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Even and daily
Even Norway, despite daily but limited manifestations against atomic arms in the heart of this northernmost capital of the alliance, is today closer to the NATO line.
Even in 1900, more than 100, 000 people, 20, 000 cars, horse-drawn vehicles and handcarts, plus many thousands of bicycles, passed through the platz daily.
Even though the format proved successful it took until 1992 before Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten became the first German daily soap opera.
Even though he was farming potatoes and wheat on his land, he was also the postmaster for Port Townsend, Washington and rowed a boat daily across the inlet in order to work at the post office there.
Even though all commemorative coins can be used, they are not seen often in typical daily use and normally do not circulate.
Even gauges that are calibrated annually and within their expiration timeframe should be checked this way every month or two, if they are used daily.
Even twice the daily recommended amount can cause severe birth defects.
Even today, it is still logged daily in the ship's deck log and reported to the Captain prior to eight bells on the forenoon watch ( shipboard noon ).
Even while performing daily activities a practitioner can strive for full samādhi.
Even in the details of daily life, I need to feel above " ( Camus 288 ).
Even though the city's center is almost uninhabited, it is the most important working area of the country, which brings in more than a million people daily.
Even during daily tasks, thoughts of the loss keep coming to mind.
Even while the proliferation of soft-scholarly books was reifying the shanty repertoire, a few American scholars were audio-recording some of the last surviving sailors that had sung shanties as part of their daily work.
Even today most of the town's inhabitants commute to Warsaw on a daily basis.
Even though the Division was once again in reserve, it was still taking daily casualties from the Turkish Artillery.
Even many of the jobs initially created by the Commercial Revolution in the years from 1520 to 1650 and later during Industrialisation in the 18th and 19th centuries would not have been salaried, but, to the extent they were paid as employees, probably paid an hourly or daily wage or paid per unit produced ( also called piece work ).
Even today much of Chettinad's daily tidings are centered around the festivities of the temple.
Even though He had done well in lifting the Kenyan economy, introducing free primary education and developing new infrastructure, Kenyans still faced corrupt officers daily.
Even at its peak in 1971, its daily 650 passengers hardly made the line an economic proposition.
Even more worrisome, 35 % of students reported a wait of 10 or more days for their initial appointment with the service, and 80 % of the students were not aware of the daily afternoon walk-in hours.
Even though he was in many respects an educated intellectual, yet he retained the warmth, the common touch, humour and manners of the working-class people he had grown up with, and who he loved and mixed with daily.
Even with the new Interstate Highways in the area built beginning in the 1960s, by the 1980s, more than 50, 000 vehicles traveled along Military Highway daily with 67, 000 vehicles expected by the year 2010.
Even though group dhikr is popular and makes up the spiritual life of most Sufi adherents, other more private forms of dhikr are performed more routinely-usually consisting of the order's wird ( daily litany )-which adherents usually recite privately, even if gathered together.

Even and physical
Even if the particles have equivalent physical properties, there remains a second method for distinguishing between particles, which is to track the trajectory of each particle.
Even some critics concede that " Drexler has carefully considered a number of physical principles underlying the ' high level ' aspects of the nanosystems he proposes and, indeed, has thought in some detail " about some issues.
Even physical life is subservient to virtue.
Even the physical landscape is not entirely as it was: sea-levels have changed, and the combination of erosion and silting will have considerably altered the shape of the coast in some places, while the natural accumulation of peat and man-made changes from peat-cutting has altered inland landscapes.
Even in countries where homosexuality is legal ( most countries outside of Africa and the Middle East ), there are reports of homosexual people being targeted with bullying or physical assault or even homicide.
Even though no physical harm has come to an animal or human being, they have inflicted large economic losses on many economies.
* Even though a dimensionless quantity has no physical dimension associated with it, it can still have dimensionless units.
Even something as simple as a thick or thorny bush can add a layer of physical security to some premises, especially in a residential setting.
Even though he did not match the physical description of Rosario, the erroneously-cataloged fingerprints were considered to be more reliable.
Even without actual physical, mystical, superhuman or superalien powers, the supervillain often possesses a genius intellect that allows him to draft complex schemes or create fantastic devices.
Even where physical property such as land is concerned, differing cultural understandings as to what types of land are able to be privately owned have caused problems, as for example in the foreshore and seabed controversy of 2003 – 04.
Even when they are not, by abundant testimony of the medical fraternity continuance for a long time on her feet at work, repeating this from day to day, tends to injurious effects upon the body, and as healthy mothers are essential to vigorous offspring, the physical well-being of woman becomes an object of public interest and care in order to preserve the strength and vigor of the race.
Even worse, there are often two sets of component outputs, one carrying interlaced video, and the other progressive, or an interlaced / progressive switch ( either a physical switch or a menu setting ).
There is no need for physical presence nor for direct reporting to the mentor, such as the case in other practices: “ Even if people are physically far from the mentor ... if they are aware of their role as disciples then the mentor-disciple relationship is alive and intact ”.
Even if the interventions are worthless, the test group would be expected to show an improvement on their next physical exam, because of regression toward the mean.
Even though certain forms of physical contact or particular words might cause even reasonable people to become seriously annoyed, the state cannot sanction or justify retaliation.
Even in a crowded place, preserving personal space is important, and intimate and sexual contact, such as frotteurism and groping, are normally unacceptable physical contact.
Even with the best experimental design, it is not possible to control and constrain all other background stimuli impinging on a subject — scanner noise, random thoughts, physical sensations, and the like.
Even as Veronese's use of color attained greater intensity and luminosity, his attention to narrative, human sentiment, and a more subtle and meaningful physical interplay between his figures became evident.
Even so, a computer running a simulation need not have to run every possible physical moment to be plausible to its inhabitants.
Even if conceivability considerations do not establish that the mind is in fact distinct from the body, or that mental properties are metaphysically irreducible to physical properties, still they do demonstrate that we lack an explanation of the mental in terms of the physical.

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