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Page "government" ¶ 411
from Brown Corpus
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Even and if
Even if people do, in a not far distant future, begin to read one another's minds, there will still be the question of whether what you find in another man's mind is especially worth reading -- worth more, that is, than what you can read in good books.
Even if men eventually find themselves able to look through walls and around corners, one may question whether this will help them to live better lives.
Even if the self portrait we distribute for popular consumption were accurate it would be dangerous to present it as a picture of the ideal society.
Even apart from the fact that now at the age of 31 my personal life is being totally disrupted for the second time for no very compelling reason -- I cannot help looking around at the black leather jacket brigades standing idly on the street corners and in the taverns of every American city and asking myself if our society has gone mad.
Even if we were not bound by Nugent, petitioner here would not be entitled to the report.
Even if all these operations could be performed instantaneously, the ICBM still has a time of flight to the target of about 30 minutes.
Even if this is some day possible, there remains the 30-minute time of flight of a missile to its overseas target.
Even if you live above that line, the FHA will back you, for they have decided that the inclusion of air conditioning in all new homes is a good thing and should be encouraged.
Even if gymnastics are not the ultimate goal, the good tumbler will be a better dancer, a better athlete, and a human being with a greater margin of safety in any activity.
Even if we strip their respective claims to the barest minimum, the `` odds '' still favor them both, for the trend in effect is always more likely to continue than to reverse.
Even if we marshal substantial agreement behind mandatory public education, we likely cannot expect that all the states will enact the legislation.
Even if there are no livestock, the farmer cannot leave the farm for long periods, particularly during the growing season.
Even if it did not, how would this little world of gentle people cope with its new reality of grenades and submachine guns??
Even then, if she took one step forward he could catch her.
Even if he is gifted with the merest mustard grain of imagination, something must seep in.
Even if he angry, Tim wouldn't hurt a woman.
Even the two-year-old feels miffed if the family has a prayer-time without her.
Even if the atom were big enough to hold a football field, this nucleus is still only about the size of a pinhead.
Even if that's all the promise he ever gave or ever will give, the giving of it once was enough and you believed it then and you will always believe it, even when it is finally the only thing in the world you have left to believe, and the whole world is telling you that one was a lie.
Even if we do, you'll be out of here in a week, probably ''.
Even if they ever did say anything about people like Lucille Warren, I know they wouldn't have dreamed of saying it in front of me.
Even if not yet ratified, the Articles provided domestic and international legitimacy for the Continental Congress to direct the American Revolutionary War, conduct diplomacy with Europe and deal with territorial issues and Indian relations.
Even so, half of a given amount of astatine will vaporize in an hour if put on a clean glass surface at room temperature.
Even if the resolution of an analog signal is higher than a comparable digital signal, the difference can be overshadowed by the noise in the signal.

Even and electric
Even use your portable electric or gas grill in the winter, inside.
Even with no external electric field applied, these electrons move about randomly due to thermal energy but, on average, there is zero net current within the metal.
Even when new and clean, illumination from the safety lamps was very poor, and the problem was not fully resolved until electric lamps became widely available in the late 19th century.
Even a trip to the Moon is long enough for an electric propulsion system to outrun a chemical rocket – the Apollo missions took 3 days in each direction.
Even if a molecule does not form a permanent dipole, it can still be influenced by an electric field.
Even the idea and concept behind the Ampera was rooted in Opel with Frank Weber, the former " Global Vehicle Line Executive and Global Chief Engineer electric vehicle development ," being originally an Opel employee who was moved to the USA in order to advance the development of this concept in GM's home country instead of the German outpost that is Opel.
In his fictionalised but autobiographical Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, published in 1930, Siegfried Sassoon's narrator ruminates from his hospital bed in Denmark Hill, London, in 1917 that " Even the screech and rumble of electric trams was a friendly sound ; trams meant safety ; the troops in the trenches thought about trams with affection.
Even though Trabant doesn't have much of a history of being green, two German companies are trying to find investors to create the Trabant nT, an electric car that will be equipped with a 45 kW asynchronous motor powered with a lithium-ion battery.
Even 20 years ago, it was not common for a 25-feet ( 7 m ) yacht to have electric lighting.
Even assuming an electric field has been established, the mechanism by which the lightning discharge begins is not well known.
Even before groundbreaking, Seattle Weekly said the design could refer to " the often quoted comparison to a smashed electric guitar.
Even though electric ice shavers are most often used, street vendors can still be seen hand-shaving ice blocks in the summer.
* A 2009 University of Berkeley Research Letter found that " Even under highly optimistic assumptions the compressed-air car is significantly less efficient than a battery electric vehicle and produces more greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional gas-powered car with a coal intensive power mix.
Even though charges cannot flow freely in a dielectric, the charges in molecules can move a little under the influence of an electric field.
* Mark Bryan – mandolin on " Only Wanna Be with You ", piano on " Not Even the Trees ", electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal percussion
Even if the macroscopic electric field is zero, any single ion will experience an electric field due to the neighboring charged particles in the plasma.
Even though electronic keyboards or organs were the standard instruments used to create sustained " pads " of sound ( e. g., held backing chords ) for ballads, with the introduction of digital delay pedals and other modern effects, electric guitars could produce similar " pads " or " walls of sound ".
Even more than 100 years after the invention of the electric light, some regions remain thinly populated and unlit.
Even after he stopped traditional stock car racing, he continued helping others and eventually helped construct and drive a local high school's entry in an electric car race held at Phoenix International Raceway.
Even later the panels were left at home, feeding into the electric mains, and the bicycles charged from the mains.
Even today, some 98 % of all computer electronic communications in one way or the other is transmitted primarily by undersea cable and / or fiber optics and utilizes still, an electric keyboard.
Even more than 100 years after the invention of the electric light, some regions remain thinly populated and unlit.
Even more than 100 years after the invention of the electric light, most regions remain thinly populated or unlit.

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