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Even and late
Even in the late 18th century the Abbess of Burtscheid was prevented from building a road linking her territory to the neighbouring estates of the duke of Jülich ; the city of Aachen even deployed its handful of soldiers to chase away the road-diggers.
Even as late as 1912 it was normal in the West to assume that all art aims at beauty, and thus that anything that wasn't trying to be beautiful couldn't count as art.
" Even John Goldingay, a proponent of the late date, concedes, " the Greek words hardly necessitate a very late date.
Even the critic G. R. Driver recognized that " the presence and popularity of the Daniel manuscripts at Qumran " conflicted " with the modern view which advocates the late dating of the composition of Daniel ".
Even past the 1848 Revolution, these closed social systems continued to enjoy hereditary power and privileges through late 19th century.
Even when new and clean, illumination from the safety lamps was very poor, and the problem was not fully resolved until electric lamps became widely available in the late 19th century.
Even as late as the later half of the 19th century the Grand Duke personally owned half of the countryside.
Even when several Merovingian kings simultaneously ruled their own realms, the kingdom — not unlike the late Roman Empire — was conceived of as a single entity ruled collectively by these several kings ( in their own realms ) among whom a turn of events could result in the reunification of the whole kingdom under a single ruler.
Even as late as the 16th century, the Reformer Martin Luther questioned ( but in the end did not reject ) the Epistle of James, the Epistle of Jude, the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Book of Revelation.
Even though there had been efforts by temples of the Nikkō-lineage in the late 19th century to unify into one single separate Nichiren-School the Kommon-ha, today's Nichiren Shōshū comprises only the Taiseki-ji temple and its dependant temples.
Even after clearly different forms had later been given their own generic name, new species would be created from the very productive late Jurassic German sites, often based on only slightly different material.
Even as late as the early 18th century, there were many Sami who were still settling on these farms left abandoned from the 1350s.
Even as late as 1970, the British Protectorate did not envisage independence for Solomon Islands in the foreseeable future but shortly thereafter, the financial costs of supporting the Protectorate became more trying, as the world economy was hit by the first oil price shock of 1973.
Even as late as 1946, when both countries gained independence, King Abdallah did not abandon his plan to become king of Syria.
Even late in life, Milligan's black humour had not deserted him.
Even the leading Snowball proponent Hoffman agrees that the ~ million year long Gaskiers glaciation did not lead to global glaciation, although it was probably as intense as the late Ordovician glaciation.
Even as popularity dwindled, the fighting game genre continued to evolve ; several strong 3D fighting games also emerged in the late 1990s.
Even as late as 1944, U. S. soldiers undergoing stateside training in preparation for deployment against German forces in Europe were not being trained in combat procedures and tactics currently being employed there.
Even at the height of its development as a chariot-racing circuit, the circus remained the most suitable space in Rome for religious processions on a grand scale, and was the most popular venue for large-scale venationes ; in the late 3rd century, the emperor Probus laid on a spectacular Circus show in which beasts were hunted through a veritable forest of trees, on a specially built stage.
Even before the Austro-Hungarian Empire was abolished in late 1918, to be succeeded by Czechoslovakia, Czech politicians demanded that the insignia of 1348 were exclusively to be kept by the Czech university.
Even before the publication of his book, Engels moved to Brussels in late April 1845, to collaborate with Marx on another book -- German Ideology.
Even as late as 1733, a 2300 volume, 《 武英殿聚珍版丛书 》, was printed with 253500 wooden movable type on order of the Yongzheng Emperor, and completed in one year.
Even as late as 1915, the Caesar cipher was in use: the Russian army employed it as a replacement for more complicated ciphers which had proved to be too difficult for their troops to master ; German and Austrian cryptanalysts had little difficulty in decrypting their messages.

Even and design
Even though the clutch may physically be located very close to the pedal, such remote means of actuation are necessary to eliminate the effect of vibrations and slight engine movement, engine mountings being flexible by design.
Even where occupant safety isn't an issue, excessive jerk may result in an uncomfortable ride on elevators, trams and the like, and engineers expend considerable design effort to minimize it.
Even Richard Dawkins, an opponent of the design argument, described himself as a neo-paleyan in The Blind Watchmaker.
Even if the design could be achieved using analog filters, the engineering cost of designing an equivalent digital filter would likely be much lower.
Even incomplete, it was the most sophisticated villa design yet seen in Italy, and greatly influenced the later development of the genre ; it appears to be the only modern building in Rome of which Palladio made a measured drawing.
Even so, there were many expansion options, and despite the confusion of its users, the PC compatible design advanced much faster than other competing designs of the time, even if only because of its market dominance.
Even though it is not a design rule, it is a very usual practice in liquid pipelines.
" Even large capacity commercial units use this same basic design of a separate, smaller fire box and a larger cooking chamber.
Even today, Italy and France remain the center of the European perfume design and trade.
Even before groundbreaking, Seattle Weekly said the design could refer to " the often quoted comparison to a smashed electric guitar.
Even as it embraced nature, Wright ’ s design also expresses his take on modernist architecture's rigid geometry.
Even before it opened, the design polarized architecture critics.
Even when there are four cylinder banks ( that would normally require a total of eight individual camshafts ), the narrow-angle design allows the use of just four camshafts in total.
Even while the war raged, the jet engine so seriously upset aircraft design that the need for dedicated jet-powered night fighters became clear.
Even the design of the city of Baghdad placed it in the " navel of the world ," as 9th-century historian al-Ya ' qubi wrote.
Even more so that developers become systems architects, those who design the multi-leveled architecture or component interactions of a large software system.
Even earlier, John von Neumann proved that a simple algorithm can remove a considerable amount of the bias in any bit stream which should be applied to each bit stream before using any variation of the Santha-Vazirani design.
Even the cube-shaped spacecraft of the television series is reminiscent of the design of the dorm ( which from the air resembles the letter E ).
Even before the completion of the Atlas ( UNIVAC 1101 ), the Navy asked Engineering Research Associates to design a more powerful machine.
Even if armour dominated the design of the ship, it was likely that the next generation of guns would be able to pierce it.
Even after their separation, however, Godwin continued to design costumes for Terry.
Even now, more than 40 years after Habitat, much of Safdie's work still holds to the concepts that were so fundamental to its design, especially the themes of reimagining high-density housing and improving social integration through architecture that have become " synonymous " with his work.
Even with the best experimental design, it is not possible to control and constrain all other background stimuli impinging on a subject — scanner noise, random thoughts, physical sensations, and the like.

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