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Eulalius and is
* Eulalius is elected antipope of Rome.

Eulalius and bishop
Gregory established Eulalius as bishop of Nazianzus and then withdrew into the solitude of Arianzum.

Eulalius and under
He returned to Rome 18 March to celebrate Easter Sunday, but this flouting of the Emperor's orders lost him the support of these two powerful individuals ; the inhabitants of Rome rioted, and the Urban prefect, Aurelius Anicius Symmachus, had his police occupy the Lateran, where Eulalius had made his base, and escort Eulalius out of the city to a house and kept under guard.

Eulalius and I
* September 4 – Pope Boniface I dies after a 4-year reign that was interrupted for 15 weeks by the faction of the antipope Eulalius.
Antipope Eulalius ( died 423 ) was an antipope who reigned from December 418 to April 419, although elected the day before Pope Boniface I.
In 418, Honorius settled a controversial election, upholding Pope Boniface I over the challenger Antipope Eulalius.

Eulalius and was
On the day of the funeral for Pope Zosimus, which was held at San Lorenzo fuori le Mura, partisans of Eulalius occupied the Lateran.
Meanwhile, on the Saturday after Eulalius had been elected, a majority of the priests of the church elected Boniface, who had previously been a councilor of Pope Innocent, and was also ordained on 29 December at the Church of Saint Marcellus in the Campus Martius.
The Urban Prefect Aurelius Anicius Symmachus warned both parties to keep the peace, and wrote to the Emperor Honorius that Eulalius, who had been elected first and in due order, was in the right.
The hearing deferred a decision to a synod which was scheduled to meet at Spoleto on 13 June, but commanded both Boniface and Eulalius to stay out of Rome.

Eulalius and by
" Although Eulalius appeared to be destined to be confirmed to the post, by boldly entering Rome on 18 March — Easter Sunday that year fell on 30 March — and disobeying Imperial orders, he lost the support of the authorities.
At first the claims of Eulalius as the rightful Pope were recognized by the Emperor Honorius, who sent a letter dated 3 January 419 recognizing him and pardoning the partisans of Boniface provided they left Rome.

Eulalius and sent
Boniface's partisans did not let the matter rest there and sent a petition to Emperor Honorius alleging irregularities in the election of Eulalius.
Symmachus sent his police to occupy the Lateran, where Eulalius had established himself, and escorted him to a house outside the walls of Rome.

Eulalius and Boniface
On 6 January Eulalius celebrated Epiphany at St. Peter's, while Boniface and his supporters remained at St. Paul's-outside-the-Walls.

Eulalius and Rome
The Emperor answered on 3 January 419, recognizing Eulalius as the rightful Bishop of Rome.
* Eulalius, antipope of Rome

Eulalius and be
Despite this reversal Eulalius ' position appeared to be the stronger, for he had the support of the Empress Galla Placidia and her husband Constantius, because he had been elected first.

Eulalius and .
Both the Empress Galla Placidia and her husband Constantius III favored Eulalius, who had been elected first.
However, Stewart Oost believes this very strength led Eulalius to overconfidence.
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is and said
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