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Even and Museum
Even the three authors of the book were chosen from among the small number of people who had seen the map before Mellon bought it — two British Museum curators and Marston.
Even though the steel mills no longer dominate the landscape, Ambridge remains the home of Old Economy Village, a National Historic Landmark administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
Even years later, the term " Ground zero " has become a shorthand for the site, even after construction on the new One World Trade Center and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum were well underway.
Even in exile Manuel continued to be a patriot, going as far as declaring in his 1915 testament his intention to transfer his possessions to the Portuguese State, for the creation of a Museum and showing his interest in being buried in Portugal.
Even though the British Museum existed at this time and contained over 50, 000 books, the national library was not open to the public, or even to a majority of the population.
Even smaller skeletons, 210 centimeters ( 6. 9 ft ) long and 80 centimeters ( 2. 6 ft ) tall at the back, are on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
Even after all of Ostrom ’ s work, several small blocks of lime-encased material remained unprepared in storage at the American Museum.
Gone, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Plague, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, The BFG, O Tempo e o Vento, The Museum of Innocence, The French Lieutenant's Woman, A Series of Unfortunate Events ).
Even his earliest objects, like an armchair with sloping armrests like relaxed wrists ( a 1937 design for an exhibit at the Museum of Decorative Arts ), exhibited Wegner's approach of " stripping the old chairs of their outer style and letting them appear in their pure construction.
Even so, a letter from the Oxford Museum describes that Tench restarted his business after the war ended.
( O ' Brien ) Even today, these old papers are an important historical research tool, as most editions from the early 1850 survive and are micro-filmed and are available at the Burke Museum, and most state and National libraries throughout Australia.
* The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even is displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Even and argues
Even if a supernatural cause is required, he argues, it could be something other than God ; this would mean that the phenomena of the conscience is no more supportive of monotheism than polytheism.
Even if the lizards have venomlike proteins in their mouths, Schwenk argues, they may be using them for a different function, and he doubts that venom is necessary to explain the effect of a Komodo dragon bite, arguing that shock and blood loss are the primary factors.
Even in the New Testament itself, Sigve K Tonstad argues, the War in Heaven theme of, in which the dragon " who is called the devil and Satan … was thrown down to the earth ", derives from the passage in Isaiah 14.
Even though the Chasidim consent, Judas Maccabeus argues for full political as well as religious freedom.
Even if those individuals perceive those groups as serving their own interests, the anarchist argues, they are actually accepting a proxy for those interests.
Even the title, Knight argues, is an unintentiontial pun for " Come on time ".
Edmund's own redemption lends him perspective during the judgment of Rabadash ; despite the fact that Rabadash has acted treacherously, Edmund argues against killing him, saying " Even a traitor may mend.
Even if a collectivist Utopia of everyone having equal ownership of everyone else could be sustained, he argues, individuals would not be able to do anything without prior approval by everyone in society.
Even in the case of Hebrew, there is a theory that argues that " the Hebrew revivalists who wished to speak pure Hebrew failed.
Even so, Wong argues that free-trade agreements with several Central American nations, as well as with Singapore have proven Taiwan worthy of inclusion.
" Dershowitz argues thatEven the most radical anti-Zionists in England have distanced themselves from Atzmon .” He writes that “ hard-core neo-Nazis, racists, anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers ” endorse Atzmon, including David Duke, Kevin B. MacDonald and Israel Shamir.
Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be .’ He argues that the ‘ sphere of authenticity is outside the technical ’ so that the original artwork is independent of the copy, yet through the act of reproduction something is taken from the original by changing its context.

Even and strongly
Even though those activities are strongly associated to the Capoeira, they have different meanings and origins.
Even though it is a very old industry, meat production continues to be shaped strongly by the rapidly evolving demands of customers.
Even the expulsion of Germans from central and eastern Europe after World War II was apparently sanctioned in article 13 of the Potsdam communiqué, although research has shown that both the British and the American delegations at Potsdam strongly objected to the size of the population transfer that had already taken place and was accelerating in the summer of 1945.
Even a strongly solved game can still be interesting if the solution is too complex to be memorized ; conversely, a weakly solved game may lose its attraction if the winning strategy is simple enough to remember ( e. g. Maharajah and the Sepoys ).
Even today, they have strongly opinionated admirers and detractors.
Even Arnold Stang's voicing of Top Cat strongly resembled Phil Silvers ' voice.
Even those who most strongly opposed his measures admitted the purity and unselfishness of his motives.
Even in Albani's final season at Covent Garden in 1896, she continued to receive strongly positive reviews.
Even though the Hau Hau had a strongly fortified pā and the weather conditions were atrocious ( one of the attackers died of hypothermia ) 500 of the Hau Hau were forced to surrender.
Even so, he could only stay in power by collaborating with the powerful Craioveşti family, strongly connected to the Ottomans by trading.
Even in Toronto, a strongly pro-conscription region, Conservative Arthur Meighen was defeated in a by-election after promising to help introduce conscription.
Even those who were not strongly opposed to him took to nicknaming him " Horeb-Elisha " or " Horeb " as a pun on his race.
Even though the fat content of male goats is lower than that of female goats, many players prefer female skins because they do not smell as strongly and are reputed to be softer.
Even though he had preached in Glarus for 10 years, the town remained strongly Catholic.
Even more than at Katia on 5 August, these soldiers were more numerous, ready, full of fight and more strongly supported by well-placed Austrian and Ottoman guns delivering both heavy and accurate fire.
Even though Alfred Tarski was his sole doctoral pupil, Leśniewski nevertheless strongly influenced an entire generation of Polish logicians and mathematicians via his teaching at the University of Warsaw.
Even in the cases of strongly nonlinear magnetic fields, and without paraxial approximation, a Lie transform may be used to construct an integrator with a high degree of accuracy.
Even though Natalie strongly disapproved of Lana's posing nude, the publicity was a major reason for her being cast as Bond girl Plenty O ' Toole in Diamonds Are Forever ( 1971 ).
Even though it is not officially used in Pakistan, it is spoken widely in Punjab, which traditionally retain strongly on Persian and Arabic vocabulary.
Even though the owner accepted the offer, the baseball commissioner and ownership committee was strongly opposed to the idea of a non-North American owner and did not approve the deal.
Even areas not directly annexed became strongly influenced by the Empire, which became the most powerful political and cultural entity for centuries.
Even then, the propensity of making rum out of sugar cane was strongly recognised.
Even John C. Calhoun, described as a reluctant expansionist who strongly disagreed with intervention on the basis of the Monroe Doctrine, concurred that " it is indispensable to the safety of the United States that this island should not be in certain hands ," likely referring to Britain.
Even the Catholic archbishop strongly condemned the actions of the police.

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