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Estate and agents
Estate agents are generous in defining the wealthy areas, such as the New Town.
Estate agents now call the super-rich area to the south Notting Hill when referring to Notting Hill Gate and Holland Park.
The case led to public outcry and demonstrations of hundreds of people, and caused the Association for Civil Rights in Israel to call on the Registrar of Real Estate to revoke the licence of real estate agents who practice such discrimination.
The Pulteney Estate was managed by a series of agents including:
The influence of the Mostyn Estate and its agents over the years was to become paramount in the development of Llandudno and especially after the appointment of George Felton as surveyor and architect in 1857.
The problem is that most software packages for agents do not allow them to cross share data between other company agencies ( separate brokerages ), so MLS in the UK is in its infancy and a cross data platform now exists via INEA ( The Independent Network of Estate Agents ) who are working with 2 / 3 of the main software providers meaning that at last one agent can select other agents to send and receive MLS shared listings.
Estate agent is the term used in the United Kingdom to describe a person or organization whose business is to market real estate on behalf of clients, but there are significant differences between the actions and liabilities of brokers and estate agents in each country.
Because of the particularities and the nature of international transactions between real estate agents of different countries, the Real Estate Code of Ethics of each country are excellent to regulate the ethics of each member in its own jurisdiction, but in the case of complex international real estate transactions were sometimes ethical conflicts arise, there is a need to have a group of principles more adjusted to international transactions were two or more real estate agents of different countries participate in real estate brokerage businesses.
Some association members of Central American Real Estate Associations who are practicing agents and are involved in real life transactions on a daily basis have expressed their concern in the sense that at the moment of ethical conflicts with foreign colleagues, they have not had at hand any practical instrument that can serve to resolve ethical conflicts ( even though agreements that make reference to code of ethics do exist ).
Estate agents are mainly engaged in the marketing of property available for sale and a solicitor or licensed conveyancer is used to prepare the legal documents.
In the United Kingdom, residential estate agents are regulated by the Estate Agents Act 1979 and the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, as well as, the more recently enacted Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007.
For residential property, there is a trade association for estate agents, the National Association of Estate Agents ( NAEA ).
Estate agents who handle lettings of commercial property normally charge between 7 – 10 % of the first year's rent as fees, in addition to taking the first month's rent in its entirety.
Estate agents selling commercial property ( known as investment agents ) typical charge 1 % of the sale price.
Estate agents can use the software to prepare property particulars which are used to advertise the property either online or in print.
Estate agents are known for their unique way of putting a positive spin on their description of properties.
* Who's Who in American Real Estate, a resource tool of professional real estate agents in America since 1983.
Category: Estate agents ( people )
Estate agents took to describing it as ' Chorlton Borders ', and the City Council made a short-lived attempt to rename it as East Chorlton.
Category: Estate agents ( people )

Estate and selling
* Baron Hirst ( 1863 – 1943 ; lived at Foxhill Whiteknights Estate, founder with Gustav Byng a company selling electrical appliances which was transformed into GEC, Hirst was MD of GEC in 1900 and Chairman in 1910 )
* When selling or letting its property the Crown Estate should always seek to achieve the best consideration ( i. e. price ) which can reasonably be obtained in all the circumstances, but discounting any monopoly value ( mainly from ownership of the foreshore and seabed ).
A walled garden, built as the kitchen gardens for the Dashwood Estate, it has been selling plants since 1775.
In this form ( though the 1200 saloon was sold alongside it until the end of 1970 ) the Herald Saloon lasted until December 1970 and the Convertible and Estate until May 1971, by which time, severely outdated in style if not performance, it had already outlived the introduction of the Triumph 1300 Saloon, the car designed to replace it and was still selling reasonably well but, because of its labour-intensive method of construction, selling at a loss.
CDI improperly purchased the recordings for commercial exploitation and refused to stop selling them after being notified by both Neva and the Estate of Alexander Scourby.
There's also a small ' shopping centre ' on Dovecotes Estate named ' The Haymarket ', with a Premier Store named Pendeford Superstore ( previously Spar ), a Chinese take-away, fish & chip shop ( Pendeford Fish Bar ) and a chicken shop selling to the public ( Dovecote's Poultry ), there was once a newsagent, bookmaker, bakery and more but these have long closed.

Estate and residential
* Ada Estate, luxury residential suburb of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Glasnevin remained relatively undeveloped until the opening up of the Carroll Estate in 1914, which saw the creation of the redbrick residential roads running down towards Drumcondra.
One of several areas of art deco houses in SelsdonOne side of the residential area of Selsdon is bordered by Selsdon Wood, and the whole area used to be part of Selsdon Park Estate, once well known as hunting and shooting grounds in the area.
In 1957, the firm of Levitt and Sons acquired the nearby Belair Estate, the original colonial plantation of the Provincial Governor of Maryland, Samuel Ogle, and developed the residential community of Belair at Bowie.
Freehold Real Estate Co. built the first major residential development in March 1913 along Washington Road that at the time was conveniently close to streetcar service.
Christie's International Real Estate have been involved with some of the world's most high profile residential property transactions including a New York Penthouse on Central Park West for a reported $ 88, 000, 000 as well as being linked with the sale of the Bulgari residences in London's exclusive area of Knightsbridge.
The Norreys Estate was built in the 1960s ; however, Norreys Avenue is the oldest residential road in that area, having been built in the late 1940s as emergency housing following the Second World War.
The Barbican Estate is a residential estate built during the 1960s and the 1970s in the City of London, in an area once devastated by World War II bombings and today densely populated by financial institutions.
Many fishermen were relocated from their boats parked in the typhoon shelter to the Ching Tao House, a new residential block on land, of Chueng Ching Estate.
On the island, new residential projects, Tivoli Garden, Grand Horizon, Mount Haven, Villa Esplanada, Tierra Verde, and Cheung Wang Estate were completed.
The Mill Lane Industrial EstateAlthough Glenfield is mainly residential there are a few businesses located in the area, notably the Widdowson Group link and others located on the Mill Lane Industrial Estate.
The residential part of Parkville South, commenced in 1861 is a Conservation Area under the Register of the National Estate and contains almost all of the suburb's housing.
The Park Estate is a private residential area to the west of the centre of Nottingham, England, that was built in what was once the deer park of Nottingham Castle.
Today, the Park Estate is one of the most remarkable residential estates in the whole of the United Kingdom, and although many of the huge Victorian Gothic mansions have been converted into flats, it retains much of its original character, including the original gas lighting network believed to be one of the largest in Europe ( after Berlin ).
The southern half is predominantly residential, and has a major employment source at the Northbank Industrial Estate.
Surrounded by residential complexes – both government owned and private, including Golf Links, Lodhi Estate, Shahjahan Road, Pandara Road, Rabindra Nagar and Sujan Singh Park.
The Clifton route will go to south of the city to the densely populated residential areas, including the Meadows, Wilford / Ruddington Lane area and the Clifton Estate, to a new park and ride site serving the A453.
It comprises four main residential estates — Lei Tung Estate, Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Ap Lei Chau Estate and South Horizons, each of which comprises several highrise towers.
A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act ( RESPA ) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property.
Her property is now the Bickleigh Vale Estate in the eastern part of Mooroolbark, which is a private residential area but in the past has been open for public display as part of Australia's Open Garden Scheme.

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