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Ethan and said
Exline also belonged to an amateur softball league but the Coens changed it to bowling in the movie because " it's a very social sport where you can sit around and drink and smoke while engaging in inane conversation ," Ethan said in an interview.
Crawford said one of the main reasons she signed with Warner Bros. was because she wanted to play the character " Mattie " in a proposed 1944 film version of Edith Wharton's novel Ethan Frome ( 1911 ).
" Ethan said, " The whole circle motif was built into the design of the movie, and that just made it seem more appropriate.
Cage said that " Joel and Ethan have a very strong vision and I've learned how difficult it is to accept another artist's vision.
It is said to have been discovered, in 1857, by Ethan Allen Grosh and Hosea Ballou Grosh, sons of a Pennsylvania clergyman, trained mineralogists and veterans of the California gold fields.
" According to Ethan Brown from The New York Post said the song is " warm, even radiant, and by the end, as the waves of sound nearly overtake Minogue, the effect is something liketo borrow a phrase from Aphex Twin — an “ analog bubble bath .”"
Bassist Ethan Mentzer later said, " There was a point where it felt like we were in an airplane and the engines just died ...
" Film Journal Internationals Ethan Alter said, " Dhoom 2 has all of the benefits of a big-budget Bollywood production: big-name stars, exotic locales, well-produced musical numbers and elaborate ( by Bollywood standards, anyway ) action sequences.

Ethan and We
* In John Steinbeck's novel The Winter of Our Discontent, the protagonist Ethan Hawley describes a mandrake root in his family's collection of curios collected on whaling voyages, "[...] We even had a mandrake root-a perfect little man, sprouted from the death-ejected sperm of a hanged man [...]".

Ethan and wanted
Ethan Alter of The Morning Call described Hawking's cameo as one of the series ' ten best, and wrote that Hawking's best line in the episode was " I wanted to see your Utopia, but now I see it is more of a Fruitopia.
Malcolm warns Ethan that he is wanted for the deaths of the two officers who were shot with Ethan's gun.
She did however, have a softer side and wanted to tell Sam several times that he was the father of Crane heir Ethan but changed her mind due to advice from friend and confidant Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald.
The GUARDIANS themselves are under attack, and Ethan Waber is now wanted for an attempted assassination.
Years later, Ethan told them he wanted to leave the farm and go to the city.

Ethan and something
Despite Ethan Phillips getting the part, Picardo was asked by the producers to come back and audition for the Doctor — something that shocked him, because usually actors would be passed over completely.
To achieve the point-of-view of a rolling bowling ball the Coen brothers mounted a camera, " on something like a barbecue spit ", according to Ethan, and then dollied it along the lane.
The group practiced small magics for pleasure and gain, until Ethan and Ripper discovered something bigger: the demon known as Eyghon, or the Sleepwalker.
Meanwhile, Ethan returns to the safe house and asks Jessica about something she doesn't know.
Going out for a drink, Ethan tells Giles that the underworld is being threatened by the Initiative, especially by something called 314.
Spider-Man tells Ethan he has something no one does, " healing power ", and a lot of people out there need healing.

Ethan and would
The album, produced by Ethan Johns ( who has previously worked with Kings Of Leon, Rufus Wainwright and Laura Marling ), would include covers of songs by Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker and Billy Joe Shaver, and feature such guest musicians as Booker T.
If approved, the area bounded by Auburn Boulevard on the north, the American River Drive, Ethan Way on the west, and Mission Avenue / Jacob Lane on the east would have become the City of Arden-Arcade.
In August 2006, the city's largest employer, Ethan Allen Furniture, announced that it would be closing its Atoka plant in favor of " selected off-shore vendors ", as reported in the The Oklahoman following the announcement of the plant's closing.
On September 14, 2011, it was announced that D ' Onofrio would star alongside Ethan Hawke in a new NBC show titled Blue Tilt, a term used to describe the effects of homicide detectives dealing with horrific crimes on a daily basis resulting in being a danger to themselves and the need for psychiatric observation.
Many of the Green Mountain Boys objected to Arnold's wish to command, insisting that they would go home rather than serve under anyone other than Ethan Allen.
Conner, Ethan, and Kira are seen attending their High School reunion in 2005, about a year after the events of Dino Thunder's season finale, curious to see if Tommy would also be there.
These negotiations, which are sometimes called the Haldimand Affair because of his participation, involved brothers Ira and Ethan Allen, and were promoted to see if Vermont could be convinced to become a new British province, which would then provide a new avenue for attack against the southern portions of New York and New England.
At the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics announced that Johns would be teamed with artist Ethan Van Sciver on the miniseries 2009 The Flash: Rebirth, which centered on the return of Barry Allen as the Flash.
Peter Sarsgaard turned down the role of Ethan ( and would portray a similar role a year later in Flightplan ), making this film Jason Statham's first film as a villain.
Interviews with The Flash: Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver revealed that the character would adopt a newly-designed costume in the limited series that reintroduces Barry Allen as the Flash.
In June 2011, it was announced that Simone would be collaborating with co-writer Ethan Van Sciver on a revamped Firestorm series starring Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch.
Born to a Mohawk Valley woman on ( Ethan Allen would later record ) 4 April 1760, Frances was adopted by her mother's later companion, Crean Brush, one-time secretary of the Assembly of the Colony of New York.
The two sides reached an agreement thanks to the human Ethan Zachary, where they would battle it out in the confines of a computer game.
In the spring of 1975, she gave birth to a son, Ethan Crane ( later in life he would change his name to Ethan Winthrop ).
As Ivy celebrated the engagement of Ethan and Theresa, she was unaware of the Rebecca's plan that would destroy her life.
Rebecca revealed it was false, and revealed that once Theresa saw it she would turn herself in not wanting her beloved Ethan to be imprisoned for murder.

Ethan and generate
Her performance was well received by critics, with BBC film critic Brandon Graydon saying that Cruz " is an enchanting screen presence ," and Ethan Alter of the Film Journal International noting that Cruz and her co-star Cruise were " able to generate some actual chemistry.

Ethan and narrative
In recent years, film scholars such as Alessandro Pirolini have also argued that Sturges ' cinema anticipated more experimental narratives by contemporary directors such as Joel and Ethan Coen, Robert Zemeckis, and Woody Allen, along with prolific The Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder: " Many of movies and screenplays reveal a restless and impatient attempt to escape codified rules and narrative schemata, and to push the mechanisms and conventions of their genre to the extent of unveiling them to the spectator.
Wharton based the narrative of Ethan Frome on an accident that had occurred in Lenox, Massachusetts, where she had traveled extensively and had come into contact with one of the victims of the accident.
The narrative follows Ethan Rayne, a Chaos worshiper, who makes everybody turn into their costumes, meaning a chance for Spike to kill the Slayer.
The narrative follows Giles, whose friend has died, prompting the Scooby Gang to unravel his mysterious past ; meanwhile, Buffy crashes into Ethan Rayne again.

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