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Even and Schubert
Even though both Schubert and Beethoven resided in the same city, and Schubert held Beethoven in the highest of esteem, they moved, for the most part, in different social circles for most of that time.

Even and recognized
Even the critic G. R. Driver recognized that " the presence and popularity of the Daniel manuscripts at Qumran " conflicted " with the modern view which advocates the late dating of the composition of Daniel ".
Even though classification at the family level is a bit unstable, there are about 500 recognized families and subfamilies.
" Even today, though these errors have been recognized for more than a century, the general notion that Lao Tzu was Christ's forerunner has lost none of its romantic appeal.
Even in the earliest years of the discipline, educational psychologists recognized the limitations of this new approach.
Even those who would not achieve a passing grade in a traditional age-based approach can be recognized for their concrete, positive, individual improvements.
Even before independence, French colonial administrators recognized that the Mouride brotherhood was well-respected among the Senegalese and partnered with them to promote political and social order.
Even then the elongated bathymetric expression of trenches was not recognized until well into the 20th century.
Even in Koch's time, it was recognized that some infectious agents were clearly responsible for disease even though they did not fulfill all of the postulates.
Even before the close of 1794 the king of Prussia retired from any active part in the war, and on the 5 April 1795 he concluded with France the Peace of Basel, which recognized France's occupation of the left bank of the Rhine.
Even without the finding of Jordaen's will, his kindness has been recognized by all who knew him.
Even though Universindo and Lilian recognized the Uruguayan military men who had arrested and tortured them, not a single one of them was prosecuted by the Justice in Montevideo.
Even during pre-Hispanic time when the provice was still the old Mountain Province, Kabugao was already the recognized as the capital of the then sub-province of Apayao.
Even if the national home were created and recognized in international law, it would be weak and unsustainable.
Even at that time, however, the area's beauty was recognized by nature preservationists.
Even though he relished woodworking and cabinetmaking, Donaghey recognized the need for more education and spent a year at the University of Arkansas.
Even after the peak of his performing career, Ritter was recognized for his contributions to country music and artistic versatility.
Even the 0xaa55 signature in the master boot record is still required by many BIOSes to be present on an attached hard disk for it to be recognized as a valid boot device.
Even though the discipline of forensic anthropology officially began in the early 1970s, the first forensic paper to be recognized was written by Thomas Dwight.
Even as early as 1908, it was recognized that " The final, insurmountable problems with any form of mechanical scanning were the limited number of scans per second, which produced a flickering image, and the relatively large size of each hole in the disk, which resulted in poor resolution ".
Even though the H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, it is one of the few visa categories recognized as dual intent, meaning an H-1B holder can have legal immigration intent ( apply for and obtain the green card ) while still a holder of the visa.
Even the differences between recognized subspecies are probably a matter of gradient speciation
Even Trek fans unfamiliar with Combs ' human face immediately recognized him due to his distinctive voice.
Even though Canada went on to contribute vastly to the Allied side against fascism in World War II, the battalion ’ s contribution has never been formally recognized.
Even so, most scholars did not engage in much serious discussion or analysis of the novel until the 1950s, though many in France recognized the work much earlier.
Even though he was not the first player who was brought by a team to play in the Major Leagues, Castro has to be recognized and credited as the first Major League Baseball player ever born in a Latin American country.

Even and fact
Even earlier than that he had resented the fact that I had been chosen to edit the club's Reporter.
Even apart from the fact that now at the age of 31 my personal life is being totally disrupted for the second time for no very compelling reason -- I cannot help looking around at the black leather jacket brigades standing idly on the street corners and in the taverns of every American city and asking myself if our society has gone mad.
Even a hasty reader will easily find in it numerous blind spots, errors of fact and argument, important exclusions, areas of ignorance and prejudice, undue emphases on trivia, examples of broad positions supported by flimsy evidence, and the like.
Even Houbraken recalled that Cuyp was a devout Calvinist and the fact that when he died, there were no paintings of other artists found in his home.
Even if one ignores exceptions caused by some kind of injury or illness, there are many unclear cases, including the fact that " normal " humans can crawl on hands and knees.
Even after the loss of the nucleus in mammals, residual ribosomal RNA allows further synthesis of Hb until the reticulocyte loses its RNA soon after entering the vasculature ( this hemoglobin-synthetic RNA in fact gives the reticulocyte its reticulated appearance and name ).
Even where " universal suffrage " prevails, the fact remains that an extension of State administration means an increased interference of some by others, limiting freedom of action.
Even comparatively low speed thermal neutrons, which do not carry enough kinetic energy individually to be ionizing, will cause neutron activation ( in fact, they cause it more efficiently ).
Even though it was not the capital city, Rio acted as a Brazilian unifier, and the fact that samba originated in Rio helped the unification process.
Even after he steadied his resolve to fight, Valens's efforts to forestall Procopius were hampered by the fact that most of his troops had already crossed the Cilician gates into Syria when he learned of the revolt.
Even more disturbing for some is the fact that access to the unpublished documents is severely limited.
Even the fact that certain politicians might “ provide their face " to the actual decisions of their inferiors might not mitigate this effect, but rather strong parliamentary rights of control and influence in legislative procedures ( as they do exist in the example of Germany ).
Even though the Crusaders and the other factions employed personal assassinations, the fact that hashashins performed their assassination in full view of the public gave them the reputation affiliated to them.
Even though the theories of Thomas Malthus would predict that famines reduce the size of the population commensurate with available food resources, in fact even the most severe famines have rarely dented population growth for more than a few years.
Even between two nations or societies that have similar material standards of living, quality of life factors may in fact make one of these places more attractive to a given individual or group.
Even more frustrating was the fact that Prince insisted on crediting the album to " Prince 1958 – 1993 ".
Johnston maintains, " Even if the lower-level facts make up identity do not in themselves matter, the higher-level fact may matter.
Even at the time of its release, Variety noted that the " story bespeaks authority in detail, obviously explained by the fact that Capt.
Even further confusion results from the fact that vintage-dated Malmseys are often labeled " Malvasia " or " Malvazia ", probably because the relatively rare vintage Malvasias were always made with Malvasia grapes even when most non-vintage " Malmsey " was being made from lesser varieties.
Even many video game consoles, such as the Sega Genesis, included expansion buses ; at least in the case of the Genesis, the expansion bus was proprietary, and in fact the cartridge slots of many cartridge based consoles ( not including the Atari 2600 ) would qualify as expansion buses, as they exposed both read and write capabilities of the system's internal bus.
Even though both the running and grass scripts appear to be derived as semi-cursive and cursive variants of regular script, it is in fact the regular script that was the last to develop.
Even though the Druze do not consider ad-Darazi founder of their faith-in fact, they refer to him as their " first heretic "-rival Muslim groups purposely attached the name of the controversial preacher to the new sect and it has stuck with them ever since.
Even the official name of the Kingdom of Norway ( Norwegian: Kongeriket Norge / Kongeriket Noreg ) would in fact be the Danish form Kongeriget Norge if taken literally from the constitution.
Even the fact Somerset has many apple orchards has been drawn in to support the connection.
Even though the simplified reasoning presented in sections above seems to fail because the level set appears to " cross " the point and at the same time its gradient is not parallel to the gradients of either constraint, in fact, the relation between this point and the level contours are similar to relation of a line tangent to a sphere in 3D space.

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