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Even and absence
" Even before the absence of the AME and AMEZ churches at the January 2011 plenary, some in CUIC had noticed the lack of commitment to racial reconciliation.
Even in the absence of any work in astronomy, Bessel's role in developing the functions which now bear his name would have, by itself, placed him among the most significant and influential mathematicians of the 19th century.
Even so, the absence of the SRY gene or the silencing of the SOX9 gene are not enough to trigger sexual differentiation of a fetus in the female direction.
Even in untouched areas, the lack of maintenance and repair, the absence of new equipment, the heavy over-use, and the deliberate relocation of equipment by the Confederates from remote areas to the war zone ensured the system would be ruined at war's end.
Even in the absence of taxes, turnover has both explicit and implicit costs, which directly reduce returns on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
In 2009, Even Stevens returned to television after a three year absence on Disney XD, it was removed months later.
Even in the last few centuries the fylfot is conspicuous by its absence from grants of arms ( understandably so since 1945 ; see: Swastika – Stigma ).
Even in the absence of a migraine, a fever or a hypnagocic state can provoke visual illusions, which one might claim to be macropsia.
Even if it satisfies properties P1 and P2, the absence of P3 means that the market can only be in the unstable equilibrium if it starts off there.
Even when everything that it is possibly to do by way of building new roads and expanding public transport has been done, there would still be, in the absence of deliberate limitation, more cars trying to move into, or within our cities than could possibly be accommodated ..
Even without having forced the issue at the Missouri Supreme Court, and without challenging the separate but equal doctrine, Gaines " constitutional compliance in the absence of integration difficult to achieve ," according to historian Gary Lavergne.
Even after Waterloo he long refused to recognize the restored government, and he escaped to America, being condemned to death in absence.
Even in the absence of this, Kai is far stronger than an ordinary human.
Even without the use of paralytics the absence of movement does not necessarily correlate with amnesia.
Even with the absence of high-level resistance to vancomycin, another concern posed by the presence of VISA is the increased difficulty in prescribing treatments, especially in situations where an effective treatment for an infection is needed urgently, before detailed resistance profiles can be obtained.
Even states that have retained the traditional common law rule regarding the absence of duty towards a trespasser may impose a duty of care towards certain kinds of trespassers.
Even in the absence of a strict homeomorphism, near a fixed point, here taken to be at x = 0, f ( 0 )= 0, one may often solve Schröder's equation for a function Ψ, which makes f ( x ) locally conjugate to a mere dilation, g ( x )
Even though the WHL contracted in 1963-64-Edmonton and Calgary both requested a leave of absence following the playoffs-the Seals finished a distant fourth during the regular season behind the Denver Invaders, who had relocated from Spokane.
Even despite the Court's evident lack of sympathy for the broad claims of inherent power made by the government, Truman and many other observers expected the Court to uphold his authority to act in the absence of express statutory authorization.
Even in the absence of antigen stimulation, a human is capable of producing more than 1 trillion different antibody molecules.
Even if this were not the case, the absence of a precise date and position makes the phenomenon difficult to identify, and it could simply be a conjunction between the moon and a planet ( probably Venus or Jupiter ), or a concealment of a planet by the moon.
Even if attendance was impressive once again ( more than 250, 000 visitors over nine days ), many among the crowds were somewhat disappointed by the absence of really big and relevant names.
As a partial explanation, she pointed to a March statement of the Security Council Panel on Humanitarian Issues which states: " Even if not all suffering in Iraq can be imputed to external factors, especially sanctions, the Iraqi people would not be undergoing such deprivations in the absence of the prolonged measures imposed by the Security Council and the effects of war.
Even when this is done, due process of Islamic Law must be followed, including strict rules of evidence and the absence of any doubt or extenuating circumstances ( shubuhaat ) surrounding the crime.

Even and completely
Even in the species that are able to regulate their own temperature, it is not always a completely accurate system.
Even this distinction is not completely clear-cut — for example, humans normally walk and run in biped fashion, but almost all can crawl on hands and knees when necessary.
Even those programs completely independent from membership organizations enjoy association support and endorsement .</ p >
Even during a total lunar eclipse, however, the Moon is not completely dark.
Even today the play is rarely performed in its entirety, and has only once been dramatised on film completely, with Kenneth Branagh's 1996 version.
Even though the temple was severely damaged and most of the Jedi perished, it was not completely destroyed, and is visible in the celebrations on Coruscant at the end of Return of the Jedi over twenty years later.
Even then, all of the report was not completely made public until more recently.
Even myths and folktales are not completely distinct.
Even if the RPG hit does not completely disable the tank or kill the crew, it can still damage external equipment, lowering the tank's effectiveness or forcing the crew to abandon and destroy it.
Even a small change in the message will ( with overwhelming probability ) result in a completely different hash, e. g. changing < tt > d </ tt > to < tt > c </ tt >:
" Even when platforms went completely out of style, I kept wearing them because I didn't want to go back to being in heels ", she told Allure magazine in 1995.
Even though it is difficult at times to understand completely the lyrics that are being said rappers still get the heat for causing violence and disturbance within society because of their intense message of rebelling against the system.
Even so, it was predicted that the assembled hosts covered it completely.
Even so, marked vessels have not been completely free from attack.
Even if not completely vaporized, the resulting reduction of mass from the blast combined with the radiation blast and rocket exhaust effect from ejecta could produce positive results.
Even if their Etruscan origin be accepted, at the time when the land became known to the Romans, Celtic tribes were already in possession of it and had amalgamated so completely with the original inhabitants that, generally speaking, the Raetians of later times may be regarded as a Celtic people, although non-Celtic tribes ( es.
Even distillation does not completely purify water, because of contaminants with similar boiling points and droplets of unvapourised liquid carried with the steam.
" Even friendly kobolds are rarely completely good, and house kobolds may do mischief for no particular reason.
Even though it is far ahead of the average Brazilian stadiums in terms of safety, technology and infrastructure, it will go through a major transformation, with seating capacity expected to be nearly doubled, the pitch rotated by 90 ° and the arena completely closed with similar stands on all sides ( today it has a much smaller single-tier stand in one side ).
Even when a flock of starlings is completely silent, the synchronized movements of the flock make a distinctive whooshing sound that can be heard hundreds of metres away.
Even then, the judicial and administrative roles never became completely separated into two bodies, as with the English Exchequer.
Even some of the critics who were completely panning the film gave a sliver of positivity when mentioning Bartha's performance, although others ( particularly Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper ) found the character manipulative and derivative of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.
Now I will analyse for you the dire situation Cao Cao has placed himself into: Even if the north has been completely unified, can Cao Cao's ground based army fight against our superior navy and marines?
Even when every base pair of a genome sequence has been determined, there are still likely to be errors present because DNA sequencing is not a completely accurate process.

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