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Even and sister
Even when the house contained those that were married, they would live together as brother and sister, since there was a suggestion and custom of practicing celibacy.
Even EC Comics joined the parade with a sister humor magazine, Panic, produced by future Mad editor Al Feldstein.
Even though Clotho and her sister were real goddesses, their representation of fate is more focused upon in Greek mythology.
Even after a blinded Paul walks into the desert to die, his sister Alia rules his empire and keeps the Bene Gesserit at bay until Paul's young son Leto II takes control himself in Children of Dune ( 1976 ).
" Even Cortázar's short story " Casa Tomada ," about a brother and sister whose house is taken over by someone or something mysterious, for Leal is an example of the fantastic and not magical realism.
Even where generation names are not used, siblings ' names are frequently related, so that a boy named Song (, " Pine ") might have a sister named Mei (, " Plum ").
Even after a child is born, it is the mother's brother, not the father, who presents a harvest of yams to his sister so that her child will be fed with food from its own matrilineage, not the father's.
Even Amigo must give in when his little sister starts whining at him.
Even as his powers are being drained away, Zordon attempts to reach Astronema's true self ( Karone, Andros ' sister ), but is unsuccessful.
Even with the support of his older half-brother John Smith, Joseph assumed primary responsibility for his young sister, Martha Ann, and subsequently left school in 1854.
Even his younger daughter Hisako ( Miyuki Kuwano ) is on the side of her sister, finding her father too old-fashioned.
The pair talk and interact with each other in ways that are consistent with a father-daughter relationship ( Even though in New X-Men, Logan introduced her to the students as his sister ).
Even until know, many fans still recognize her as Go Jun Pyo ’ s beautiful sister.
Even though it is owned by Post-Newsweek Stations, WJXT ( unlike most of its sister stations that follow Post-Newsweek's " Local Mandate " branding standardization ) does not brand itself " Local 4 ", though its current on-air slogan " The Local Station " is close enough under the standardization.
Even with Muazena trying to help, Sofia must overcome multiple adversities such as losing both her sister and her legs to a land mine and all of the strife that comes with growing up.
Even their mother Stephanie — whom at one time had no liking for Donna or her sister Brooke — has pleaded with them to drop their animosity toward her and give her a chance, if anything, for their father's sake.
Even Little Chrissy ( Lauren Hulsey ), his six-year-old sister, feels the pressure of celebrity when her eating disorder is exposed, bringing unwanted attention from nosy child welfare agencies ( she's mistakenly diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and prescribed Ritalin.
Even after going through three owners within the same year, the station did not change its programming format, aside from adding more programming owned by Taft and distributed by new sister company Worldvision Enterprises, such as Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
Even Caliban got a sister.
Even after all this, she is thoroughly devoted to making sure that her sister is safe.
Even though still using the " Soft " in its slogan ( like all Bell Media-owned ACs ), the station has begun to lean in a more adult top 40 sound, like its sister AC outlets that lean at a much younger audience.
Even Shelley, Stan's sister, is arrested after she is about to attack Stan as he celebrates their parents ' arrest ( though it is never shown what happens to her while the adults are in jail ).
Even after its sale to Chancellor in 1996, station management decided not to tamper with the format as they see WJMN as part of a winning combination with Top 40 / CHR sister station WXKS, a formula that continues to the present day.
Even as the second game took off in sales, Budge and his sister were being overwhelmed by all the tasks involved in running the business.

Even and wore
As historian Vicky Howard writes, " f a bride wore white in the nineteenth century, it was acceptable and likely that she wore her gown again ..." Even Queen Victoria had her famous lace wedding dress re-styled for later use.
Voters increasingly viewed Goldwater as a right wing fringe candidate — his slogan " In your heart, you know he's right " was successfully parodied by the Johnson campaign into " In your guts, you know he's nuts ", or " In your heart, you know he might " ( as in push the nuclear button ), or even " In your heart, he's too far right " ( some cynics wore buttons saying " Even Johnson is better than Goldwater!
Even Marilyn Monroe for a scene from Some Like It Hot wore a dress that revealed skin everywhere but had a tiny piece of fabric to hide her navel.
Even elves wore flares in the 1970s.
Even with an intimidating fortress and seasoned troops, the siege wore on, outlasting even Raymond who died on 25 February 1105.
Even so, Perkins worked with Fitzgerald to drastically revise the manuscript and then lobbied it through the house until he wore down his colleagues ' resistance.
Even in public baths, non-Muslims wore medallions suspended from cords around their necks so no one would mistake them for Muslims.
Even Maurice " Rocket " Richard and Elmer Lach briefly wore helmets.
Even in the day care, he wore a box, and then made it into a television costume.
Even when he was alone in a dark room, he wore proper clothing and sat carefully.
Even at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, political activism rooted in Irish agrarian movements manifested themselves in Newfoundland, in such forms such as the Caravats ( who wore French ' cravates ' or ties ), and the Shanavests ( literally, the ' old vests ').
Even then university president, Nannerl ' Nan ' Overholser Keohane, wore a T-shirt.
Even when " dressed ", the Royal family often wore plain clothes, far removed from the ornate splendor of other courts.

Even and no
Even yet there was no realization in his eyes.
Even apart from the fact that now at the age of 31 my personal life is being totally disrupted for the second time for no very compelling reason -- I cannot help looking around at the black leather jacket brigades standing idly on the street corners and in the taverns of every American city and asking myself if our society has gone mad.
Even now no such claim is asserted.
Even though I have always had a genius for `` throwing myself '' into every role and `` playing it for all it's worth '', no actress can be expected to do her best work when her fortune, her reputation, her livelihood, her home and her nation itself are all imperilled.
Even though the registers may have an incomplete record of persons present in a particular area or include persons no longer living there, they contain precise information on ages, by date of birth, for some of the persons present ( especially children in relatively stable communities ) and supplementary information ( such as records of marital status ) for many others.
Even if there are no livestock, the farmer cannot leave the farm for long periods, particularly during the growing season.
Even for those who have been observing the political scene a long time, no script from the past is worth very much in gazing into the state's immediate political future.
Even at that distance, with no sound but the sound of the tractor, I could tell the fierce mark of brutality on the boy.
Even though this may appear similar to a series of animation drawings, there was no way of viewing the images in motion.
Even if a supernatural cause is required, he argues, it could be something other than God ; this would mean that the phenomena of the conscience is no more supportive of monotheism than polytheism.
Even as his works dropped from performance, and he wrote no new operas after 1804, he still remained one of the most important and sought after teachers of his generation and his influence was felt in every aspect of Vienna's musical life.
Even Houbraken recalled that Cuyp was a devout Calvinist and the fact that when he died, there were no paintings of other artists found in his home.
Even so, there is no evidence to suggest that he intended to found an order.
Even though the author of the book states that Ruth " just happens " to find Boaz's field ( Ruth 2: 3 ), the reader may be led to accede to the notion that in Bible terms there is no mere chance, but that chance and God's providence amount to the same thing.
and Odd or Even require no materials and are played using hand gestures, although with the former it is possible for a player to win or lose through skill rather than luck.
Even with no external electric field applied, these electrons move about randomly due to thermal energy but, on average, there is zero net current within the metal.
Even if there were a deceiving god ( or an evil demon ), one's belief in their own existence would be secure, for there is no way one could be deceived unless one existed in order to be deceived.
Even though the rights of the individual were not secured by the Athenian constitution in the modern sense ( the ancient Greeks had no word for " rights "), the Athenians enjoyed their liberties not in opposition to the government but by living in a city that was not subject to another power and by not being subjects themselves to the rule of another person.
Even after the denarius was no longer regularly issued, it continued to be used as a unit of account, and the name was applied to later Roman coins in a way that is not understood.
Even provisional President Friedrich Ebert contributed to the myth when he saluted returning veterans with the oration that " no enemy has vanquished you " ( kein Feind hat euch überwunden!
Even though it might have cost me a lot of money, I kept saying no .” She eventually found a publisher who agreed to print the book containing only 10 % of the material.
Even in jurisdictions where certification has little or no legal bearing on work, engineers are subject to contract law.
Even once the nationality of a married woman was made no longer dependent on the nationality of her husband, legal provisions were still retained automatically naturalising married women, and sometimes married men as well.
He said, " Even the decisions of the official Ifta authority official Saudi fatwā institute is binding on no one, whether for the people or the state.
Even though the conductive channel formed by gate-to-source voltage no longer connects source to drain during saturation mode, carriers are not blocked from flowing.

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