </ sub >(< var > n </ var >)) to do a binary search for the object that was hit ).
Essentially a M1891 / 30 with a shortened barrel and shortened stock ( the M38 is in overall length versus 48 inches overall length for the Model 91 / 30 ), this carbine did not accept a bayonet ; was in fact designed so the standard Model 91 / 30 bayonet would not fit it.

Essentially and at
Essentially these birefringence studies show that at low rates of shear a tension is present at 45-degrees to the direction of shear, and as the rate of shear increases, the direction of the maximum tension moves asymptotically toward the direction of shear.
Essentially by definition, only one dictator could serve at a time, and no dictator could ever be held legally responsible for any action during his time in office for any reason.
Essentially, the CRESU technique provides a " wall-less flow tube ," which allows the kinetics of gas phase reactions to be investigated at much lower temperatures than otherwise possible.
Essentially, the perfective aspect looks at an event as a complete action, while the imperfective aspect views an event as the process of unfolding or a repeated or habitual event ( thus corresponding to the progressive / continuous aspect for events of short-term duration and to habitual aspect for longer terms ).
Essentially, even though the entire incident wave is reflected back into the originating medium, there is some penetration into the second medium at the boundary.
Essentially, the zodiac is a celestial coordinate system, or more specifically an ecliptic coordinate system, which takes the ecliptic as the origin of latitude, and the position of the sun at vernal equinox as the origin of longitude.
Essentially, this places the events of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends — or at the very least, the episodes " Videoman " and " The Education of a Superhero " — in an alternate-Earth continuity of the Marvel Comics Multiverse.
Essentially restricted to the Himalayas, it differs little from the giant honey bee in appearance, but has extensive behavioral adaptations which enable it to nest in the open at high altitudes despite low ambient temperatures.
Essentially, Reformed doctrine believes that the same God whose power justified the Christian believer is also at work in the continued sanctification of that believer.
Essentially, they are looking for signs that the Yukawa interaction is kicking in at a certain length.
Essentially all variations at least allow addition ("+"), subtraction ("−"), multiplication ("×"), division ("÷"), and parentheses, as well as concatenation ( e. g., " 44 " is allowed ).
Essentially, CSCW goes beyond building technology itself and looks at how people work within groups and organizations and the impacts of technology on those processes.
Essentially, each chip stores state information for 2 threads at any given time and appears to be two processors to the OS.
Essentially all loudspeakers produce more distortion than electronics, and 1 – 5 % distortion is not unheard of at moderately loud listening levels.
Essentially, the Frankfurt National Assembly was dissolved at this point.
Essentially all the water that is diverted ( and pumped ) into the off-stream Glade Reservoir would be released back to the river at a later time.
Essentially, an all-rounder is better at bowling than batting or vice-versa.
Essentially a confidence trick, a fraudster uses a company at their disposal to gain confidence with a bank, by appearing as a genuine, profitable customer.
Essentially, no major revision can be brought to agree with another, and up to 19 genera were at one time recognized for the 24 lapwings species.

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