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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 351
from Brown Corpus
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Even and officer
Even so, armed Japanese troops remained in China well into 1947, with some noncommissioned officers finding their way into the Nationalist officer corps .< ref > Gillin, Donald G. and Etter, Charles.
" Richard L. DiNardo wrote " Even Longstreet's most virulent critics have conceded that he put together the best staff employed by any commander, and that his de facto chief of staff, Lieutenant Colonel G. Moxley Sorrel, was the best staff officer in the Confederacy.
Even though Jiang Wei had not shown his military skills on the battlefield, he had already been praised by Zhuge Liang as a capable officer, and was quickly made Zhuge's leading officer at the age of 27, probably out of political consideration.
Even with his reservations concerning the conflict, he refused to resign, feeling it was his duty as a field grade officer to wage the campaign as best he could.
Even if a government's executive officer or legislature is partisan, appointments of cabinet members, judges, or directors of government agencies, may be nonpartisan.
Even while she still sought to locate Korby, Chapel was deeply infatuated with the Enterprises half-Vulcan science officer, Spock.
Even earlier examples, predating Treat, include the novels Harness Bull, 1937, and Homicide, 1937, by former Southern California police officer Leslie T. White, P. C.
Even if Chō took the initiative on his own, Prince Asaka, who was nominally the officer in charge, gave no orders to stop the carnage.
His former probation officer, Polly Goodin, said he had never demonstrated bizarre or sociopathic behavior and that “ He was probably one of my favorite kids .” Even a former judge named Bebe Bridges — who had often stood, as she put it, on the “ opposite side ” of Willingham in the legal system, and who had sent him to jail for stealing — said that she could not imagine him killing his children.
Even after a tip-off to the medical officer, Major Butcher ( Julian Holloway ) segregation and rigorous training, the unit is still a shower.
Even the officers did not receive training: Lieutenant Commander Alexander Holman, loading officer at Port Chicago whose duties included officer training, had initiated a search for training materials and samples but failed to organize a training class before disaster struck.
In a June 2004 interview with the Port Moresby newspaper The National, he stated " Even to this day, I believe strongly as a professional military officer that there was no military solution to bring an end to the civil war on Bougainville.
Even every of the sixteen German state police departements has an inspector, as the highest-ranking police officer.
Even though NOMI does not endorse a particular study guide, books that are designed to prepare individuals for military aptitude flight tests and officer candidate tests often provide a good introduction to aviation and nautical related subjects.
Even the fact that two were her own and one was adopted ( an Arab officer she had captured ), was an alleged trait of sorcerers in tales.
Even though Bolshevik influence in the ranks was strong, the officer corps was staffed with many who violently opposed communism.
Even though the fonts are available from some third-party web sites ( such as an anonymous SourceForge project ) and are included with Mac OS, Håkon Wium Lie ( Chief technical officer of Opera Software ) cited the cancellation of the project as an example of Microsoft resisting interoperability.
Even a British officer would address a VCO as, for instance, " subedar sahib " or < name > " sahib ".
Even if the officer has never served as an MP or is not qualified to serve as a provost marshal, officer qualification includes basic familiarity with this position.
Even Mrs. Hale rebels in her own way: " prouder of Frederick standing up against injustice, than if he had been simply a good officer " ( Gaskell, 1855, chapter 14 ).
Even when the first officer is the flying pilot, however, the captain remains ultimately responsible for the aircraft, its passengers, and the crew.

Even and charge
Even when an object's net charge is zero, charge can be distributed non-uniformly in the object ( e. g., due to an external electromagnetic field, or bound polar molecules ).
Even a voluntary contract to surrender the product of labor to an employer was theft, according to Proudhon, since the controller of natural resources had no moral right to charge others for the use of that which he did not labor to create and therefore did not own.
Even if the king was not accountable for his management of the kingdom's entries, he may have felt responsible to defend his administration on certain occasions: Arrian tells us that during the mutiny of Alexander's soldiers at Opis in 324 BC, Alexander detailed the possessions of his father at his death to prove he had not abused his charge.
Even though the net electrostatic charge of the object has not changed, it now has regions of excess positive and negative charges.
Even Scipio Africanus, who refused to reply to the charge, saying only, " Romans, this is the day on which I conquered Hannibal ," and was absolved by acclamation, found it necessary to retire, self-banished, to his villa at Liternum.
Even though Betfair insisted that the charge would only affect a very small portion of its members ( less than 0. 5 %), it attracted a great deal of criticism on its member forum and from the broader exchange betting community.
Even during the early to mid 1990s, groups still had to charge a nominal fee ( usually $ 5 to $ 10 at most ) for a VHS and shipping charges to get the anime to its destination.
" Even when corresponding with his deeply religious father, Sieyès showed a severe lack of piety for the man in charge of the diocese of Chartres.
Even though Roberts ' prosperous lifestyle, unorthodox fund-raising techniques, and the expanse of his organizations raised criticism and controversy, there was no credible evidence of malfeasance while he was in charge, he did not have sex-and-money scandals like some other televangelists, and he was not named among the six prosperity teachers in the financial investigations launched by U. S. Senator Charles Grassley ( R-Iowa ) in 2007.
Even if the charge of sodomy was reduced for lack of evidence to a charge of attempted buggery, the penalty was severe: imprisonment and some time on the pillory.
Even after his conviction on the charge of conspiring to overthrow the government and his jailing, his influence on the SWP was strong and he wrote to party leaders regularly ; for example, recommending a change the party line on the Warsaw Rising.
Even though there may be no toll charge, a FasTrak transponder is still required on all vehicles using the " 3 +" carpool lanes.
Even for Hartlepool, four managers in the space of eight months was somewhat farcical ; the fact that the decision was made to re-appoint Billy Horner ( initially as a temporary measure, although he would actually remain in charge until November 1986 ) made the situation even worse.
Even so, he was embarrassed when an open microphone recorded him with Helen Liddell in a TV studio, describing Scottish Secretary John Reid as " a patronising bastard " and said of his colleague, Brian Wilson, " Brian is supposed to be in charge of Africa but he spends most of his time in bloody Dublin.
Even though atomic particles cannot be accurately described as spinning charge distributions of uniform charge-to-mass ratio, this general trend can be observed in the atomic world, where the intrinsic angular momentum ( spin ) of each type of particle is a constant: a small half-integer times the reduced Planck constant ħ.
Even if two different ions have the same charge ( i. e. K < sup >+</ sup > and Na < sup >+</ sup >), they can still have very different equilibrium potentials, provided their outside and / or inside concentrations differ.
Even though his two games in charge as caretaker manager were away defeats, he was hired as the permanent manager of the club on 19 January 2009 and brought the club out of the relegation zone despite a 17 point deficit.
Even if the Eddy brothers were capable of pulling off such a deception, it would have taken a sizable troupe of players and considerable resources to do it, something well beyond the simple farmers from Vermont who didn't so much as charge people to attend the séances ( although they did charge a minimal amount in board for anyone staying at the Green Tavern ).
Even the death of the accused, if guilty of treason of the gravest kind, such as levying war against the state, did not extinguish the charge, but the memory of the deceased became infamous, and his property was forfeited as though he had been convicted in his lifetime.
Even though all three structures gave us a total charge of zero, the final structure is the superior one because there are no charges in the molecule at all.

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