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Even and strange
Even earlier, Dante, in a passing reference in the 19thcanto of the Inferno, speaks of ` the treacherous assassin '( lo perfido assassin ); his fourteenth-century commentator Francesco da Buti, explaining a term which for some readers at the time may still have been strange and obscure, remarks: ' Assassino è colui che uccide altrui per danari ' ( An assassin is one who kills others for money ).
Even though many English words are formed this way, new coinages may sound strange, and are often used for humorous effect.
Even those who had been content to permit the monks ’ worship and do great reverence at their matins, masses and services two days previously were no less happy to pilfer, which is strange, that they could one day think it to be the house of God and the next the house of the Devil – or else they would not have been so ready to have spoiled it.
Even Kenneth Tynan, one of the saviours of Godot, felt that Happy Days was " a metaphor extended beyond its capacity ",; nevertheless, he admitted Beckett's strange, insinuating power and urged his readers to buy tickets for the play.
" ( Massignon: " Perspective Transhistorique, " p. 76 ) Even beyond the Muslim faith, Hallaj was concerned with the whole of humanity, as he desired to communicate to them " that strange, patient and shameful, desire for God, which was characteristic for him.
Even in the torture scenes, there is a strange intimacy that persists between Winston and O ' Brien, who displays an uncanny ability to infer what Winston is thinking.
Even today the name remains strange to the illiterate people of the countryside in the very region called Chin Hills in Burma.
Jupiter admits that " Even now have I begotten a strange wonder ,/ That fatal child, the terror of the earth ,/ Who waits but till the distant hour arrive ,/ Bearing from Demogorgon's vacant throne / The dreadful might of ever-living limbs / Which clothed that awful spirit unbeheld ,/ To redescend, and trample out the spark.
" Even by Dylan standards, this album has had a strange, difficult birth ," wrote Rolling Stone critic David Fricke.
Even though he has the body disposed of, Thorne is literally haunted by strange visions and sounds of Strange.

Even and names
Even in the nineteenth century such accomplished philologists as Kemble and Guest were led into what now seem ludicrous errors because of their failure to recognize that modern forms of place names are not necessarily the result of logical philological development.
Even though the name Dorado is not Latin but Spanish, astronomers give it the Latin genitive form Doradus when naming its stars ; they are treating it ( like the adjacent constellation Argo Navis ) as if it were a feminine proper name of Greek origin ending in-ō ( like Io or Callisto or Argo ), names that have a genitive ending in-ūs.
Even though the 3. 1x series still lacked most of the important features of OS / 2, such as long file names, a desktop, or protection of the system against misbehaving applications, Microsoft quickly took over the OS and GUI markets for the IBM PC.
Even though no names were mentioned in these skits, the audience would usually be able to guess who the heckling message in the troupe's dramatised portrayals was aimed at, as it was played out right on the concerned person's own front yard.
Even though, read in the light of later research, much of the first volume must necessarily be relegated to the region of the mythical, nonetheless, the historian was a laborious and accomplished reader and investigator of all available authorities, as well manuscript as printed ; while the roll of names of those who aided him includes every man of note in Scotland at the time, from Sir Thomas Craig and Sir George Mackenzie to Alexander Nisbet and Thomas Ruddiman.
Even so, as part of the intense rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers, some Dodger fans derisively refer to AT & T Park as " The Phone Booth ," owing to its current and former names ( Pac Bell Park, SBC Park ).
Even taxonomic names published by Linnaeus himself before these dates are considered pre-Linnaean.
Even the formal representative of the Head of State, such as a Governor-General, may well be housed in a grander palace-type residence, often with such names as Government House.
Even in Rus ', it was attested only among the members of the house of Rurik, as were the names of Sviatoslav's immediate successors: Vladimir, Yaroslav, Mstislav ).
Even historical names from these peoples have been used in drafts or the final concept of the internal history of Gondor, such as Vidumavi, wife of king Valacar ( Gothic language ).
" Even if Eric's rise and fall had been the inspiration for the story, the names are not identical and Harald Bluetooth's floruit does not sit well with Eric's.
Even most of the characters have two names ( Charles = Hopsie, Jean = Eugenia / Eve Sidwich ).
Even though the name is a combination of both cities ' names, the correct pronunciation is " Tammee-Ammy ," not " Tam-My-Ammy.
Even where generation names are not used, siblings ' names are frequently related, so that a boy named Song (, " Pine ") might have a sister named Mei (, " Plum ").
Even though the names are different, Kristiansand is often noted as Kristiansand S ( S for South ) to distinguish it from Kristiansund, also in Norway, in such cases noted as Kristiansund N. The practice originated before postal codes were introduced, as mail sometimes was sent to the wrong city.
Even after the invention of hangul, Koreans generally recorded native Korean names with hanja, by translation of meaning, transliteration of sound, or even combinations of the two.
Even the names of the two characters most reflective of their respective viewpoints-" Will West ( on )", the representative for materialist American culture and " Vera Allwen " (= " All women + all men "?
Even though most characters have full names, some are more often referred to only by their species.
Even though the region is now predominantly French-speaking, the influence of the Loyalists and settlers from New England can still be observed in the architecture of older buildings and the names of various towns.
Even at Rome, vestiges of the original nomenclature continued, and at least some women continued to use praenomina as late as the 4th century A. D. A number of feminine praenomina survive today as personal names.
Even though the rumen and reticulum have different names they represent the same functional space as digesta can move back and forth between them.
Even short names sometimes amused him: once, when Manny Mota had just lined out to a Cardinals fielder who did not even need to move his feet to make the catch, Harry proclaimed: "' Mota ' spelled backwards is ' atom ' ... and that's where he hit it, right at ' im '!
Even young characters in early episodes of CBSRMT tended to have names popular a generation earlier, such as Jack, George, Phyllis and Mary.

Even and seemed
Even as he became widely known as a professional killer, nearly every cowboy and rancher in Wyoming seemed proud to call him a friend.
Even his neck seemed thicker and, therefore, shorter.
Even the eyes of the smallest children seemed malicious.
Even in his early years, Linnaeus seemed to have a liking for plants, flowers in particular.
" Even in the present of his stories Scrooge would work to solve his many problems, even though the stories would often point out that his constant efforts seemed futile at the end.
Even in 2010, more than forty years after the U. S. ban, California condors which feed on sea lions at Big Sur which in turn feed in the Palos Verdes Shelf area of the Montrose Chemical Superfund site seemed to be having continued thin-shell problems.
Even though Gospatric and Siward's son Waltheof submitted by the end of the year, the arrival of a Danish army under Sweyn Estridsson seemed to ensure that William's position remained weak.
Even such a question as to whether Khayyam was pro-or anti-alcohol gives rise to more discussion than might at first glance have seemed plausible.
Even Greek-speaking Jews tended less to the LXX, preferring other Jewish versions in Greek, such as that of the 2nd century Aquila translation, which seemed to be more concordant with contemporary Hebrew texts.
Even so, before Operation Market Garden started it seemed to the Allied high command that the German resistance had broken.
Even though in the first season, Nelson seemed to be Bart's antagonist, he becomes Bart's friend in later episodes.
Even the three great towers near Herod's palace seemed small in comparison.
Even as war seemed imminent he was working on military projects with his former Vickers boss Sir Dennistoun Burney.
Even though the waters had a smell to them, they still seemed to be ' magic ' when people bathed in the stuff, and actually felt better.
Even though Nina does not like Sharon openly, she has helped her on a few occasions and even enjoyed her company when her own friends are not around such as in the episode " Lorenza " and in the episode " The Pickford Project " were Nina truly seemed to care about Sharon's life and saved her.
Even after the rise of Adolf Hitler and the birth of the Third Reich, there seemed little inclination or will toward rearming Britain's ASW air forces.
Even though success finally had seemed to come with " The Majesty of Love ", Francis was informed by MGM Records that her contract would be discontinued after her last solo single.
Even the economic growth of the 1990s seemed to leave Guangxi behind.
Even after 1791, when the monarchy seemed to many to be doomed, Sieyes “ continued to assert his belief in the monarchy ” which indicated he did not intend for the Revolution to take the course it did.
Even the change of government due to the French Revolution seemed to intensify rather than diminish the rivalry, and the Napoleonic Wars included a series of legendary naval battles, culminating in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, by which Admiral Horatio Nelson broke the power of the French and Spanish fleets, but lost his own life in so doing.
Even extremist groups were publicly offering her support, it seemed, following their falling out with Juan Perón between May and June.
Even though an outbreak of plague restricted festivities, " the streets seemed paved with men ," wrote Dekker.
Even the Partisans seemed subdued.
Even though things seemed impossible at times, he always knew there was always a chance to catch a fish -- only if you had your fly in the water.

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