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Even and Vatican
Even during the lifetime of Marchese Serafini, the powers of the Governor were limited by Pope Pius XII in 1939 by the establishment of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State — consisting of a number of cardinals, originally three, but later increased to seven.

Even and Pope
Even before Gregory XIV died, Spanish and anti-Spanish factions were electioneering for the next Pope.
Even so, the Pope did not approve the imprudent manner in which James II attempted to restore Catholicism in England.
Even the arms of Pope Benedict XVI feature a moor's head, crowned and collared red.
Even while the Lateran Synod was sitting, Olympius arrived as the new exarch of Ravenna, with instructions to ensure that the type was followed in Italy, and to use whatever means necessary to ensure that the Pope adhered to it.
Even if they did not want to cease with Rome, the Pope opposition led them to threaten of a national council, if he did not agree.
Even though the treaty was negotiated without consulting the Pope, a few sources call the resulting line the Papal Line of Demarcation.
Even Pope Urban II, in his call for a crusade, helped promote this ethnocentric perception of the Turks by calling on westerners to, " exterminate this vile race.
Even though Christchurch has been the property of the Anglican church for nearly five hundred years, it is still viewed by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope as the primary official Dublin cathedral, since it was so designated by the pope at the request of the then Archbishop of Dublin, St. Laurence O ' Toole in the 12th century.
Even in Rome, lay notaries gained in importance, and in 1211 Pope Innocent III declared that no notary in a church court could hold major orders.
Even Pope Simplicius wrote him a letter of commendation.
Even though he funded and promoted an envoy to establish relations with the Pope in Rome, he was likely motivated at least in part by a desire for foreign technology, similar to that of other lords, such as Oda Nobunaga.
Even during the period of Early Christianity, part of the East ( Western Anatolia ) was in disagreement with Pope Victor I over Quartodecimanism, holding that Easter ( called Pascha in both Greek and Latin ) should be celebrated at the full moon, like the Jewish Passover, not on the following Sunday.
Even though Theobald's work is invaluable, Pope succeeded in so utterly obliterating the character of the man that he is known by those who do not work with Shakespeare only as a dunce, as a dusty, pedantic, and dull witted scribe.
Even though Alexander Pope made her a centerpoint in the heroic games of The Dunciad in Book II — she is, in Pope's view, " vacuous "– he does not dismiss her for being a woman, but for having nothing of her own to say.
Even though Pope was on good terms with some of the men involved ( e. g. Henry Carey, who provided music for the Drury Lane version ), the two companies are fighting to see who can make the least sense.
Even Pope Pius VI was refusing to recognise his royal title, and the famous Casanova had wittily called him the " pretender-in-vain ".
Even though Lars was known for trying to uphold celibacy, in 1258 he had to send a request to the Pope about not having to excommunicate those who broke the rule.
Even though there were some prudential judgments of Pope John Paul II that I myself would have done differently, or even a few I did not personally like, out of respect for the office and the Petrine authority, I would never identify or mention them in public or private.
Even though this is the 350th episode broadcast on FOX, the 350th in production order is " The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star " ( which was temporarily shelved following Pope John Paul II's death, and was originally supposed to air after " Don't Fear the Roofer ").
Even from its beginnings, the Grand Master of the Order owed allegiance only to the Pope, and to this day is recognised as the head of an Order which has diplomatic recognition with the United Nations and 100 other countries.
Even the authors who criticized writing that lived for only a day ( e. g. Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope, in The Dedication to Prince Posterity of A Tale of a Tub and Dunciad, among other pieces ) were criticizing specific authors who are unknown without historical knowledge of the period.
Even Pope Stephen III seems to confuse the two and the chroniclers and annalists seem to believe that Gerberga fled, when her husband died, to the court of her father ( she fled to Desiderius, who was definitely not her father ).
Even though the Tories were seen as less hostile to Confederation, Kelly and Pope ( a delegate at the Charlottetown Conference ) both voted for the 1866 " no terms " resolution in response to the Quebec Conference.

Even and Paul
Even a 20th-century Surrealist, such as Paul Éluard, used alexandrines on occasion, such as in these lines from L ' Égalité des sexes ( in Capitale de la douleur ) ( note the variation between caesuras after the 6th syllable, and after 4th and 8th ):
Even further, Christ is described by Paul elsewhere as a bondservant of the Father, though mysteriously coequal to the Father.
Even the Reichstag itself, the German Parliament, occupied the former home of the family of composer Felix Mendelssohn ( 1809 – 47 ) in Leipziger Straße before moving in 1894 to the vast new edifice near the Brandenburg Gate, erected by Paul Wallot ( 1841 – 1912 ).
Even though Breton by 1946 responded rather negatively to the subject of music with his essay Silence is Golden, later Surrealists, such as Paul Garon, have been interested in — and found parallels to — Surrealism in the improvisation of jazz and the blues.
Even after a blinded Paul walks into the desert to die, his sister Alia rules his empire and keeps the Bene Gesserit at bay until Paul's young son Leto II takes control himself in Children of Dune ( 1976 ).
Even Paul ’ s decision to send a Cossack army to take British India, bizarre as it may seem, makes a certain amount of sense: Britain itself was almost impervious to direct attack, being an island nation with a formidable navy, but the British had left India largely unguarded and would have great difficulty staving off a force that came over land to attack it.
Even though a changed political scene after the death of Russian Tsar Paul reduced the political importance of the battle and material losses in the battle were of little importance to the fighting strength of either navy ( the Danish side had taken great care to spare its first-class ships ), the battle is nevertheless still remembered on the Danish side for the extraordinary valour of the Navy's personnel and the many Copenhagen volunteers who fought for hours against overwhelming odds.
Even though he did not do band arrangements in the 1920s, for a time his ideas of arrangement were heavily influenced by those of Paul Whiteman, but when Louis Armstrong joined his orchestra in 1924 Henderson realized there could be a much richer potential for jazz band orchestration.
Even more general conjectures have been put forth by Paul Vojta.
Even without this to consider, the site is now directly in a flight path for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.
Performers who use acoustic 12-string guitars span a range of genres, from folk ( Arlo Guthrie, Keith Potger, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Ben Woodward, Pete Seeger and Noel Paul Stookey ), through reggae ( Bob Marley ), traditional blues ( Lead Belly, Blind Willie McTell, and Guy Davis ), folk rock ( Paul Simon, Neil Young, Tim Buckley, Gerry Beckley, John Allan Cameron ) and country ( Pinmonkey's Michael Reynolds, Taylor Swift and Mike Nesmith ), to rock bands ( Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge, Jimi Hendrix on " Hear My Train A-Comin ", Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys, George Harrison, John Lennon of The Beatles, Robert Smith of The Cure, David Bowie for his " Space Oddity " live performances, Pete Townshend of The Who, Roger Hodgson ( ex-Supertramp ), who used acoustic 12-string on " Give a Little Bit ", " Even in the Quietest Moments ", " C ' est le Bon " and " Know Who You Are "; Melissa Etheridge, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Greg Lake on " Lucky Man " and " Still ... You Turn Me On ", Brian May of Queen, Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC, and Nick Valensi of The Strokes ).
Although Paul still played the violin on occasion, when he did “ even Zilla was silent as the lonely man who lost his way … spun out his dark soul in music .” Even though Babbitt and Paul abandoned their former goals and ideals, Babbitt still dreams of a “ fairy child .” She is an imaginary woman, full of life and gaiety, who does not see him as a stogy old businessman, but a “ gallant youth .” He imagines various women as his fairy child, including his secretary, a manicurist, his son ’ s girlfriend Eunice Littlefield, and finally Tanis Judique.
Paul Le Flem, with his wife, Jeanne ( Even ), is the grandfather of actress Marika Green and great-grandfather of actress Eva Green by his daughter, Jeanne, who married Swedish journalist Lennart Green.
In an essay titled " The Yamin Israel Plan ", Prof. Paul Eidelberg wrote that " Even if Palestinians were made Jordanian citizens, as proposed by the otherwise meritorious Elon Plan, it is wishful thinking to believe they will live in peace with the Jews in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza ".< sup ></ sup >
Even so, he frequently appears as loving and supportive towards Paul and Jamie.
Even so Boulton Paul would later set up a training centre in Scotland to bring in extra workers.
In: Even Oddlier, Paul Jennings, 1952
Both Billington and Paul Taylor ( in The Independent ) give the production 4 out of 5 stars, while Charles Spencer, reviewing the production in The Daily Telegraph, like other critics making inevitable comparisons with the original production, rates it as " equally fine, with Michael Gambon and David Bradley rising magnificently to the benchmark set by their illustrious predecessors ," but points out that he too does not feel that he fully understands it: " Even after three decades I cannot claim fully to understand this haunting drama that proves by turns funny, scary, and resonantly poetic, but I have no doubt that it is one of the handful of indisputable modern classics that Pinter has written, and a piece that will haunt and tantalise the memory of all who see it.
Even before The Forty Days of Musa Dagh had been published in English translation, Irving Thalberg of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ( MGM ) had secured the film rights from Werfel ’ s publisher, Paul Zsolnay Verlag and had the novel translated for the studio ’ s scriptwriters.
Even more recently, Hoglan was announced as the drummer for the reunited Bay Area Thrash metal band Forbidden's reunion tour, replacing original Forbidden drummer Paul Bostaph.
According to the Christian Arab scholar Paul of Aleppo, who in 1655 traveled through Ukraine to Moscow,Even villagers in Ukraine can read and write … and village priests consider it their duty to instruct orphans and not let them run in the streets as vagabonds .”
Even the strongest players sometimes meet with disaster: Paul Morphy-Charles Maurian, Springhill 1855 ( remove White ’ s queen rook ) 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Bc4 Qh4 + 4. Kf1 b5 5. Bd5 Nc6 6. Nf3 Qh5 7. d4 Nf6 8. Bb3 Ba6 9. Qe2 Nxd4!

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