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Even and disciples
Even though the Ji family had practices that Confucius disagreed and disapproved, they nonetheless gave Confucius ' disciples many opportunities for employment.
Nichiren encouraged his disciples not to share in violence: “ Even if other are clad in armor and instigate, my disciples should never do the same.
There is no need for physical presence nor for direct reporting to the mentor, such as the case in other practices: “ Even if people are physically far from the mentor ... if they are aware of their role as disciples then the mentor-disciple relationship is alive and intact ”.
His disciples collected many of his discourses and published them in Even Yisrael ( 1853 ) and Eitz Peri ( 1880 ).
Even disciples of the famous Saints Cyril and Methodius had stopped by the region, establishing a church at “ Vrelobosna ”.
Even disciples of the famous Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius had stopped by the region, establishing a church at Vrelo Bosne.
Even though he did not write books, he succeeded in gaining powerful disciples to his teachings that were based on the earlier expositions of Rabbi Isaac Luria ( 1534 – 1572 ) known as the Ari who had based much of his Kabbalistic teachings on the Zohar.
Even among Rinpoche's Western students there were some very close disciples who definitely should have recognized their buddha nature.

Even and Arius
Even in Athanasius ’ Orations against the Arians, Arius hardly emerges consistently as the creative individual originator of the heresy that bears his name, even though it would have greatly strengthened Athanasius ’ case to present him in that light.
Even if he did avoid the debatable term homooussios, he expressed its sense in many passages, which exclude equally Patripassianism, Sabellianism, and the formula " there was a time when the Son was not " attributed to Arius.

Even and such
Even so, confusion in this period gained such strength ( from compromise and other factors ) that it led to the bloodiest war of the Nineteenth century.
Even in such technical curricula as engineering, the senior is much more likely than the freshman to choose, as an ideal, liberal education over specific vocational preparation.
Even in the nineteenth century such accomplished philologists as Kemble and Guest were led into what now seem ludicrous errors because of their failure to recognize that modern forms of place names are not necessarily the result of logical philological development.
Even now no such claim is asserted.
Even though the registers may have an incomplete record of persons present in a particular area or include persons no longer living there, they contain precise information on ages, by date of birth, for some of the persons present ( especially children in relatively stable communities ) and supplementary information ( such as records of marital status ) for many others.
Even though in civil rights legislation in 1957 and 1960 the provision for the Attorney General to act was eliminated, should we nevertheless support such a clause??
In the above mentioned report of the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, the basic outlook of the new breed of lay faculty emerges very clearly in the very statement of the problem as the members see it: `` Even with the best of intentions he ( the President of the university ) is loath to delegate such authority and responsibility to a group the membership of which, considered ( as it must be by him ) in individual terms, is inhomogeneous, mortal and of extremely varying temperament, interests and capabilities.
Even though scientific research is not their main goal, many amateur astronomers make a contribution to astronomy by monitoring variable stars, tracking asteroids and discovering transient objects, such as comets.
Even more influential were such Roman thinkers as Cato, Cicero, Horace, and Virgil.
Even a 20th-century Surrealist, such as Paul Éluard, used alexandrines on occasion, such as in these lines from L ' Égalité des sexes ( in Capitale de la douleur ) ( note the variation between caesuras after the 6th syllable, and after 4th and 8th ):
Even the most advanced structural characterization techniques, such as x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy, have difficulty in distinguishing between amorphous and crystalline structures on these length scales.
Even composers not directly associated with the ' pastoral ' tradition, such as Arnold Bax, Lennox Berkeley and Arthur Bliss, were attracted to Housman's poetry.
Even pioneers in training the blind, such as Dorothy Harrison Eustis, harboured negative stereotypes about them.
Even species with lower population numbers now ( such as Siberian or Whooping Cranes ) are found over a considerable range in their migratory movements.
Even certain male deities representing regeneration and fertility were occasionally depicted with breast-like appendices, such as the river god Hapy who was considered to be responsible for the annual overflowing of the Nile.
" Even some complex " medical devices " ( see below ) can reasonably be deemed " biotechnology " depending on the degree to which such elements are central to their principle of operation.
Even where there is a commonly used calendar such as the Gregorian calendar, alternate calendars may also be used, such as a fiscal calendar or the astronomical year numbering system.
Even minor pollution such as dropping organic material can have a dramatic effect on the cave biota.
Even though the clutch may physically be located very close to the pedal, such remote means of actuation are necessary to eliminate the effect of vibrations and slight engine movement, engine mountings being flexible by design.
Even the structure of pure water is poorly understood, due to the ability of water to form structures such as water clusters through hydrogen bonds.
Even today, the procedure is credited with ending the devastation caused by the early epidemics, and vaccination, in many ways an updated and modernized form of the procedure, continues to be recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for at-risk populations, such as potential victims of bioterrorism, and research scientists who work with surviving strains of the virus.
Even so, several leading Politburo members supported Chernenko, such as Nikolai Tikhonov and Viktor Grishin.
Even such a simple thing as a north arrow is crucial.

Even and George
Even after the director was persuaded to keep the scene intact, George C. Scott refused to do it, as he believed it would overshadow the rest of his performance.
Even though, read in the light of later research, much of the first volume must necessarily be relegated to the region of the mythical, nonetheless, the historian was a laborious and accomplished reader and investigator of all available authorities, as well manuscript as printed ; while the roll of names of those who aided him includes every man of note in Scotland at the time, from Sir Thomas Craig and Sir George Mackenzie to Alexander Nisbet and Thomas Ruddiman.
Even worse conditions are reported in the book " Escape of a Princess Pat " by the Canadian George Pearson.
Even a female literary giant of the Victorian era, George Sand, observed " The cigar is a perfect compliment to an elegant lifestyle ".
Even after a successful trial in Barbados in 1764 observed by Maskelyne, Harrison was required to produce detailed drawings and build two more chronometers, one of which was eventually tested by King George III himself.
Even before the play had been fully written, Heyward was in discussions with George Gershwin for an operatic version of his novel, which appeared in 1935 as Porgy and Bess ( renamed to distinguish it from the play ).
Even so, the ratio of flux he reported for the two stars is consistent with the modern value, so George Rieke gives Nichols credit for the first detection of a star other than our own in the infrared.
Even though she had not made a picture in five years, Arthur accepted the part at the request of George Stevens with whom she had worked in two earlier films, The Talk of the Town ( 1942 ) and The More the Merrier ( 1943 ) for which she received her only Oscar nomination.
Even George Buttrick, whose words had so inspired Buechner, observed that, " It would be a shame to lose a good novelist for a mediocre preacher.
Even though this particular scene was supposed to be set in Arkansas, a " Willow Bend " sign advertising brick homes in Clayton County can be spotted behind Sheriff George Branford.
Even though U. S. President George W. Bush had named North Korea as part of an " Axis of Evil " following the September 11, 2001 attacks, U. S. officials stated that the United States was not planning any immediate military action.
Even a splash of high heroic drama might be thrown in to enrich the comedy mix, as in George Etherege's Love in a Tub ( 1664 ), which has one heroic verse " conflict between love and friendship " plot, one urbane wit comedy plot, and one burlesque pantsing plot.
Even among those who accept the views of conventional historians, there is disagreement as to the precise number of wives Smith had: Fawn M. Brodie lists 48, D. Michael Quinn 46, and George D. Smith 42.
Even though people like Antonio Soberanis, George Price and Evan X Hyde all lobbied to take their movements outside, and other ethnic groups such as the Garifuna and Mestizos sprang up elsewhere in the country, people looked to Belize Town for guidance.
Even after George III's accession, Augusta suffered widespread hostility from the public.
Even though Luther's prince, Frederick III, and the prince of the neighboring territory, George, Duke of Saxony, forbade the sale thereof in their respective lands, Luther's parishioners traveled to purchase them.
Even as he served as a Titular Councillor, drafting legal protocols, in Catherine ’ s Civil Service, he lauded revolutionaries like George Washington and praised the early stages of the French Revolution, and found himself enamored of the Russian Freemason, Nicholas Ivanovich Novikov, whose publication “ The Drone ” offered the first public critiques of the government, particularly with regards to serfdom.
Even late in life, Opie maintained connections with writers, for instance receiving George Borrow as a guest.
Even so, the music hall gave rise to such major stars as George Formby, Gracie Fields, Max Miller, Will Hay, and Flanagan and Allen during this period.
Even after George Parker's death, the company remained family-owned until 1968, when General Mills purchased the company.
Even in the year leading up to the revolution, more than two-thirds of the Continental Congress still believed that ties between King George and the colonies could stay intact.
Performers who use acoustic 12-string guitars span a range of genres, from folk ( Arlo Guthrie, Keith Potger, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Ben Woodward, Pete Seeger and Noel Paul Stookey ), through reggae ( Bob Marley ), traditional blues ( Lead Belly, Blind Willie McTell, and Guy Davis ), folk rock ( Paul Simon, Neil Young, Tim Buckley, Gerry Beckley, John Allan Cameron ) and country ( Pinmonkey's Michael Reynolds, Taylor Swift and Mike Nesmith ), to rock bands ( Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge, Jimi Hendrix on " Hear My Train A-Comin ", Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys, George Harrison, John Lennon of The Beatles, Robert Smith of The Cure, David Bowie for his " Space Oddity " live performances, Pete Townshend of The Who, Roger Hodgson ( ex-Supertramp ), who used acoustic 12-string on " Give a Little Bit ", " Even in the Quietest Moments ", " C ' est le Bon " and " Know Who You Are "; Melissa Etheridge, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Greg Lake on " Lucky Man " and " Still ... You Turn Me On ", Brian May of Queen, Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC, and Nick Valensi of The Strokes ).
Even though Otis played most of his own parts in the studio, the lineup on this album was quite extensive, including keyboardist George Duke and Aynsley Dunbar of Frank Zappa, Journey, and Whitesnake fame.
Even young characters in early episodes of CBSRMT tended to have names popular a generation earlier, such as Jack, George, Phyllis and Mary.
Even high-budget cinema is done using camcorders in some cases ; George Lucas used Sony CineAlta camcorders in two of his three Star Wars prequel movies.

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