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Even and 30
Even if all these operations could be performed instantaneously, the ICBM still has a time of flight to the target of about 30 minutes.
Even a mere 30 % tax rate can negate the advantage of a 100 % productivity gain.
Even at 30 years of age he reprinted at Shrewsbury a poem called " Eskdale ", … Some others of his poems are in my possession.
Even though its population reached 30, 000, the Russians were reluctant to grant Dąbrowa town charter, so it remained a village until August 18, 1916, when Austrian authorities, which during World War One occupied southern part of Congress Poland, agreed to establish the town of Dąbrowa.
Even though the Ice Palace was built for hockey and the Lightning were the only major tenant, Forbes called the team's deal with the arena a lemon since it would not result in much revenue for 30 years.
Even the small freshwater Pied-billed Grebe of North America has occurred as a transatlantic vagrant to Europe on more than 30 occasions.
Even though the population of Golden Valley is only around 20, 000, more than 30, 000 people work in Golden Valley.
Even with those artistic sacrifices, the eventual savings amounted to only $ 30, 000, far less than the cost of a single episode.
Even with these artistic sacrifices, the eventual total savings amounted to only $ 30, 000, far less than the cost of a single episode.
Even Juf, inhabited by some 30 people only but holding an European record, is reached 5 times a day by public transport.
Even between Kyoto and Osaka, only 30 min by train, a few words ' pitch accents change.
Even before this committee met a royal proclamation had been signed ( 30 January 1854 ) " abandoning and renouncing all dominion " in the Sovereignty.
Even without shared street implementation, creating 30 kph zones ( or 20 mph zones ) has been shown to reduce crash rates and increase numbers of cyclists and pedestrians.
Even if CCTV is the most powerful network of mainland China, it has only about 30 % of audience share all over the national territory.
Even when the borefield was situated close to the vegetation, 30 % of the original vegetation demand could still be met by the lag inherent in the system after 100 years.
Even though no modern republicans advocate a republic modelled on Cromwell's Protectorate, some point out that a Republican Commonwealth of England, Ireland and Scotland has already been tried when Oliver Cromwell installed it on 30 January 1649.
Even with Malone managing to score 30 goals in only 20 games, they couldn't climb out of the cellar.
Even after arriving at Camp O ' Donnell, the survivors of the march continued to die at a rate of 30 – 50 per day, leading to thousands more dead.
Even so, the convention has expanded since then, with attendance above 26, 000 in both 2008 and 2009 attendance surpassing 29, 000 in 2010 and attendance officially surpassing the 30, 000 mark in 2012.
Origen did this in his Commentary on Matthew when he taught that “ Christ ’ s return signifies His disclosure of Himself and His deity to all humanity in such a way that all might partake of His glory to the degree that each individual ’ s actions warrant ( Commentary on Matthew 12. 30 ).” Even Origen ’ s milder forms of this teaching left no room for a literal millennium and it was so extreme that few actually followed it.
Even though World War II caused the school's enrollment to drop to less than 30 students, the school made quick efforts at expansion once the war ended in 1945.
's " 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments.
Even so, some 30, 000 people worked at the Royal Arsenal during World War II.
Even though motion may seem to be continuous at 25 or 30 frame / s, the brightness may still seem to flicker objectionably.

Even and year
Even with the increase in funds for the next fiscal year, Georgia will be spending only around $3.15 per day per patient.
Even in the last pre-crisis year, 2008, the Bulgarian economy was growing rapidly at 6. 0 %, despite significantly slowing down in the last quarter.
Even as it deployed Blue Streak, a high-altitude weapon, that year the government decided that because of anti-aircraft missiles ' increasing effectiveness, V bombers would have to convert from high-altitude to low-altitude attacks.
Even if a calendar is solar, but not lunar, the year cannot be divided entirely into months that never vary in length.
Even where there is a commonly used calendar such as the Gregorian calendar, alternate calendars may also be used, such as a fiscal calendar or the astronomical year numbering system.
Even the Cunard Line, founded by Haligonian Samuel Cunard, stopped making more than a single ceremonial voyage to Halifax each year.
Even full-time orchestra jobs do not usually last for the entire year.
Even before the Declaration of Boulogne, the language was remarkably stable ; only one set of lexical changes were made in the first year after publication, namely changing " when ", " then ", " never ", " sometimes ", " always " from kian, tian, nenian, ian, ĉian to kiam, tiam, neniam etc., to avoid confusion with the accusative forms of kia " what sort of ", tia " that sort of ", etc.
Even during the Middle Ages, when the numbered Anno Domini year began on March 25 or December 25, the second month was February whenever all twelve months were displayed in order.
Even in this zone, however, only one crop a year can be grown, and shortages of rain have often led to crop failures.
Even so, he led the ruling Social Democratic Party of Lithuania for one more year, until May 19, 2007, when he passed the reins to Gediminas Kirkilas.
Even when Superman was depowered after the Battle of Metropolis and remained out of sight for a year, the only thing Luthor accomplished in that time was the self-sabotaged ' Everyman ' project, where " found a big destructive machine so could break things ", claiming that Superman drove him to it.
Even though Gospatric and Siward's son Waltheof submitted by the end of the year, the arrival of a Danish army under Sweyn Estridsson seemed to ensure that William's position remained weak.
Even when the orbiters Discovery and Atlantis joined the fleet, Challenger remained in heavy use with three missions a year from 1983 to 1985.
Even then, the siege lasted almost a year, making it the longest siege in English history.
Even the leading Snowball proponent Hoffman agrees that the ~ million year long Gaskiers glaciation did not lead to global glaciation, although it was probably as intense as the late Ordovician glaciation.
Even Montana's backup, quarterback Steve Young, had a great year, throwing for 1, 001 yards and 8 touchdowns with only 3 interceptions, while also rushing for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Even at the height of the Underground Railroad, fewer than 1, 000 slaves from all slave-holding states were able to escape each year ( just over 5, 000 court cases for escaped slaves recorded ), a quantity much smaller than the natural annual increase of the enslaved population.
Even the much less common 48, XXYY had been discovered in 1960, a year before 47, XYY.
Even after the recession hit, the city ’ s budget continued to increase, to a total of more than $ 6 billion a year.
Even the wealthy Schliemann had given up on the price in 1890 and had gone home to die in that year.
Even so, she insisted on standing for the National Anthem during the memorial service for her husband on 6 February the following year.
Even though Darius did not have the support of the populace, Darius had a loyal army, led by close confidants and nobles ( including the six nobles with whom he removed Gaumata ) with whom he was able to suppress and quell all revolts within a year.
Even as late as 1733, a 2300 volume, 《 武英殿聚珍版丛书 》, was printed with 253500 wooden movable type on order of the Yongzheng Emperor, and completed in one year.

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