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Page "Abd al-Rahman I" ¶ 13
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Some Related Sentences

Even and before
`` Even when the islands were under German mandate before World War 1,, Europeans gave Eromonga a wide berth.
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even before the century was out the tide of reaction had set in.
Even before the benches had dried, the Civil War veterans were straggling back to their places.
Even some of the queens will die before the winter is over, falling prey to enemies or disease.
Even before his death this influence had begun to ebb.
Even before he saw the necessity of growing better food and planning good nutrition, Mr. Clark felt the school had a good health program.
Even a city of thirty thousand might have six baseball teams, sponsored by grocers and hardware merchants or department stores, that played two or three times a week throughout the summer, usually in the cool of the evening, before an earnest and partisan audience who did not begrudge a quarter each, or even more, to be dropped into a hat when the game was half over.
Even before it was formally dissolved in 1912, the A.L.A.M. was succeeded by the Automobile Board of Trade, the direct lineal ancestor of the present-day Automobile Manufacturers Association.
Even before his mind had rounded out the idea, he thrust one hand into his trousers pocket and pulled out the six slugs he had taken from the revolver.
Even before he hit big money, he had begun buying modern paintings.
Even the stable-garage, which housed nothing now but the scent of rot, had a lawn before it.
Even before Johnston arrived in Tennessee, two forts had been started to defend the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River which provided avenues into the State from the north.
Even before the Nazis came to power, political pressure on Bauhaus had increased.
Even earlier I would take my coffee at Martin's, at 54th Street – now, alas, vanished – where I would see creatures of the night life before they disappeared with the
Even before the completion of the new house, the pattern of the royal couple's life in the Highlands was soon established.
Even before the Ionian Revolt, Darius had begun to expand the Empire into Europe, subjugating Thrace, and forcing Macedon to become allied to Persia.
Even before the publication of Client-Centered Therapy in 1951, Rogers believed that the principles he was describing could be applied in a variety of contexts and not just in the therapy situation.
" Even before the absence of the AME and AMEZ churches at the January 2011 plenary, some in CUIC had noticed the lack of commitment to racial reconciliation.
Even before he was inaugurated Eisenhower accepted a request from the British government to restore the Shah to power.
Even D-Cinema itself had evolved over time before the DCI standards were framed.
Even worse, these delays occurred a couple of days before the election day and some have indicated the governments role in these delays, but couldn't provide substantial proof for their accusations.
Even before the Crusade, Eleanor and Louis were becoming estranged.
Even before the Declaration of Boulogne, the language was remarkably stable ; only one set of lexical changes were made in the first year after publication, namely changing " when ", " then ", " never ", " sometimes ", " always " from kian, tian, nenian, ian, ĉian to kiam, tiam, neniam etc., to avoid confusion with the accusative forms of kia " what sort of ", tia " that sort of ", etc.

Even and fight
Even so, it adds up to impossible odds, except that the question arises, On whose side would the Mainland Chinese army fight??
Even at this time, he emphasized that, in the event of war, India ’ s place was alongside the democracies, though he insisted that India could only fight in support of Great Britain and France as a free country.
Even after he steadied his resolve to fight, Valens's efforts to forestall Procopius were hampered by the fact that most of his troops had already crossed the Cilician gates into Syria when he learned of the revolt.
Even more angered, Robert picks a senseless fight with him and is quickly knocked to the floor.
" Even as he burns and crumbles to dust, Spike laughs and revels in the destruction around him and the burning presence of his soul, glad to be able to see the fight to its end.
Even though WBC rules said the mandatory challenger should receive a shot at the title, the WBC withdrew its sanction from the fight and then stripped Chacon for refusing to fight Camacho.
Even after the Cavendish gang is brought to justice, Reid continues to fight evil under the guise of the Lone Ranger.
Even after cutting the purses dramatically, they still couldn't come up with enough financial backing to stage the fight.
Even though WBC rules stated the mandatory challenger should receive a shot at the title, the WBC insisted Chacon fight Héctor Camacho in Puerto Rico instead, then stripped him of his title when he refused.
Even though Germany sent many divisions to fight in Italy and the Franco-Benelux theater following the collapse of Russia and the Eastern Front in 1917 / 18, the Western Allies still defeated the Central Powers ' forces.
Even Ali's ever loyal trainer Angelo Dundee went on record as saying this was the champion's " worst fight ".
Even though Anderson ultimately got his way, he realized that he had to " learn to fight without being a jerk.
Even in the Elizabethan period, bills were still common with levies sent to fight the Scots.
Even after a young mare is isolated from her natal harem, the fight over her continues until her estrous cycle is over, and it starts again with the next estrous cycle.
Even though Hamilton managed to finish the mission with help from his associates at the military intelligence, Åke Stålhandske and Luigi Bertoni-Svensson, many people died during the desperate fight to free the businessmen.
Even at this early stage the competition was developing into a straight fight between a European and a U. S. solution.
Even without these reinforcements, the war persists — and the Jem ' Hadar continue to fight — for almost two more years.
Even though he looked to be in good physical condition for the fight, he still did not look like the same fighter from his days in PRIDE FC.
Now I will analyse for you the dire situation Cao Cao has placed himself into: Even if the north has been completely unified, can Cao Cao's ground based army fight against our superior navy and marines?
Even when Groo does join battle intending to fight for a particular side, he is prone to forget which side he's on, or be tricked into fighting his unfortunate allies.
Even when his suicide is many times linked to the Foundation ’ s financial difficulties, the letter clearly shows Favaloro overwhelmed by the corruption of the health system and feeling that he cannot fight against this powerful organization.
Even more than at Katia on 5 August, these soldiers were more numerous, ready, full of fight and more strongly supported by well-placed Austrian and Ottoman guns delivering both heavy and accurate fire.
Even the Mourets are marked to a certain degree ; in La Faute de l ' Abbé Mouret, the priest Serge Mouret has to fight his desire for a young woman.

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