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Even and 12th
Even though the term " courtly love " does appear only in just one extant Provençal poem ( as cortez amors in a late 12th century lyric by Peire d ' Alvernhe ), it is closely related to the term fin ' amor (" fine love ") which does appear frequently in Provençal and French, as well as German translated as hohe Minne.
Even though Christchurch has been the property of the Anglican church for nearly five hundred years, it is still viewed by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope as the primary official Dublin cathedral, since it was so designated by the pope at the request of the then Archbishop of Dublin, St. Laurence O ' Toole in the 12th century.
Even though the manuscript was compiled at the beginning of the 12th century, it contains references to and copies of older documents, and describes events predating the Baptism of Kiev.
Even at age 41, when Maranville batted. 218 in 143 games and hit no homers, he finished in a tie for 12th in the MVP voting.
Even though the Colonels were outscored 22-14, they played their part in the birth of one of college football's greatest traditions, the 12th Man.
* Abraham ibn Ezra, ( Even Ezra ), 12th century Spanish-North African Biblical commentator
Even in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, it was recited chiefly by the religious orders ( the Cluniacs, Cistercians, Carthusians ), like the Office of Our Lady ( see Guyet, loc.
Even though it became increasingly common for one knight to have landholdings in several different princedoms, due to the use of direct production, the land of the Rus ' was still largely in the hands of the peasants during the 12th century.
Even though military fortresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina date from Roman times, most of them were built between the 12th and 15th century.
Even with a best finish of 12th, Bessey released Bodine after a 41st at Richmond.
Even after controlling for academic success in 8th and 10th grade, athletic participation was still associated with positive academic outcomes in 13 out of 21 measures in 12th grade and 2 years out of high school.

Even and century
Even so, confusion in this period gained such strength ( from compromise and other factors ) that it led to the bloodiest war of the Nineteenth century.
Even in the nineteenth century such accomplished philologists as Kemble and Guest were led into what now seem ludicrous errors because of their failure to recognize that modern forms of place names are not necessarily the result of logical philological development.
Even before the century was out the tide of reaction had set in.
Even in its present form, however, the first part of Malraux's unrecoverable novel is among the greatest works of mid-twentieth century literature ; ;
Even in the late 18th century the Abbess of Burtscheid was prevented from building a road linking her territory to the neighbouring estates of the duke of Jülich ; the city of Aachen even deployed its handful of soldiers to chase away the road-diggers.
Even after the French Revolution, a closed system of social stratification continued through the 19th century.
Even past the 1848 Revolution, these closed social systems continued to enjoy hereditary power and privileges through late 19th century.
Even Colchester Museum argues strongly regarding the historical Arthur: " It would be impossible and inconceivable to link him to the Colchester area, or to Essex more generally ", pointing out that the connection between the name Camuloduum and Colchester was unknown till the 18th century.
Even more than two hundred years later, during the last century, when Western specialists in Chinese, who had by that time created the discipline known as sinology, designed the early forms of numerous transcriptions used today, the first mistakes of enthusiastic missionaries, envoys and business men were not fully eliminated.
" Even today, though these errors have been recognized for more than a century, the general notion that Lao Tzu was Christ's forerunner has lost none of its romantic appeal.
Even when new and clean, illumination from the safety lamps was very poor, and the problem was not fully resolved until electric lamps became widely available in the late 19th century.
Even today, half a century later, many of the floating-point benchmarks to gauge the performance of new computer processors are still written in Fortran ( e. g., CFP2006, the floating-point component of the SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks ).
Even in the absence of any work in astronomy, Bessel's role in developing the functions which now bear his name would have, by itself, placed him among the most significant and influential mathematicians of the 19th century.
Even in the last century certain stones such as aquamarine, peridot and cat's eye have been popular and hence been regarded as precious.
Even if we do make some sort of connection between the 4th century Huns and the 1st century Xiongnu, an awful lot of water has passed under an awful lot of bridges in the three hundred years ' worth of lost history.
The word Halloween was first used in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows '- Even (" evening "), that is, the night before All Hallows ' Day.
Even earlier, a kind of primitive haggis is referred to in Homer's Odyssey, in book 20, ( towards the end of the eighth century BC ) when Odysseus is compared to " a man before a great blazing fire turning swiftly this way and that a stomach full of fat and blood, very eager to have it roasted quickly.
Even among the 19th century American individualists, there was not a monolithic doctrine, as they disagreed amongst each other on various issues including intellectual property rights and possession versus property in land.
Even until the mid-nineteenth century zoologists were unaware of the gestation period of elephants but Jahangir on the other hand had accurately estimated the gestation period of elephants to be 18 to 19 months in the early-seventeenth century itself.
Even the humorous tale of Tom Thumb, which had been the primary manifestation of Arthur's legend in the 18th century, was rewritten after the publication of Idylls.
Even as late as the later half of the 19th century the Grand Duke personally owned half of the countryside.
Even as late as the 16th century, the Reformer Martin Luther questioned ( but in the end did not reject ) the Epistle of James, the Epistle of Jude, the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Book of Revelation.
Even though there had been efforts by temples of the Nikkō-lineage in the late 19th century to unify into one single separate Nichiren-School the Kommon-ha, today's Nichiren Shōshū comprises only the Taiseki-ji temple and its dependant temples.

Even and Peter
Even further back, in 1978 Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz coined the term groupware ; their initial 1978 definition of groupware was, “ intentional group processes plus software to support them .” Later in their article they went on to explain groupware as “ computer-mediated culture ... an embodiment of social organization in hyperspace.
Even friend Peter Lorre was not immune to the abuse.
Even more recent activity focused around poets in Bloodaxe Books ' The New Poetry, including Simon Armitage, Kathleen Jamie, Glyn Maxwell, Selima Hill, Maggie Hannan, Michael Hofmann and Peter Reading.
Even before his book was published, Stubbs's drawings were seen by leading aristocratic patrons, who recognised that his work was more accurate than that of earlier horse painters such as James Seymour, Peter Tillemans and John Wootton.
Even the opening credits just simply read, " Peter Falk as Columbo ".
Even though Banks and his Genesis bandmates ( minus Peter Gabriel ) attended the ceremony, they did not perform.
Even television broadcasts of professional golf tournaments often contain short instructional segments, delivered by commentators who are also instructors such as Peter Kostis.
Even before 1319, the Spital St. Peter ( hospital ) was founded by Archbishop Peter of Aspelt.
Even with the loss of teammates Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote, Sakic still helped the Avalanche get into the playoffs, where they eventually lost to the Anaheim Ducks in the conference semifinals.
Even though there is no specific prohibition against choosing the name Peter, men elected to the Papacy have refrained from doing so even if their own given name was Peter.
#" Even a Dog Can Shake Hands " ( Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Zevon ) – 3: 26
) Even though Hammond played Peter Parker in the television series, in all of the scenes in which Spider-Man is seen performing stunts or without dialogue, a stunt double was filmed by a second camera unit.
Even Australian touring car legend Peter Brock briefly tried AUSCAR in 1988 driving a Falcon ( after his 1987 split with Holden ) and again at his testimonial race meeting ( held on the Calder Park road circuit ) in 1995 driving a Commodore.
Even the children's novel Peter and Wendy by J. M.
Even without him, Ferrari had one of the strongest driver lineups in history, with Mike Hawthorn moving from BRM to join Peter Collins, Luigi Musso and Eugenio Castellotti.
You're Gettin ' Even While I'm Gettin ' Odd is the 14th and final album by American rock band The J. Geils Band, released in 1984 after lead singer Peter Wolf left the band.
Peter Marshall writes, " Even in the relatively bohemian atmosphere of Carmel, California in the 1920s and ' 30s, Edward Weston had to photograph many of his models without showing their faces, and some 75 years on, many communities are less open about such things than Carmel was then.
Even well established management thinkers, such as Peter Drucker and Tom Peters, were accepting and advocating BPR as a new tool for ( re -) achieving success in a dynamic world.
Even the local doctor, Peter Thompson, cannot combat the disease.
Peter Woit (; born September 11, 1957 ) is an American mathematician and theoretical physicist known for his criticism of string theory in his book Not Even Wrong, and his blog of the same name .. Woit is a Departmental Computer Administrator and Senior Lecturer in Discipline in the Mathematics department at Columbia University,
* Peter Cetera – " Even A Fool Can See " from the album ' World Falling Down
Even after her death, Beverly protects Peter Lake.

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