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Even and death
Even before his death this influence had begun to ebb.
Even life in harmony with death.
Even death, therefore, has a providential as well as a punitive function.
Even after leaving the abbacy of Tavistock, he continued to hold two properties from the abbey until his death.
Even in his old age he displayed the same restless energy, and is said to have been contemplating a fresh attack on Carthage at the time of his death.
At Abbahu's death the mourning was so great that it was said, " Even the statues of Cæsarea shed tears " ( Mo ' ed Katan 25b ; Yer.
Even Arnold Houbraken, a noted historian of Dutch Golden Age paintings and the sole authority on Cuyp for the hundred years following his death, paints a very thin biographical picture.
Even after his death, other MILPAS bands sprouted during 1980 – 1981.
Even after his death, Hayek's intellectual presence is noticeable, especially in the universities where he had taught: the London School of Economics, the University of Chicago, and the University of Freiburg.
Even for those whose death had brought honourable release, the taint of infamia was perpetual.
Even more surprisingly, Venizelos ' Liberal Party lost the elections called in November 1920, and in a referendum shortly after, the Greek people voted for the return of King Constantine from exile, following the sudden death of Alexander.
* Even though Eve had Adam for a husband, she was still a virgin ... By disobeying, Eve became the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race.
Even as John Dirks took over most of the work, Rudolph Dirks signed the strip until his death in 1968.
Even twenty lashes could maim, and with the specially extended Great Knout, twenty blows could kill, with death from the Great Knout sometimes being attributed to the breaking of the spine due to the weight of the Great Knout.
Even so, his other works remained very popular after his death, with The Master Key appearing on St. Nicholas Magazines survey of readers ' favorite books well into the 1920s.
" Even we at Fox News manage to get some lefties on the air occasionally, and often let them finish their sentences before we club them to death and feed the scraps to Karl Rove and Bill O ' Reilly.
Even the often-advanced suggestion that quatrain I. 35 had successfully prophesied King Henri II's death did not actually appear in print for the first time until 1614, 55 years after the event.
Even before Scott's death was known, Amundsen had been offended by what he felt was a " sneering toast "' from RGS President Lord Curzon, at a meeting held supposedly to honour the polar victor.
Even Scott's heroism in the face of death is challenged ; Huntford sees Scott's Message to the Public as a deceitful self-justification from a man who had led his comrades to their deaths.
Even thirty years after his death " Sultan Solyman " was quoted by the English playwright William Shakespeare as a military prodigy in The Merchant of Venice ( Act 2, Scene 1 ).
Even though about 95 percent of Swedish school children know how to swim, drowning remains the third most common cause of death among children.
Even up to the moment of his death, Piggy's perspective does not shift in response to the reality of their situation.
Even after the younger William's death in 1100 and the succession of his youngest brother Henry as king, Normandy and England remained contested between the brothers until Robert's capture by Henry at the Battle of Tinchebray in 1106.
Even the most optimistic predictions of the effects of a major nuclear exchange foresee the death of many millions of victims within a very short period of time.
Even if the king was not accountable for his management of the kingdom's entries, he may have felt responsible to defend his administration on certain occasions: Arrian tells us that during the mutiny of Alexander's soldiers at Opis in 324 BC, Alexander detailed the possessions of his father at his death to prove he had not abused his charge.

Even and Bernhard
Even a cameo by the generally fabulous Sandra Bernhard falls flat.

Even and caused
Even " vanishingly small " quantities of dioxin in the diet caused adverse health effects when tested on animals.
Even if one ignores exceptions caused by some kind of injury or illness, there are many unclear cases, including the fact that " normal " humans can crawl on hands and knees.
Even if causes and effects in the universe looped back on themselves, they would still, at any particular moment, be contingent and thus would have to be caused by God.
Even today, the procedure is credited with ending the devastation caused by the early epidemics, and vaccination, in many ways an updated and modernized form of the procedure, continues to be recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for at-risk populations, such as potential victims of bioterrorism, and research scientists who work with surviving strains of the virus.
Even much later, however, Wimsey would have relapses — especially when his actions caused a murderer to be hanged.
Even this authority would admit that it is better to pronounce the Kiddush over new wine than to desecrate the Name and to disgrace the Jewish people, and we well know the damage caused the Jewish people by the trafficking in sacramental wine.
Even so, falling meteorites have reportedly caused damage to property, and injuries to livestock and people.
Even though there was the stated goal of getting back the " northern lost lands ", paranoia within the royal family and a constant string of disruptions to the throne caused the loss of support of many officials.
Even internet illiteracy has been associated with increased default, potentially caused by these households being less likely to find their way to the social benefits they are often entitled to.
Even with nearly identical DNA, epigenetic modification, caused by differing environmental influences throughout their lives, affects which genes are switched on or off.
Even then printers had an aversion to ledger lines which caused difficulties in setting type, wasting space on the page and causing a messy appearance.
Even where physical property such as land is concerned, differing cultural understandings as to what types of land are able to be privately owned have caused problems, as for example in the foreshore and seabed controversy of 2003 – 04.
Even when only ciphertext is available for testing and plaintext letter identities are disguised, coincidences in ciphertext can be caused by coincidences in the underlying plaintext.
Even some un-amplified equipment caused interference in some cases.
Even with many Americans not competing in finals because of confusion caused by the organizers ' decision to count scores achieved on Monday, 16 July for finals held on Sunday, 15 July and subsequent rescission of that decision, the United States won more than 4 times as many medals as any other nation, including 16 of the 23 gold medals.
Even at this late point, the home market was still suffering from the fallout caused by the North American video game crash of 1983.
Even before the negative influence on public opinion caused by the 2006 backdating scandal, use of options faced various criticisms.
Even worse, the effort in capturing Thrace and Constantinople ultimately caused the loss of the major part of Macedonia including Thessaloniki and that could not be easily accepted, leading the Bulgarian military leadership around Tsar Ferdinand to decide upon a war against its former allies.
" Even at death Pulcheria thought of way in which to help the poor of Constantinople, " In her will she reinforced that bond by instructing that all of her remaining wealth be distributed among the poor ..." After her death Pulcheria was made into a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church, "... she became a saint of the church, both in West and in the East, where centuries later the faithful of Constantinople celebrated her memorial each year on September 10, bearing in mind her piety and virginity, her works of philanthropy and construction and especially her greatest triumph: ' she caused the holy synod to take place at Chalcedon '.
Even before the Series started on October 2, there were rumors among gamblers that the series was fixed, and a sudden influx of money being bet on Cincinnati caused the odds against them to fall rapidly.
Even so, Chelsea remained rural and served London to the east as a market garden, a trade that continued until the 19th-century development boom which caused the district finally to be absorbed into the metropolis.
Even though World War II caused the school's enrollment to drop to less than 30 students, the school made quick efforts at expansion once the war ended in 1945.
Even then, so many hostile words were written in the documents being exchanged by the two parties that the head negotiator, French ambassador De Lumbres, found himself having to expurgate long sections which otherwise would have caused offense.
Even though the replacement of colones with dollars proved to reduce interest rates, it also caused a huge long-term inflation as prices were rounded upwards.
Even in the audience-chamber, supposedly arranged with care, officers in civil dress caused a stir and gave vent to noisy manifestations.

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