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European and military
* 1994: The military parade was opened by Eurocorps, a newly created European army unit including German soldiers.
The first European general to introduce rapid movement, concentrated power and integrated military effort was Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus during the 30 year war.
The House of Bonaparte is an imperial and royal European dynasty founded by Napoleon I of France in 1804, a French military leader who rose to notability out of the French Revolution and transformed the French Republic into the First French Empire within five years of his coup d ' état.
Napoleon turned the Grande Armée against every major European power and dominated continental Europe through a series of military victories.
Later changes to this policy have relaxed the restriction to a cumulative total of five years or more of civilian travel in European countries ( six months or more if military ).
The Colombian Government sought additional support from the IFIs, the European Union, and other countries, with the intention of financing the social component of the original plan, but met with little cooperation as the would-be donors considered that the U. S. approved aid represented an undue military slant and additionally lacked the will to spend such amounts of money.
Geography-note: landlocked ; strategically located astride some of oldest and most significant land routes in Europe ; Moravian Gate is a traditional military corridor between the North European Plain and the Danube in central Europe
Medieval military doctrine employed them as part of a combined-arms force along with various kinds of foot troops ; however medieval chroniclers tended to pay undue attention to the knights at the expense of the rank and file, which led early students of military history to suppose that this heavy cavalry was the only force that mattered on medieval European battlefields, which was not the case.
On 5 July 1960 a military mutiny by Congolese soldiers against their European officers broke out in the capital and rampant looting began.
At home, Eisenhower was more effective in making the case for NATO in Congress than the Truman administration ; by the middle of 1951, American and European support for NATO was substantial enough to give it a genuine military force.
Domitian toured the European provinces extensively, and spent at least three years of his reign in Germania and Illyricum, conducting military campaigns on the frontiers of the Empire.
Prince Eugene of Savoy ( French: François-Eugène de Savoie, German: Eugen von Savoyen, Italian: Principe Eugenio di Savoia-Carignano ; 18 October 1663 – 21 April 1736 ), was one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history, rising to the highest offices of state at the Imperial court in Vienna.
In Loizidou v Turkey, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that jurisdiction of member states to the convention extended to areas under that state's effective control as a result of military action.
The military history of France encompasses an immense panorama of conflicts and struggles extending for more than 2, 000 years across areas including modern France, greater Europe, and European territorial possessions overseas.
France became a nuclear power and since the 1990s its military action is most often seen in cooperation with NATO and its European partners.
France has maintained its status as key power in Western Europe because of its size, location, strong economy, membership in European organizations, strong military posture and energetic diplomacy.
The military significance of the Grand Duchy of Finland had been increasing for the Russians from the mid-19th century with the rising tensions and competition among the major European powers.
Ethiopia's military victory over Italy, obtained also with Russian support, secured it the distinction of being the only African nation to successfully resist European colonialism during the Scramble for Africa.
Within the framework of NATO and an integrated European Union Military Staff, the Federal Republic has resumed the deployment of military units to mediate in conflict regions worldwide.
Possession of a fully automatic firearm is prohibited in virtually all European countries except for members of the military / militia and collectors.
With a superb military machine with good weapons, excellent training, and effective field artillery, backed by an efficient government which could provide necessary funds, Gustavus Adolphus was poised to make himself a major European leader, but he was killed at the battle of Lützen in 1632.
For common soldiers who could not afford mail or plate armour, the gambeson, combined with a helmet as the only additional protection, remained a common sight on European battlefields during the entire Middle Ages, and its decline-paralleling that of plate armour-came only with the Renaissance, as the use of firearms became more widespread, until by the 18th century it was no longer in military use.
The information available on Greek fire is exclusively indirect, based on references in the Byzantine military manuals and a number of secondary historical sources such as Anna Komnene and Western European chroniclers, which are often inaccurate.
The European system will only be subject to shutdown for military purposes in extreme circumstances.

European and conflict
Conceived while Atkinson and Curtis were working on Not the Nine O ' Clock News, the series dealt comically with a number of medieval issues in Britain – witchcraft, Royal succession, European relations, the Crusades and the conflict between the Church and the Crown.
His goal was to create a European order based on cooperation rather than conflict and mutual trust instead of rivalry and suspicion ; the rule of law was to supplant the reign of force and self-interest.
Its primary tasks are ; NATO participation in accordance with the strategy of the alliance, detect and repel any sovereignty violation of Danish territory ( including Greenland and the Faroe Islands ), defence cooperation with non-NATO members, especially Central and East European countries, international missions in the area of conflict prevention, crises-control, humanitarian, peacemaking, peacekeeping, participate in Total Defence in cooperation with civilian resources and finally maintain a sizable force to execute these tasks at all times.
The remainder of the 19th century saw greater European involvement in Afghanistan and her surrounding territories and heightened conflict among the ambitious local rulers as Afghanistan's fate played out globally.
Contentious issues include Egypt's signing of the Camp David Accords with Israel in 1979, its support for Iraq in Iran's eight-year conflict, the Islamic Republic's hailing of Khalid Islambouli, the late President Anwar Sadat's assassin as a religious hero, seeing as there was both a street and mural named after him ( however, the honorer was changed to Muhammad al-Durrah, the 12-year-old Palestinian boy shot and killed during the outset of the Second Intifada ), and close Egyptian relations with the United States, and most of the Western European countries.
The " European War " became known as " The Great War ", and it was not until 1920, in the book " The First World War 1914 – 1918 " by Charles à Court Repington, that the term " First World War " was used as the official name for the conflict.
The imperative of avoiding a third Franco-German conflict on the scale of those of two world wars paved the way for European integration starting in the 1950s.
One of the aims of Galileo is to provide a high-precision positioning system upon which European nations can rely, independently from the Russian GLONASS, US GPS, and Chinese Compass systems, which can be disabled in times of war or conflict.
European Union member states decided it was important to have a satellite-based positioning and timing infrastructure that the US could not easily turn off in times of political conflict.
An anonymous European official claimed that the US officials implied that they might consider shooting down Galileo satellites in the event of a major conflict in which Galileo was used in attacks against American forces.
The immediate occasion for the war was the uprising of the Protestant nobility of Bohemia against the emperor, but the conflict was widened into a European War by the intervention of King Christian IV of Denmark ( 1625 – 29 ), Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden ( 1630 – 48 ) and France under Cardinal Richelieu.
However, conflict raged within the Conservative Party, particularly over the extent of Britain's integration with the European Union.
It was these alliances that, at the start of the First World War in 1914, drew all the major European powers into the conflict.
The Netherlands prioritizes enhancing European integration, maintaining relations with neighboring states, ensuring European security and stability ( mainly through the mechanism of NATO and emphasizing the important role the United States plays in the security of Europe ), and participating in conflict management and peacekeeping missions.
The main impetus was the local European descended Creole population in conflict with the Peninsulares governors sent from overseas.
He felt the worst outcome of the cultural and resources conflict between European Americans and Native Americans would be their attacking the whites.
The Eastern Front of the European Theatre of World War II encompassed the conflict in central and eastern Europe from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945.
The conflict continues to overshadow Turkish relations with Greece and with the European Union.
However, problems in foreign policy such as the Cyprus conflict and the internal political turbulence from the 1970s until the early 1980s forced Turkey to delay applying for full membership of the European Community until 1987.
The result of that conflict and the conclusion of the great European war at the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 helped establish post-war Sweden as a force in Europe.
The US and NATO allies initially attempt to stay out of the war, but are quickly drawn into the European conflict.
Conflicts in the Caribbean, and in particular the seizure of colonial bases and islands throughout the wars, could potentially have some effect upon the European conflict.

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