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Even and at
Even the first wave of homesickness had passed, although there were moments when Captain Heard pointed out on his compass the direction of Bradford that she felt a little twinge at her heart.
Even to be `` from hope and fear set free '' is at least better than to have lost the first without having got rid of the second.
Even when public bodies arrived at a consensus, at least one dissenting vote has been usual.
Even apart from the fact that now at the age of 31 my personal life is being totally disrupted for the second time for no very compelling reason -- I cannot help looking around at the black leather jacket brigades standing idly on the street corners and in the taverns of every American city and asking myself if our society has gone mad.
Even at this short distance they were only vague shapes, setting up the machine gun on a small knoll so that it could fire above the heads of the rest of the patrol.
Even though he would later be resurrected, he was at this moment dead indeed, the expression on his face reflecting what he had gone through on the cross.
Even in the neighborhood of the Earth, where information has been obtained both directly and indirectly, the derived flux values vary by at least four orders of magnitude.
Even though it was known that the Luftwaffe in the north was now being directed by the young and energetic General Peltz, the commander who would conduct the `` Little Blitz '' on London in 1944, a major raid on Bari at this juncture of the war was not to be considered seriously.
Even though we had walked miles in Kyoto that day, we started out again to see Nara at night.
Even at a car's length I could sense that something was wrong, and so I followed her up to the turnaround in front of the house.
Even now I am appalled at how little anyone knows of what they really are.
Even at that distance, with no sound but the sound of the tractor, I could tell the fierce mark of brutality on the boy.
Even so, half of a given amount of astatine will vaporize in an hour if put on a clean glass surface at room temperature.
For the specific heats at least, the limiting value itself is definitely zero, as borne out by experiments to below 10 K. Even the less detailed Einstein model shows this curious drop in specific heats.
Even the private reflections of Alcaeus, ostensibly sung at dinner parties, still retain a public function.
Even so, the unpopularity of the union weakened the King's position in the eyes of the army and of the country at large.
Even in his old age he displayed the same restless energy, and is said to have been contemplating a fresh attack on Carthage at the time of his death.
Even at this time, Ethernet's widespread acceptance suggested it was to become a de facto standard.
Even as late as 1912 it was normal in the West to assume that all art aims at beauty, and thus that anything that wasn't trying to be beautiful couldn't count as art.
Even Schliemann's first excavations at Hissarlik in the Troad did not excite surprise.
Even amorphous materials have some short-range order at the atomic length scale due to the nature of chemical bonding.
Even so, its kill rate was only 13 % in combat in 1972, leading to a practice of ripple-firing all four at once in hopes of increasing kill probability.
Even in the last pre-crisis year, 2008, the Bulgarian economy was growing rapidly at 6. 0 %, despite significantly slowing down in the last quarter.

Even and height
Even in the height of the depression, he continued to make regular payments on the Honduran debt, adhering strictly to the terms of the arrangement with the British bondholders and also satisfying other creditors.
Even at the height of the Underground Railroad, fewer than 1, 000 slaves from all slave-holding states were able to escape each year ( just over 5, 000 court cases for escaped slaves recorded ), a quantity much smaller than the natural annual increase of the enslaved population.
Even at the height of its development as a chariot-racing circuit, the circus remained the most suitable space in Rome for religious processions on a grand scale, and was the most popular venue for large-scale venationes ; in the late 3rd century, the emperor Probus laid on a spectacular Circus show in which beasts were hunted through a veritable forest of trees, on a specially built stage.
Even during the height of the dot-com era, authors James K. Glassman and Kevin A. Hassett went so far as to publish a book entitled Dow 36, 000: The New Strategy for Profiting From the Coming Rise in the Stock Market.
Even then, the elevated levels were still below those seen in deer in other parts of the country during the height of atmospheric weapons testing.
Even medium-sized towns such as San Gimignano are known to have featured seventy-two towers up to 51m in height.
Even at the height of his career, Lynch had come to be regarded as one of the all-time greats of Gaelic games.
Even when David designed a new French " national costume " at the request of the government during the height of the Revolutionary enthusiasm for changing everything in 1792, it included fairly tight leggings under a coat that stopped above the knee.
Even when his animation company was at the height of its success, he continued to own his own real estate firm as a " fallback " business.
Even the height of the mountain wouldn't cause it to be woodless.
Even so, for such loads, the typical Roman treadwheel crane, which could only reach a maximum height of 15 to 18 m in any event, was clearly inadequate.
Even though this situation changed later in the 17th century, it existed until 1875 when Lepelstraat got its first real church, with a tower having a height of 68 metres.
Even the new cathedral being built had limitations as to its height.
< tr >< td > English :< td > Even the trees in the jungle are not all of the same height, let alone the people.
Even at the height of violence he maintained a good natured expression on his face as though he expected all would be done in good humour and fair play.
Even at the height of the sexual revolution in America 30 years later, most Americans would disagree with his statement, but at the time of his visit to America, sex out of wedlock, let alone " animal-like " promiscuity, was rare, with the overwhelming number of Americans married as virgins or only had premarital sex with their future spouse.
Even without the height of the antenna at its top, the building is over 295 metres ( 968 ft ) high, which still makes it Germany's second tallest structure, after the Fernsehturm Berlin ( 368 metres / 1, 207 feet ).
Even financially powerful Mercedes-Benz had to remove the height adjustment switch from its flagship 6. 9 while retaining the hydropneumatic suspension in the U. S.
Even so, basements in Canada and the northern United States were typically only 7 feet 10 inches ( 2. 39 m ) in height, rather than the standard full 8 feet ( 2. 44 m ) of the main floors.
Even at this long distance from home plate, the wall stood in height all around the field, with the right field wall reduced to following the 1925 construction ( topped by the screen ).
Even in instances where there is no disease, unusually early puberty can have adverse effects on social behavior and psychological development, can reduce adult height potential, and may shift some lifelong health risks.
Even after the couples ' passing, the shrub-now grown to the height of a fair-sized tree-is used to human attention, and meat.
Even with the increased height, the station operates at such low power that it can only be heard clearly in Minneapolis itself.
Even as nationalism and an interest in genetic engineering were rising in Germany, terriers were also rising to the height of fashion in much of Europe and the United States.

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