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Even and after
Even after the incident between Bang-Jensen and Shann in the Delegates' Lounge and this was not the way the Chicago Tribune presented it ''.
Even if the electric power fails after an attack, any time that the heater has been used will make the shelter that much more comfortable.
Even after Elizabethan traditions were weakened by the Cromwellian interregnum, the practice of singing together -- choruses, catches and glees -- always flourished.
Even after the fall of the Roman state, the alphabet survived in intellectual and religious works.
Even Poseidon, who normally favors the Greeks, comes to Aeneas ' rescue after he falls under the assault of Achilles, noting that Aeneas, though from a junior branch of the royal family, is destined to become king of the Trojan people.
Even after leaving the abbacy of Tavistock, he continued to hold two properties from the abbey until his death.
Even after the Norman Conquest, Ealdred still controlled some events in Worcester, and it was Ealdred, not Wulfstan, who opposed Urse d ' Abetot's attempt to extend the castle of Worcester into the cathedral after the Norman Conquest.
Even after local lemming peaks, the arctic fox population tends to collapse back to levels dangerously close to non-viability.
Even as his works dropped from performance, and he wrote no new operas after 1804, he still remained one of the most important and sought after teachers of his generation and his influence was felt in every aspect of Vienna's musical life.
Even a 20th-century Surrealist, such as Paul Éluard, used alexandrines on occasion, such as in these lines from L ' Égalité des sexes ( in Capitale de la douleur ) ( note the variation between caesuras after the 6th syllable, and after 4th and 8th ):
Even if the text of the Septuagint is proved to be the older, it does not necessarily follow that all these variations first arose after the Greek translation had been made, because two different editions of the same text might have been in process of development side by side ..."
Even after the creation of the Church in Wales 1920, the 1662 book ( and its Welsh equivalent ) was used until 1966, when trials of new services began.
Even after the 2009 general election, the CDU / CSU emerged as the largest party in Germany, yet both lost votes predominantly to the FDP.
Even in cases of real crimes, the positive laws frequently punish only the particular offence, while in public opinion the offender, even after he has undergone punishment, is still incapacitated for certain honours and distinctions which are granted only to persons of unblemished character.
Even though he admired the eminent Rodin he left the Rodin studio after only two months, saying, " Nothing can grow under big trees.
Even after the emergence of the professional National Football League ( NFL ), college football remained extremely popular throughout the U. S.
Even after allowing a hit, Young's scoreless streak reached a then-record 45 shutout innings.
Even after the French Revolution, a closed system of social stratification continued through the 19th century.
Even after his death, other MILPAS bands sprouted during 1980 – 1981.
Even after the war started in 1914, he continued seminars and classes where the works of Albert Einstein and others were followed closely.
Even after the denarius was no longer regularly issued, it continued to be used as a unit of account, and the name was applied to later Roman coins in a way that is not understood.
Even in 2010, more than forty years after the U. S. ban, California condors which feed on sea lions at Big Sur which in turn feed in the Palos Verdes Shelf area of the Montrose Chemical Superfund site seemed to be having continued thin-shell problems.

Even and initial
Even if the initial regulation was well-intentioned ( to curb actual abuses ), and even if the initial lobbying by corporations was well-intentioned ( to reduce illogical regulations ), the mixture of business and government stifle competition, a collusive result called regulatory capture.
Even though Microsoft released a cheap version of Adventure with its initial version of MS-DOS 1. 0 for IBM PCs, Zork I was still a popular seller for the PC, thanks to the superior quality of its writing and packaging.
Even if self-consistent extensions can be found for arbitrary initial conditions outside the Cauchy Horizon, the finding that there can be multiple distinct self-consistent extensions for the same initial condition — indeed, Echeverria et al.
Even after the initial cause of the necrosis has been halted, the necrotic tissue will remain in the body.
Even further back, in 1978 Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz coined the term groupware ; their initial 1978 definition of groupware was, “ intentional group processes plus software to support them .” Later in their article they went on to explain groupware as “ computer-mediated culture ... an embodiment of social organization in hyperspace.
Even after this initial introduction, however, the Vice will continually reiterate to the audience that his nature is diabolic.
Even explorer A. Greely, who came ( after initial acceptance ) to doubt Peary's reaching 90 °, correctly notes that no Arctic expert questions that ( unlike Cook ) Peary courageously risked his life travelling hundreds of miles from land and that he reached regions adjacent to the pole.
Even so, that rating is the lowest of the initial 3 films in Romero's Dead series with Night of the Living Dead having a 96 % approval rating and Dawn of the Dead with a 94 % approval rating.
Even Meredith's initial efforts required great courage.
Even though the six shows were taped in a row, through November and into mid-December, their broadcast dates were out of order and varied widely, with this initial one airing on December 2, 1960 as second season episode 8.
Even though macroscopic processes are deterministic under Newtonian mechanics, the output of a well-designed device like a roulette wheel cannot be predicted in practice, because it depends on the sensitive, micro-details of the initial conditions of each use.
Even if a problem is well-posed, it may still be ill-conditioned, meaning that a small error in the initial data can result in much larger errors in the answers.
Even though Serbia at the beginning was part of a united alliance of Balkan powers against the Ottomans the initial victory led to squabbles about the division of the spoils and in the second of the two wars it was Bulgaria who was Serbia's main enemy.
Even though Kirchner ran for the presidency with the support of Eduardo Duhalde, he was not the initial candidate chosen by the president.
Even if the initial strike misses the prey, the resulting shock wave can be enough to kill or stun the prey.
Even such a minor-seeming result in the right direction has to be referred all the way back to the structure of the initial sequence x < sub > n </ sub >, to show a degree of randomness.
Even though the initial investment was somewhat heavy, it was more than neutralised by the savings in the matter of production and printing of ballot papers in lakhs, their transportation, storage etc., and the substantial reduction in the counting staff and the renumeration paid to them.
Even some of the earliest examples of utilisation in modern warfare of armoured cars and air power by the Italian forces had little effect on the initial outcome.
" Even so, Crossfield often performed much of the dangerous initial test flight profiles with a small cadre of other test pilots before active duty Air Force and Navy test pilots were turned loose in the experimental aircraft.
Even Time Magazine, which gave the film a negative review upon its initial release, called it one of the 100 best films of all time in their 2005 list.
Even a person reaching in to retrieve or place an item, after the initial time, has a chance of being completely dragged into the bag and swallowed.
Even though the Bzura campaign ended in defeat for the Poles, its strategic importance lay in the fact that because of initial Polish local victories the German advance on Warsaw was halted for several days, and the Wehrmacht was required to divert units from its push towards Warsaw.

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