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Even and attempts
Even worse, the attempts have instead often created psychopathic supervillains of which Captain America's 1950s imitator and Nuke are the most notorious examples.
Even the helium atom-which contains just one more electron than does the hydrogen atom-has defied all attempts at a fully analytic treatment.
Even in safe areas, however, moving water can always present risks — such as when a swimmer attempts to stand up on a rocky riverbed in strong current, risking foot entrapment.
Even though it had never been performed, its importance was appreciated by some of Bach's greatest successors — by the beginning of the 19th century Forkel and Haydn possessed copies, and Beethoven made two attempts to acquire a score.
Even so between September 1895 and mid 1896 three attempts were made by the Protectorate to enforce the Gallwey ‘ Treaty ’.
Even now, Pitino's teams are known for the 3-point threat and all of his teams rank towards the top in 3-point attempts per season.
Even though Bobby was just a capo at the time, he was still consulted in strategy sessions, such as when Tony consulted Bobby about what to do about Phil Leotardo's attempts to displace him as boss of the family.
Even as his powers are being drained away, Zordon attempts to reach Astronema's true self ( Karone, Andros ' sister ), but is unsuccessful.
Even Harvey Bullock at one point attempts to humiliate Akins in front of other officers.
Even in the 18th century the Navarrese successfully resisted Bourbon attempts to establish custom houses on the French frontier, dividing French from Spanish Navarre.
Even at his most unstable, the Evolutionary has always demonstrated a paternal love toward even his most flawed creations: he rehabilitated Nobilus, has attempted to heal Count Tagar and the God Pack, and has spared the Man-Beast his life despite multiple attempts to murder him.
Even at the time of their origin, the electorates aroused much controversy, and given their intended temporary nature, attempts to abolish them arose quickly.
Even before the failed attempts to relieve the battalion on 24 April, B and C company had already suffered such heavy casualties that they were merged to form one company.
Even when depressed mothers provide their infants with positive faces, infants do not respond to their attempts at infant directed speech, and in turn do not benefit from this important method of language acquisition.
Even though the team did not have any success in this period, playing in the Gauliga Ostmark, they managed a much more important victory in keeping the name " Austria " despite attempts by Nazi sports authorities to rename the club.
Even so, numerous attempts have been made to either overturn the orthodox proof or to provide a more " elementary " proof closer to the implied " simple " proof to which Fermat is conjectured to have alluded.
Even before Warmaster Ancients were published, there had been attempts to use the fantasy rules for purely historical armies.
Even after the last two contributions related above, Sacchi acknowledges that all attempts at interpreting the segment ' AST ... VOIS ' remain conjectural.
Even after historians began their attempts to analyze the vital role played by Cubism, the name of Albert Gleizes was always mentioned because of his early and important participation in the movement.
Even when he has created the rules of the game, Andy invariably attempts to cheat, and Ken just as invariably prevents his so doing.
Even Schubert recognized this fact ; in July 1824, he wrote his brother Ferdinand, " it would be better if you stuck to other quartets than mine, for there is nothing in them ..." There are several qualities that set these mature quartets apart from Schubert's earlier attempts.
Even if the artist attempts to withhold moral overtones, the work becomes tinged with a deterministic or naturalistic message.
Even omnivorous mammals as small as the Common Marmoset ( Callithrix jacchus ) will try to plunder Great Kiskadee nests – at least during the dry season when fruits are scarce – despite the birds ' attempts to defend their offspring.
Even in recent times all attempts to extinguish these fires have failed, so that one can often notice a sulfur-like smell -- sometimes quite strong -- at the Schwalbenthal parking lot or beyond.

Even and Palestine
Even Lebanon in the distant North is spoken of with a minuteness of detail which could be expected only from one very familiar with Northern Palestine ( Hosea 14: 5-8 ).
Even before the editorials appeared, the commander of British forces in Palestine and Egypt, General Congreve, wrote Field Marshal Wilson that Jews were sentenced far more severely than Arabs who had committed worse offences.
Even more important to many Jews was the permission to settle in the British-controlled Mandate of Palestine.
Even after the dissolution of the All-Palestine Government, Egypt did not annex the Gaza Strip, but left it under Egyptian military rule as a temporary arrangement pending the resolution of the Palestine Question.
Even before the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization ( PLO ) in 1964, exiled Palestinian intellectuals residing in Lebanon and other Arab countries began to form clandestine paramilitary groups in the late 1950s, which later evolved into the main PLO guerrilla factions.
Even Rabbi Yochanan, the most prominent teacher in Palestine, and who at first looked upon Samuel merely as a colleague, became so convinced of his greatness, after Samuel had sent him a large number of responsa on important ritual laws, that he exclaimed, " I have a teacher in Babylon " ( Ḥul.
Even the infamous killing of journalists by tank fire at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad was found not to have been deliberate, in an extensive investigation by Reporters Without Borders.

Even and Land
Even Bolingbroke's last statement follows Machiavellian philosophy as he alludes to making a voyage to the Holy Land, since Machiavellian philosophy states rulers must appear pious.
Even as late as 2001, the major television network Fox broadcast a documentary named Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?
Even after World War II, the term " Ruhr " may not have been in general use for the region: it was defined in Documents on American Foreign Relations ( 1948 ): " For the purposes of the present Agreement: ( i ) the expression ' Ruhr ' means the areas, as presently constituted, in Land North Rhine – Westphalia, listed in the Annex to this Agreement.
Even so, Austrians tend to identify passionately with their respective Land and often defend what little independent governance their states have.
Even in countries where women are legally permitted to own land, such as Uganda, research from Women ’ s Land Link Africa shows that cultural customs have excluded them from obtaining land ownership.
Even those statutes intended to protect the owners of property at the time of the extension of the United States ' borders, such as the 1851 California Land Act, had the effect of dispossessing Californio owners ruined by the cost of maintaining litigation over land titles for years.
Even reruns of variety shows have generally not been particularly widespread ; TV Land telecast briefly some variety shows ( namely The Ed Sullivan Show and The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour ) upon its beginning in 1996, but within a few years, those reruns stopped.
Even when she does not appear in a sequel ( as in the case of The Marvelous Land of Oz ), she is arguably the most important character in the series, as it is she, through her actions in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, who sparked later events.
Even after losing its function as district seat ( Usingen district was merged with Obertaunus district to form the Hochtaunuskreis with its seat at Bad Homburg ) Usingen is more than ever the midpoint of the Usinger Land.
Even those statutes intended to protect the owners of property at the time of the extension of the United States ' borders, such as the 1851 California Land Act, had the effect of dispossessing Californio owners ruined by the cost of maintaining litigation over land titles for years.
Even in muddy areas the LSV is able to negotiate the conditions better than other vehicles like Jeeps and Land Rovers.
Even to a casual traveller in the Holy Land the Bible becomes, in its form, and therefore to some extent in its substance, a new book.
" Even Baltic German intellectuals devoted to the study of the Latvian culture and language, like August Johann Gottfried Bielenstein ( the editor of Latviešu Avīzes ), opposed the Young Latvians -- whilst the editor of Die Zeitung für Stadt und Land declared that " to be educated and Latvian is impossible -- an educated Latvian is a nothing " (" sei ein Unding ").
The Land of the Nightshades was home to Even Eden's ( Nightshade ) unnamed race of Homo magi exiles.

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