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Even and child
Even in a threefold divorce, a pregnant wife will be supported during the waiting period, and the child will be supported afterwards.
Even after the birth of her first child, she continued to socialise much as before, which led to some friction between the Queen and the young couple, exacerbated by Alexandra's loathing of Prussians and the Queen's partiality towards them.
"; " Even you too, child?
Even in a case of mutual consent, the parties might also disagree over child support, custody, alimony, division of joint assets or who is going to pay legal fees.
The Board of Education also operates the Quitman Mitchell Opportunity Center, located diagonally across from the Board on 5th Avenue and 17th Street, which includes an adult learning center, Even Start child care center, and New Horizon Alternative School.
Even while she lies dying in the next room, Saccard ( in a brilliant scene of breathtaking callousness ) is already making arrangements to marry rich country girl Renée, who is pregnant with the child of a local labourer and whose family wishes to avoid scandal by offering a huge dowry to any man who will marry her and claim the baby as his own.
Even as a child, Buñuel was something of a cinematic showman ; friends from that period described productions in which Buñuel would project shadows on a screen using a Magic lantern and a bedsheet.
Even the memoirist Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, who generally disliked Fénelon, admitted that when Fénelon became tutor, the duke was a spoiled, violent child ; when Fénelon left him, the duke had learned the lessons of self-control and had been thoroughly impressed with a sense of his future duties.
Even though he has children, he never gets to see them but he does provide them with some sense of financial child support.
Even though there might appear to be a grant of custody in absolute terms by this court, public policy always requires that it can be reviewed by a secular court and, if the state court is of the view that it is not in the best interests of the child, it will be set aside ( see Stanley G. v. Eileen G. New York Law Journal, 10-13-94, P. 22, Col. 6, Sup.
Even as a child her audacious behavior was the subject of Montgomery gossip.
Even in, the pages are shared among the parent and child process.
Although Paul still played the violin on occasion, when he did “ even Zilla was silent as the lonely man who lost his way … spun out his dark soul in music .” Even though Babbitt and Paul abandoned their former goals and ideals, Babbitt still dreams of a “ fairy child .” She is an imaginary woman, full of life and gaiety, who does not see him as a stogy old businessman, but a “ gallant youth .” He imagines various women as his fairy child, including his secretary, a manicurist, his son ’ s girlfriend Eunice Littlefield, and finally Tanis Judique.
Even as a child, Katadreuffe's path crosses with Dreverhaven, often with dire consequences.
Even as a young child, Grimké was described in family letters and diaries as the most self-righteous, curious and self-assured of all her siblings.
Even if it were accurate, however, the whereabouts of the great majority of China's orphans would still be a complete mystery, leaving crucial questions about the country's child welfare system unanswered and suggesting that the real scope of the catastrophe that has befallen China's unwanted children may be far larger than the evidence in this report documents.
Even after a child is born, it is the mother's brother, not the father, who presents a harvest of yams to his sister so that her child will be fed with food from its own matrilineage, not the father's.
Even though premarital sex was somewhat condoned, having a child outside of wedlock was not.
Even as a child she began writing plays.
Even in early childhood studies, such as the delay of gratification, it is unclear whether the child or the parenting is most responsible-so it's a nature vs nurture debate.
Even before resorting to underhanded tactics when competing with other women for Bobby Baccala's affections, trying to extort Livia's vintage record collection from Svetlana ( by stealing Svetlana's prosthetic leg ), and desiring a bigger house than Tony's, Janice demonstrated her competitive nature, as a child, in Tony's memory flashbacks and in the family home movies she gave Tony for his 47th birthday.
Even as a young child, Mayer showed an intense interest with various mechanical mechanisms.

Even and gained
Even so, confusion in this period gained such strength ( from compromise and other factors ) that it led to the bloodiest war of the Nineteenth century.
Even though Dolly was not the first animal to be cloned, she gained this attention in the media because she was the first to be cloned from an adult cell.
Even though the Almoravides soon reconquered the island, the booty taken helped the Pisans in their magnificent programme of buildings, especially the cathedral and Pisa gained a role of pre-eminence in the Western Mediterranean.
Even as late as 1946, when both countries gained independence, King Abdallah did not abandon his plan to become king of Syria.
Even though the Allies expanded into all the Pomptine region, they gained no ground.
Even before Mexico had gained its independence, the Mission had begun its decline.
Even the army itself became divided, and local military chiefs gained control of some provinces where they ruled like the feudal warlords of past eras.
Even at that early date Heemstede had already gained the reputation it has today, of being primarily a " bedroom community " for the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam.
Even before the Holocaust gained momentum, the Nazis had begun rounding up political prisoners from both Germany and occupied Europe.
Even when Belgium gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, and the province of Limburg was definitively split between the Netherlands and Belgium in 1839, this name was retained and the name Loon disappeared.
Even today, the lessons gained from the AMC experience continue to provide benefits to other firms in the industry.
Even when her face had gained wide recognition, particularly after starring in the highly successful Resurrection, Biograph Studios simply labeled her as " The Biograph Girl ".
Even in Rome, lay notaries gained in importance, and in 1211 Pope Innocent III declared that no notary in a church court could hold major orders.
Even so, it is possible for scraps of knowledge or experiences gained from their time with the Great Race to remain in dreams.
The idea that animals have natural rights is one that has gained the interest of philosophers and legal scholars in the 20th century, Even on a natural rights conception of human rights, the two terms may not be synonymous.
Even this was inadequate after the publicity gained when a fleet of 20 cars, 16 / 20 tourers, were supplied for the use of Commonwealth editors attending the 1909 Imperial Press Conference in London.
Even though it was crushed by the Ottomans in 1813, this revolution sparked the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815, which resulted with the creation of the Principality of Serbia, as it gained semi-independence from Ottoman Empire in 1817 ( formally in 1829 ).
Even after the galleon era, and at the time when Mexico finally gained its independence, the two nations still continued to trade, except for a brief lull during the Spanish-American War.
Even if not one of the best known Kraftwerk songs, the track gained some notoriety in the United States, when it was used slightly sped up as the theme song for " Sprockets ", the German television spoof by Mike Myers on Saturday Night Live.
Even so, Isaac gained his own impression of her before agreeing to marry her ( Rashi, commentary to Genesis 24: 67 ).
Even so, since its complex script was not supported by TrueType, writing and rendering Javanese on a computer still not as easy as writing in Latin, therefore it hasn't gained any currency except among preservationists.
Even though, the party started with 26 MPs after the parliamentary elections, the party gained 4 more seats to become the single party with most number of seats in the Parliament, People's Majlis.
Even though it was a box office disaster when it released, it has since gained a strong cult following over the years.
Even though her role was a small one, the experience gained would serve her well in the future.

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