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Estate and agents
Estate agents are generous in defining the wealthy areas, such as the New Town.
Estate agents now call the super-rich area to the south Notting Hill when referring to Notting Hill Gate and Holland Park.
The case led to public outcry and demonstrations of hundreds of people, and caused the Association for Civil Rights in Israel to call on the Registrar of Real Estate to revoke the licence of real estate agents who practice such discrimination.
The Pulteney Estate was managed by a series of agents including:
The influence of the Mostyn Estate and its agents over the years was to become paramount in the development of Llandudno and especially after the appointment of George Felton as surveyor and architect in 1857.
The problem is that most software packages for agents do not allow them to cross share data between other company agencies ( separate brokerages ), so MLS in the UK is in its infancy and a cross data platform now exists via INEA ( The Independent Network of Estate Agents ) who are working with 2 / 3 of the main software providers meaning that at last one agent can select other agents to send and receive MLS shared listings.
Estate agent is the term used in the United Kingdom to describe a person or organization whose business is to market real estate on behalf of clients, but there are significant differences between the actions and liabilities of brokers and estate agents in each country.
Because of the particularities and the nature of international transactions between real estate agents of different countries, the Real Estate Code of Ethics of each country are excellent to regulate the ethics of each member in its own jurisdiction, but in the case of complex international real estate transactions were sometimes ethical conflicts arise, there is a need to have a group of principles more adjusted to international transactions were two or more real estate agents of different countries participate in real estate brokerage businesses.
Some association members of Central American Real Estate Associations who are practicing agents and are involved in real life transactions on a daily basis have expressed their concern in the sense that at the moment of ethical conflicts with foreign colleagues, they have not had at hand any practical instrument that can serve to resolve ethical conflicts ( even though agreements that make reference to code of ethics do exist ).
In the United Kingdom, residential estate agents are regulated by the Estate Agents Act 1979 and the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, as well as, the more recently enacted Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007.
For residential property, there is a trade association for estate agents, the National Association of Estate Agents ( NAEA ).
Estate agents who handle lettings of commercial property normally charge between 7 – 10 % of the first year's rent as fees, in addition to taking the first month's rent in its entirety.
Estate agents selling commercial property ( known as investment agents ) typical charge 1 % of the sale price.
Estate agents selling residential property generally charge between 2 % and 3 % of the sale price plus VAT ( Value Added Tax ) Additional marketing charges are also applied for advertising, in media such as newspapers and websites.
Estate agents can use the software to prepare property particulars which are used to advertise the property either online or in print.
Estate agents are known for their unique way of putting a positive spin on their description of properties.
* Who's Who in American Real Estate, a resource tool of professional real estate agents in America since 1983.
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Estate agents took to describing it as ' Chorlton Borders ', and the City Council made a short-lived attempt to rename it as East Chorlton.
Category: Estate agents ( people )

Estate and are
The UK headquarters of HK are based within the Easter Park Industrial Estate Nottingham.
" Estate pipes " are previously owned pipes that are sold to new owners.
Estate and gift taxes are imposed by the federal and some state governments on property passed by inheritance or donation.
Estate names are still used to write addresses ; estates and quarters are used in describing real estate, especially on St. John and St. Croix.
From 2013 until 2020, the Civil List and Grants-in-Aid are to be replaced with a single Sovereign Grant, which will be set at 15 % of the revenues generated by the Crown Estate.
Like the Crown Estate, the land and assets of the Duchy of Lancaster, a property portfolio valued at £ 383 million in 2011, are held in trust.
Many individuals choosing a specialized field of study, such as real estate or accounting, are well-suited for their respective industries through pursuing a Master of Real Estate Development or Master of Science in Accounting degree, for example.
Within the city, many are based at the Rotherwas Industrial Estate.
The archives for the Fifth Estate are held at the Labadie Collection in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
11, No. 1 declared " The issue you are now holding is the last issue of the Fifth Estate-the last issue of a failing capitalist enterprise … This is also the first issue of a new Fifth Estate.
Several wooden towers from the 17th-century fort are now exhibited in Kolomenskoye Estate of Moscow.
Amongst the most famous wine districts are the Hunter Valley and Barossa Valley and among the best known wine producers are Penfolds, Rosemount Estate, Wynns Coonawarra Estate and Lindeman's.
Guests staying at the cottage are given the right to use the Osborne Estate private beach.
There are also purpose-built apartment blocks dating from the inter-war period as well as more recent developments, and a large council estate, the 650-flat Hallfield Estate, designed by Sir Denys Lasdun and now largely sold off.
As well as Holwood House ( Grade II listed and now called Holwood Mansion ) and the old lodges, there are still some physical remains of the Keston Lodge Estate.
The two areas of aristocratic landholdings can be distinguished: red-brick Queen Anne Revival buildings are mostly to be found on the Cadogan Estates, whereas white stucco-fronted houses are mostly found on the Grosvenor Estate, built by Thomas Cubitt.
Some of the many high-rise blocks which are part of the large Alton Estate.
The late Richard Milward MA, a renowned local historian, researched the background of horses in Wimbledon over the years and found that the first recorded stables belonged to the Lord of the Manor, and are detailed in the Estate ’ s accounts of 1236-37.

Estate and mainly
The Estate mainly comprises substantial houses, was built in the grounds of the old Bedford Hill House and was the work of local Victorian builder, Alfred Heaver.
Inner Dublin flat complexes include Sheriff Street ( demolished ), Fatima Mansions ( demolished and redeveloped ), St. Joseph's Gardens ( demolished ; replaced by Killarney Court flat complex ), St. Teresa's Gardens, Dolphin House, Liberty House, St. Michael's Estate and O ' Devaney Gardens and a lot more mainly throughout the North and South Inner City of Dublin.
The first estate programme began with the building of the council-owned Cyprus Estate which has since been complemented by other private housing schemes such as Fairfields and Ollands built mainly in the 1970s and a large estate on the south side of the town in the 1990s.
The Mill Lane Industrial EstateAlthough Glenfield is mainly residential there are a few businesses located in the area, notably the Widdowson Group link and others located on the Mill Lane Industrial Estate.
Clevedon has a certain amount of light industry, mainly in industrial estates including Hither Green Trading Estate near the M5 motorway junction, and it is also a dormitory town for Bristol.
Clevedon has some light industry, mainly in industrial estates including Hither Green Trading Estate near the M5 motorway junction, and it is also a dormitory town for Bristol.
It consists mainly of barn conversions and farm houses and connects onto the back of the Buckingham Industrial Estate.
The town has a range of businesses, mainly located on the Callywhite Lane Industrial Estate at the eastern end of the town off the main Sheffield to Chesterfield road.
This includes mainly Victorian and Edwardian terraces to the east and centre, with more recent developments, primarily the Alexandra Park Estate, built in the 1970s to the west of Princess Road.
* When selling or letting its property the Crown Estate should always seek to achieve the best consideration ( i. e. price ) which can reasonably be obtained in all the circumstances, but discounting any monopoly value ( mainly from ownership of the foreshore and seabed ).
The demonstrators, led by Amaria Cahila of the Third Estate in France, had earlier stormed the Hôtel des Invalides to gather arms ( 29, 000 to 32, 000 muskets, but without powder or shot ), and were mainly seeking to acquire the large quantities of arms and ammunition stored at the Bastille.
The ward consists mainly of post 1950's housing and includes Portsmouth City Council's Wecock Estate.
The Roadmaster Estate was a badge engineered Chevrolet Caprice Estate ( also sold as the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser ) the three variants differing mainly in grille design and trim.
Westbury Leigh School is a primary school serving mainly the Leigh Park Estate.
The Barnehurst Estate was built in 1926 and other building, mainly by W. H.
The Bradford designation centres on Lane Head House, built for the steward of Esholt Hall Estate c1710-1720, with its associated cottages, and outbuildings and other mainly late eighteenth century development completing the designation.
The area consists mainly of the Woodberry Down Estate, but there are also two small shopping areas, a school and a pub.
From his Red Deer Studios Estate in Munich, Germany, he has continued producing hit records and soundtracks mainly for the German market.
Prior to the 1850s Bilbrook was a small farming village composed mainly of the Estate of Bilbrook Manor, with its constituent farm workers cottages.
Wah Fu mainly consists of the public housing estates, Wah Fu Estate and Wah Kwai Estate.
The village is located mainly on the old A48 road, with the exception of the Council Estate built on a nearby hill.
The present village was built to provide homes for workers on the Exbury Estate and still does provide homes for a few workers but is now mainly private housing.

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