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Even and literary
Even the great god Faulkner, the South's one probable contender for literary immortality, has little concerned himself with these matters ; ;
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
Even a female literary giant of the Victorian era, George Sand, observed " The cigar is a perfect compliment to an elegant lifestyle ".
Even before the last part of the serial was published, critics hailed the work as a literary treasure.
Even though a minority wrote AKP-themed literature, there was a general willingness of the larger community of authors to support this literary focus.
Even though there is an abundance of Flemish, Franco-Belgian, and American comics, they also created their own tradition, with a more literary kind of comics.
Even close friends and family were disapproving of Joyce's seemingly impenetrable text, with Joyce's brother Stanislaus " rebuk him for writing an incomprehensible night-book ", and former friend Oliver Gogarty believing the book to be a joke, pulled by Joyce on the literary community, referring to it as " the most colossal leg pull in literature since Macpherson's Ossian ".
Even before his death, Münchhausen's reputation as a storyteller was exaggerated by several writers, giving birth to a fully fictionalized literary character usually called simply Baron Munchausen.
Even if Khufu's name survived within the literary traditions for so long, different cultural circles surely fostered different views about Khufu's character and historical deeds.
Even amid the terrors of the French Revolution, Parr adhered to Whiggism, and his correspondence included every man of eminence, either literary or political, who adopted the same creed.
Even before her first novel was published, her literary reputation was already high, largely on the strength of her story " A Night Among the Horses ," which was published in The Little Review and reprinted in her 1923 collection A Book.
Even though the systemic Formalists incorporated the social dimension into literary theory and acknowledged the analogy between language and literature the figures of author and reader were pushed to the margins of this paradigm.
Even those who have questioned the literary prowess of Cao Yu, for instance, the noted critic C. T. Hsia, admit that the popularization and consolidation of China's theatrical genre is fundamentally owed to the first works of Cao Yu.
" Even though the literary salons, as opposed to the society salons, remained open to Custine, many people who were friendly with him sneered at him behind his back.
Even then, he also worked as literary critic for the magazine Truth, the London Evening News ( 1929-32 ) and The Observer ( 1937-43 ).
Even as a young boy Brontë read extensively, and was especially fond of the " Noctes Ambrosianae ", literary dialogues published in Blackwood's Magazine He took leadership role with Charlotte in a series of " Young Men " plays, which the siblings wrote and performed.
Even though he is not the most prolific of Thailand's celebrated authors, Khamsing is credited with beginning a tectonic shift in Thai literary style and focus.
Even if they do imply non-Greek originals, these accounts have been doubted, in part with an argument that the literary quality of the Greek of these books indicates that the Greek would be the original.
Even in death Bernhard caused disturbance by his, as he supposedly called it, posthumous literary emigration, by disallowing all publication and stagings of his work within Austria's borders.
Even writers not discussing evil twins in their literary sense have occasionally made reference to the goatee through quick metaphor:
Even so, Willis published many pieces of what would later be referred to as " The Longfellow War ", a literary battle between Poe and the supporters of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, whom Poe called overrated and guilty of plagiarism.
Even so, he manufactured a humble and modest persona, questioned his own literary merit, and purposely used titles, such as Pencillings by the Way and Dashes at Life With Free Pencil, which downplayed their own quality.
Even at the university, Grabowski had developed a far-reaching literary interest, joining the Slavic Literary Society ( Towarzystwo Literacko-Słowianskie ).
Even as he transfers responsibility to Archimago, the narrator proceeds with his own words and verses to do an Archimagian thing, or what would nowadays be called " a poet thing " ( and " a man thing "), when he executes a literary tour de force in his account of the Morpheus passage.

Even and interests
In the above mentioned report of the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, the basic outlook of the new breed of lay faculty emerges very clearly in the very statement of the problem as the members see it: `` Even with the best of intentions he ( the President of the university ) is loath to delegate such authority and responsibility to a group the membership of which, considered ( as it must be by him ) in individual terms, is inhomogeneous, mortal and of extremely varying temperament, interests and capabilities.
Even during periods of stability, neither the Imperial Court in the capital nor local governments could be relied on to protect the interests of the commoners.
Even though all the persons with ownership rights were losing money with the empty stores, and stores were in great demand, their competing interests got in the way of the effective use of space.
Even for states not eligible for this assurance, the United States would only consider the use of nuclear weapons in extreme circumstances to defend the vital interests of the United States or its allies and partners.
Even though NGOs might have common goals relating to development or environment issues, interests and perspectives are diverse.
Even when they are legal, and do not constitute a quid pro quo, they have a tendency to bias the process in favor of special interests, and undermine public confidence in the political institution.
Even during the period of wartime alliance, Molotov was known as a tough negotiator and a determined defender of Soviet interests.
Even after she had been crowned queen, she would spend most of her time in Normandy, governing the duchy, supporting her brother's interests in Flanders, and sponsoring ecclesiastic houses there.
Even where regulatory bodies started out functioning independently, a process known as regulatory capture often saw industry interests come to dominate those of the consumer.
Even if those individuals perceive those groups as serving their own interests, the anarchist argues, they are actually accepting a proxy for those interests.
Even though the delegation was not received in London ( on the grounds that it represented only the interests of a small group of urbanized Africans ), its actions aroused considerable support among the African elite at home.
Even though there might appear to be a grant of custody in absolute terms by this court, public policy always requires that it can be reviewed by a secular court and, if the state court is of the view that it is not in the best interests of the child, it will be set aside ( see Stanley G. v. Eileen G. New York Law Journal, 10-13-94, P. 22, Col. 6, Sup.
If the youth is denied legal aid for any reason, the court can order that counsel be given to the youth-in order to comply with the right to counsel If at any point the parents interests and the youths interests are in conflict, the presiding judge may also order counsel be obtain for the youth Even though right to counsel is guaranteed by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, studies have shown that youth tend to not take advantage of counsel-leading many to question the validity and authenticity of Section 25 ( 1 )
Even before the Civil War erupted, Britain, with her worldwide interests, needed to have a military policy regarding the divided United States.
Even as baby Roberta arrives, the older Quimby sisters are developing new interests.
Even the great Naval Base, a junction of interests, is struck, although the greater part of its reformation project to turn it into a park is completed.
Even though he was now in his eighties, Barr Smith also found the time to launch Elders Trustee and Executor Limited and then expand the still vital resources interests by forming Elders Metal and Mercantile in Melbourne.
Even less well established arguments are the specific interests that are more salient to state leaders such as military interests versus economic interests.
Even with his emphasis on external factors, though, Merton differed from Hessen in his interpretation: Merton maintained that while researchers may be inspired and interested by problems which were suggested by extra-scientific factors, ultimately the researcher's interests were driven by " the internal history of the science in question.
Even as superhighways supplant older surface routes as through routes, some historical highways get attention from those with antiquarian ( and commercial ) interests in the continued recognition of such routes.
Even from these books the enormous range of his interests is evident.

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