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Even and better
Even if men eventually find themselves able to look through walls and around corners, one may question whether this will help them to live better lives.
Even to be `` from hope and fear set free '' is at least better than to have lost the first without having got rid of the second.
Even better, they have the examples of Nashville and Houston to hold up as peaceful and progressive programs.
Even if gymnastics are not the ultimate goal, the good tumbler will be a better dancer, a better athlete, and a human being with a greater margin of safety in any activity.
Even before he saw the necessity of growing better food and planning good nutrition, Mr. Clark felt the school had a good health program.
Even this version had room for improvement, leading British Aerospace and the Italian firm Alenia to develop advanced versions of Sparrow with better performance and improved electronics as the BAe Skyflash and Alenia Aspide, respectively.
* Even if victims recognize their own role as victims, they may not have the resources to investigate and seek legal redress for the injuries suffered: the enforcers formally appointed by the State often have better access to expertise and resources.
Even of the works of the better known thinkers, few fragments survived.
Even this authority would admit that it is better to pronounce the Kiddush over new wine than to desecrate the Name and to disgrace the Jewish people, and we well know the damage caused the Jewish people by the trafficking in sacramental wine.
Even more animals not previously exploited for their meat are now being farmed, especially the more agile and mobile species, whose muscles tend to be developed better than those of cattle, sheep or pigs.
Even a pair of queens with any two spades is better than 55-45 against a random ace-king hand.
Even though ratings were getting better the show ended its run in the morning hours.
Even when her original intention is to destroy it, she always ends up with something much better, ( and usually more destructive ).
Even at the time there were those who could see that guided missiles would eventually make such aircraft vulnerable, but development of such missiles was proving difficult, and fast and high-flying bombers were likely to serve for years before there was a need for something better.
Voters increasingly viewed Goldwater as a right wing fringe candidate — his slogan " In your heart, you know he's right " was successfully parodied by the Johnson campaign into " In your guts, you know he's nuts ", or " In your heart, you know he might " ( as in push the nuclear button ), or even " In your heart, he's too far right " ( some cynics wore buttons saying " Even Johnson is better than Goldwater!
Even Ebony magazine delayed publishing his essay, " I Choose Exile " until he suggested it would be better to publish it in a white periodical, " since a white periodical would be less vulnerable to accusations of disloyalty.
Even though German society was, at the time, a " joining " society these groups were fragmented and their members did not use the skills they learned in their club associations to better their society.
Even then, most customers were unaware of its significance and merely enjoyed the better audio performance of the newer decks.
Even as English troops were not particularly successful, French troops were in better situation.
' Even when insulted to his face attending the show ,' a biographer notes, ' Macmillan felt it was better to be mocked than ignored.
Even when the dust was at its worst, the transparency at the zenith was better than at Edinburgh.
Even after being stonewalled when asking for payment, and after being persuaded to stay for a meal, and against his better judgment, Smith agrees to stay another day to help them with other small jobs, always with the faint hope that Mother Maria will pay him for his work.
Even though the waters had a smell to them, they still seemed to be ' magic ' when people bathed in the stuff, and actually felt better.

Even and days
Even so, it took her several days to force Walter to tell her Nicolas's whereabouts.
Even worse, these delays occurred a couple of days before the election day and some have indicated the governments role in these delays, but couldn't provide substantial proof for their accusations.
Even a trip to the Moon is long enough for an electric propulsion system to outrun a chemical rocket – the Apollo missions took 3 days in each direction.
Even for a small loom with only a few thousand warp ends the process of re-threading can take days.
Even though he was supposed not to speak at all for ten days, he had an argument with somebody and raised his voice.
Even small spaceships employ artificial gravity to shield their passengers from the effects of high acceleration, allowing them to cross a solar system in a matter of hours or days.
Even so, Göring was reported to have disliked Himmler to the last days of the war and even turned down honorary SS rank since he did not want to be subordinate to Himmler in any way.
" Even though at first they were thought to be too weak or fragile to do this type of work, after the first few days on which Chinese were on the line, the decision was made to hire as many as could be found in California ( where most were independent gold miners or in service industries such as laundries and kitchens ).
Even in those days without microphones, my high piping voice carried all over the square.
Even when summer days get extremely hot, nights can be pleasantly cool.
Even before she succeeded to the throne, Leopold had been advising the then-Princess Victoria by letter, and after her accession, he was one of the great influences on her in the early days of her monarchy.
Even so, winds from the south, called surazos, can bring cooler temperatures lasting several days.
::" Our house is on the eastern slope of Rupert Mountain, just off a country road, still unpaved then, and five miles from the nearest town … Even at the most unpromising times of year – in mudtime, on bleak, snowless winter days – it is in so many unexpected ways beautiful that even after all this time I have never quite gotten used to it.
Even during his days as a traveling salesman, Long had confided to his wife that his planned career trajectory would begin with election to a minor state office, then governor, then senator, and ultimately election as President of the United States.
Even the month of May experiences some days above 100 ° F ( 38 ° C ).
Even in present days ' skûtsjes ' from these shipyards take part in the major Frisian sailing event, the ' skûtsjesilen '.
Even those who had been content to permit the monks ’ worship and do great reverence at their matins, masses and services two days previously were no less happy to pilfer, which is strange, that they could one day think it to be the house of God and the next the house of the Devil – or else they would not have been so ready to have spoiled it.
Even in these early days, he used the acetate-disk setup to record parts at different speeds and with delay, resulting in his signature sound with echoes and birdsong-like guitar riffs.
Even a person who had once litigated in a non-Jewish court, instead of to a Jewish court, in a disputed question could not act as hazzan on those days, unless he had previously done penance.
Even in dealing with 2D drawings, the manufacturing world has changed since the days when people paid attention to the scale ratio claimed on the print, or counted on its accuracy.
Even in death he was unique — due to overwhelming popular request there were three funeral services: the first in Rome, a second in his birth city Naples — and a few days later, in a third one by the local Camorra boss, an empty casket was carried along the packed streets of the popular Rione Sanità quarter where he was born.
Anglicans style the most important days Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Even.
Even during his final days on the bench, Stephen is reported to have been ' brief, terse and to the point, and as lucid as in the old days '.

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