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Even and past
Even for those who have been observing the political scene a long time, no script from the past is worth very much in gazing into the state's immediate political future.
Even though the goal has been the same, the methods and techniques of cryptanalysis have changed drastically through the history of cryptography, adapting to increasing cryptographic complexity, ranging from the pen-and-paper methods of the past, through machines like Bombes and Colossus computers at Bletchley Park in World War II, to the mathematically advanced computerized schemes of the present.
Even past the medieval times, characteristics of a closed social systems that define any caste system, existed in England through the modern times.
* Even if the actual systems of philosophy which have appeared in the philosophical thought of a given culture are historically conditioned, there may be ways of thought exemplified by past systems which remain a feature of a people's mentality or cultural outlook.
Even a biased wheel's past results will not affect future results, but the results can provide information about what sort of results the wheel tends to produce.
Even today Russia shares many continuities of political culture and social structure with its tsarist and Soviet past.
Even Ribbentrop ’ s standard line that Germany was only reacting to an unjust Versailles treaty, and really only wanted peace with everyone, which had worked so well in the past, failed to carry weight.
Even at that point in his career he was the leading wicket taker for Sri Lanka having gone past Rumesh Ratnayake's aggregate of 73 wickets.
# Even if I wanted to state that I am only omniscient to which is knowable, 5, 6 ( past, and present ), and 7 would all be knowable.
Even small nations now had armies rivalling the size of the Great Powers ' forces of past wars.
Even more curiously, we often find both * þ and * d as reflexes of PIE * t in different forms of one and the same root, e. g. * werþanan ' to turn ', preterite singular * warþ ' he turned ', but preterite plural and past participle * wurd-( plus appropriate inflections ).
Semifactual thought experiments speculate on the extent to which things might have remained the same, despite there being a different past ; and asks the question Even though X happened instead of E, would Y have still occurred?
Even though both Jewel-Osco and Loblaw's carry President's Choice products, both companies ' past and present owners are unrelated.
Even more broadly, it is now understood that in the geological past, monsoon systems likely accompanied the formation of supercontinents such as Pangaea, with their extreme continental climates.
Even though the population of South Africa has increased in the past decade ( primarily due to immigration ), the country had an annual population growth rate of − 0. 051 % in 2010 ( CIA est.
Even the army itself became divided, and local military chiefs gained control of some provinces where they ruled like the feudal warlords of past eras.
Even when addressing instances of discrimination and prejudice in the past, discrimination based on gender would, at times, be overlooked.
Even though located in Wayne, Totowa residents believe that it is truly located in Totowa because it is barely past the border of the two towns.
Even though the town has experienced an economic upturn in the past few years, it still lacks the main thing that ensures economic prosperity and attracts new residents: well-paying jobs.
Even with this censorship, calypsos continued to push boundaries, with a variety of ways to slip songs past the scrutinizing eyes of the editor.
: Even where philosophical doctrines have in the past been useful to scientists, they have generally lingered on too long, becoming of more harm than ever they were of use.
Even the Winston-Salem Journal, which would be a significant force in illuminating North Carolina's past eugenics abuses in the modern era, was not immune.
Even so flags and blinking lights are often used, especially in urban areas where the rider wishes to filter past queuing traffic ( where the rider is often in drivers ' blind spots ).
Even the overturning of her past scandalous life was seen by Sabbatai's followers as additional confirmation of his messiahship, following the biblical story of the prophet Hosea, who had also been commanded to take a " wife of whoredom " as the first symbolic act of his calling.

Even and 1848
Even after these battles, Mexico did not surrender until 1848, when it agreed to peace terms set out by Polk.
Even when Calisota and neighbouring California were annexed to the USA in 1848 nothing truly changed in Duckburg.
Even after the Republic had joined the United States in 1845, Mexico still maintained claims on Texas until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War in 1848.
Even as late as 1849, in the wake of the disturbances of 1848, the gonfaloniere of Florence was Ubaldino Peruzzi.

Even and Revolution
Even after the French Revolution, a closed system of social stratification continued through the 19th century.
Even though the Belgian Revolution violated the accords made in 1815, the Belgians received the sympathy of the liberal governments of both Great Britain and France.
Even Lennon's seemingly direct engagement with the tumultuous political issues of 1968 in " Revolution 1 " carried a nuanced obliqueness, and ended up sending messages the author may not have intended.
Even before the late 18th-19th century, " metropolitan France " was largely a patchwork of local customs and regional differences that the unifying aims of the Ancien Régime and the French Revolution had only begun to work against, and today's France remains a nation of numerous indigenous and foreign languages, of multiple ethnicities and religions, and of regional diversity that includes French citizens in Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique and elsewhere around the globe.
" Even if the commercial and industrial element is weak, it must be strong enough ( or soon become strong enough ) to become worthy of co-optation, and the French Revolution terrified enough perceptive elements of Prussia's Junkers for the state to be sufficiently accommodating.
Even after 1791, when the monarchy seemed to many to be doomed, Sieyes “ continued to assert his belief in the monarchy ” which indicated he did not intend for the Revolution to take the course it did.
Even the change of government due to the French Revolution seemed to intensify rather than diminish the rivalry, and the Napoleonic Wars included a series of legendary naval battles, culminating in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, by which Admiral Horatio Nelson broke the power of the French and Spanish fleets, but lost his own life in so doing.
Even as he served as a Titular Councillor, drafting legal protocols, in Catherine ’ s Civil Service, he lauded revolutionaries like George Washington and praised the early stages of the French Revolution, and found himself enamored of the Russian Freemason, Nicholas Ivanovich Novikov, whose publication “ The Drone ” offered the first public critiques of the government, particularly with regards to serfdom.
Even amid the terrors of the French Revolution, Parr adhered to Whiggism, and his correspondence included every man of eminence, either literary or political, who adopted the same creed.
" Even after the October Revolution Lenin insisted on republishing Plekhanov's philosophical works and including these works as compulsory texts for prospective communists.
Even before the French Revolution, the Kingdom of France was embodied in masculine figures, as depicted in certain ceilings of Palace of Versailles.
Even before the Bolshevik Revolution, in March 1917, a group of clerics in St. Petersburg formed the Union of the Democratic Clergy and Laity with an essentially Christian Socialist program.
Even before the Revolution Laine and the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, the Catholic Church in France ( the Gallican Church ) had a status that tended to subordinate the Church to the State.
Even before the Revolution had ended, a new " rising democratic tide " was overtaking the colonists.
Even after the Revolution in 1932, which the democratic rule started, Isan had been ignored from newly ' democratic ' Thai government.
Even many of the jobs initially created by the Commercial Revolution in the years from 1520 to 1650 and later during Industrialisation in the 18th and 19th centuries would not have been salaried, but, to the extent they were paid as employees, probably paid an hourly or daily wage or paid per unit produced ( also called piece work ).
Even before the Revolution it never functioned as a public place of worship ; having been dedicated exclusively to the memory of the assassinated tsar, the only services were panikhidas ( memorial services ).
Even in Communist Romania, Vama Veche had the reputation of a non-mainstream tourist destination, which has only grown since the Romanian Revolution of 1989.
Even though in the 1780s Thérésa had begun to take an interest in Liberalism and the principles of the Revolution, she was presented at the court of King Louis XVI.
Even if Spain was at war with France, the ideals of the French Revolution ( liberty, equality and fraternity ) were still respected.
Even though it was just a small, wooden bridge over a small river, the bridge at Andau was the escape route for about 70, 000 Hungarian people during the Hungarian Revolution.
Even prior to the Russian Revolution, Vasnetsov became active as a regent of that gallery.
* " Sweet Revolution " / " In the Nude ~ Even Not in the Mood ~" ( October 4, 2006 )
Even though there is the presence of two sets of selection buttons ( as Dance Dance Revolution supported two players ), this game is one player only.

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